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Author’s Note

Before you read this chapter, I would just like to say. It was something that had to be done, and I’m sure you’ll understand what I’m referring to when you’re done reading.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!


Bella smiled as Jeremy came to pick her up for school. It wasn’t that long since their date, but it had cemented their importance to each other. Bella smiled as Jeremy instantly leaned down and kissed her. Her hands went to his hair and brought him closer deepening their kiss.

“Get a room.” Trevor said walking out of the door. He expertly dodged the punch Jeremy attempted.

Bella laughed and put her arms around Jeremy’s neck. “You want to take my bike today? I can teach you how to use it.”

Jeremy smiled his arms circled around Bella’s waist. “You’re not afraid I might suck at it and cause some sort of accident?”

Bella shook her head, “I trust you.” She stated as ran her hands through his hair. “Besides, I’m a great teacher. Like one of the best.” Bella said with a smile as Jeremy laughed at her words.

“Sure, I don’t see anything wrong with it.” Jeremy said, he smiled as Bella took his hand and quickly led him to her bike. Bella handed Jeremy a spare helmet before grabbing her own. Jeremy got on the bike and grinned as Bella got on behind him. She pressed herself against him and put her hands over his on the brakes.

“Are you ready?” Bella asked with a smirk as she could hear Jeremy’s heart pick up.

“It’s now or never right?” Jeremy replied.

Bella smiled and they slowly began to leave the driveway. Bella directed him to press the gas and smiled as his heart picked up again as they started to go faster. She laughed as he seemed to be picking it up rather quickly. She took her hands off of his and rested them on his chest. “You’re a natural.” She said, she smiled as she felt him shiver at her closeness.

As they came into the school parking lot, Bella helped him park the motorcycle next to Trevor’s. She hopped off and took off her helmet. She laughed as Jeremy took his off. She reached up and fixed his hair. “You have a serious case of helmet hair.”

“Not all of us are as lucky as you,” Jeremy stated as he let Bella finish fixing his hair enjoying the feel of her fingers running through his hair. “That was pretty fun, Isa.”

Bella smiled at the name he had taken to calling her. “I thought you would think so.” She replied she removed her hands from his hair and placed them around his neck. “Want to do it again?”

“Sure,” Jeremy said, he put his arms around Bella. “But first.” He said before he leaned down and kissed her. He pulled back when the need to breathe became too much, he smiled and brushed the hair out of her face. “We should get to class.”

Bella nodded and smiled, “But first.” She said with a smile as she leaned up and kissed Jeremy softly on the lips. “Okay, now we can get to class.”

Bella took his hand and let him walk her to class. She did as she always did and ignored the glares she received from his sister and Bonnie. She walked happily by Jeremy’s side as he walked her to her first class. She smiled as he pecked her on the lips before disappearing to go to his class. She entered the classroom and took her seat as usual.

Bella sighed as she saw Elena take the seat to her right and Bonnie take the seat to her left. Deciding to ignore them, she looked straight ahead not wanting to get into any sort of confrontation with the two girls.

Elena leaned over, “We need to speak.”

Bella looked to Elena and saw the girl visibly cower away from her as Elena saw the intensity in Bella’s eyes. “You’ve never even introduced yourself to me, nor have I introduced myself to you. If you want to talk to me about your brother, at least have the decency to do it in a civil manner, and not just order me to speak to you as if I were some sort of pet.” Bella said she turned back to the lecture that was being given.

When the bell rang Bella rolled her eyes as Elena and Bonnie blocked her path. “I see, doing things in a civil manner isn’t up your alley?” Bella said as she straightened her shoulders, she wouldn’t show any sort of weakness towards two girls who were just playing the roles of bullies.

“Look, I’m just looking out for my brother,” Elena said.

Bella nodded, “You think you’re the only one who has someone to look after? I’ve been in your place Elena, I’m cautious of anyone who gets near Trevor, but if I wanted to speak to them, I wouldn’t have my friend do it with me in a form to be intimidating. I would also have the manner to do it politely, I wouldn’t gang up on them just because I don’t know them.”

“I just want to know what you have with my brother. What’s going on between the two of you?” Elena asked her voice becoming more forceful as she didn’t like being scolded by Bella.

“We’re dating.” Bella stated, “Anything else you want to know, I’m sure you can ask Jeremy. If he won’t tell you, it’s not my place to tell you.” Bella sidestepped Elena and Bonnie and walked out of the bathroom.

Bella ran into Trevor in the hallway and smiled as she rarely saw him or Jeremy before lunch. “What’s up, Trev?”

“I got a call from Sean and he said he shouldn’t be too far away. He should be stopping by tonight or tomorrow with the rest of the guys.” Trevor said.

Bella paused and shook her head, “Tonight is that dance, and I promised Jeremy I’d go with him. I also told my dad I’d be there. He’s insisting I attend for a reason I’m still trying to figure out.”

Trevor nodded, “To add onto why I’m the best, I have it covered. They’ll be here after the dance is over.”

Bella nodded she smiled, “That’s great, Trev.” Bella walked with Trevor to their next class.

“Something wrong, Izzy?” Trevor asked.

“You know how I said I had an inkling that Jeremy’s sister hated me?” Bella said as they walked.

Trevor nodded, “Yeah, her and her friends glare at you every time they see you.”

“She just confirmed it,” Bella said, “It was sort of like an intervention.” Bella shook her head as the bell rang. “We’ll talk later.” She said as she and Trevor parted ways and headed to their own classes.

Bella sat down across from Trevor at lunch, she knew Jeremy would arrive at any minute to join them. “I figured out what was up with my dad.” Bella stated.

“Yeah?” Trevor questioned, “What’s up?”

“He magically possessed Alaric.” Bella said leaning into whisper as she didn’t want to be heard. “That’s why he insisted for me to go to the dance.”

Trevor laughed, “I love your dad! He always comes up with the best tricks!”

Bella laughed and leaned back. “Yeah, it’s something new.”

“Super clever,” Trevor said as he slipped into thought. “What about the accent?”

“Covers it up flawlessly.” Bella said as she picked at her food. She turned and smiled as Jeremy took a seat beside her. “Hey.” She said smiling as he leaned down and kissed her quickly.

“What were you two talking about?” Jeremy asked.

Bella shrugged, “I’m trying to convince Trevor here to go as a gangster from the sixties to the dance. He keeps shooting down my ideas.”

Jeremy laughed, “I’m assuming dressing up isn’t your thing?”

Trevor groaned, “Are you telling me you enjoy it?”

“You get used to it, this town has a lot of these type of parties.” Jeremy said, “A lot of parades, balls that sort of thing.”

Bella smiled, “He’ll get used to it eventually he’s just being a big baby right now.”

Trevor rolled his eyes, “I just don’t see the point in dressing up. I could wear a suit and no one would know the difference.”

-Page Break-

Bella grabbed her phone as it rang knowing it was going to be her father. “Dad!” Bella said as she answered the phone. “I can’t believe this was your master plan!”

Klaus chuckled on the other line, only it sounded weird to Bella as it was Alaric’s laugh. “I needed to get close, to see what they were planning. They have nothing on me, just the witch Bonnie, but Maddox is coming up with something as we speak.”

Bella sighed “Just tell me what the master plan is. I want to know if you might be in danger.”

“I’ll be sure to contact you in some way. For now I have to go, I’m currently dealing with Katerina.” Klaus responded. Bella nodded to herself.

“Okay, just be careful pops,” Bella said before she hung up. She went back into the bathroom and finished getting her hair done. Getting the 60’s look was harder than she thought it would be. She slipped into her dress and headed to her room slipping on her heels. She looked up at the knock at the door. She grinned as she saw Trevor in the suit she had picked out for him, he had his hair combed back perfectly no strand was out of line. “Well, well, well, don’t you just look adorable?”

Trevor laughed, “I believe the word ditto works in this situation.”

Bella laughed as she looked down at her yellow polka dotted dress. “It’s the best I could do in short notice.”  She twirled around and laughed, “The hair is what took forever though.”

“Yeah, it looks like it. I had to use a lot of gel to keep mine in place.” Trevor said as he lightly patted his hair to make sure nothing was sticking out. “This is a lot of work. I wouldn’t have made it in this decade.”

Bella laughed and nodded. “I don’t know how my dad did it.” She grabbed her bag and headed down the stairs with Trevor.

She smiled as just as she made it down the stairs a knock came from the front door. She went to open it and smiled as she saw Jeremy. “You look quite handsome.” She said as she eyed his attire.

“You look amazing, Bella.” Jeremy said.

“Oh Trevor, you look good too.” Trevor mumbled out loud.

Bella and Jeremy laughed at Trevor’s comment. “I already complimented you, Trev.” Bella turned to Jeremy. “Just ignore him, Jeremy.”

Jeremy smiled and looked at Bella he leaned down and lightly kissed her. “You’re going to be the most beautiful girl there.” Jeremy said, he took Bella’s hand in his and smiled as they headed to the car. Trevor got into the driver’s seat. While Jeremy and Bella sat in the back together. Bella smiled as Jeremy took her hand in his and helped her out of the car. Jeremy walked with his arm around Bella’s waist as the three of them made their way to the entrance.

Bella looked around as they entered the gym. She smiled as she saw Trevor walk towards a group of girls to ask one of them to dance. She turned back to Jeremy. “Is every dance like this?”

Jeremy shook his head, “No, this dance is special.” He stated as he put his hands on Bella’s hips

“Really? What’s different?” Bella asked curious.

“You’re here.” Jeremy stated. He led Bella to the dancefloor just as they played a slow song.

He twirled her around and brought her closer to him. Bella rested her head on his chest, she needed to tell him the truth, but she feared ruining this night. She would tell him soon, just not that night. She looked around as they danced to the song. As they danced Bella spotted Alaric/Klaus by the punch bowl where it seemed the teachers had gathered. She smiled at her father and received a small smile in return.

Bella watched as her father left the room. She had a feeling in her stomach that this wasn’t going to end well. She took the opportunity to sneak out when Jeremy was pulled away by his sister. Bella looked around at the crowded gym trying to spot Trevor. Finally she spotted him next to a girl. Bella looked to the girl. “I have to speak to my brother.”

“Oh thank you, she was never going to let me go.” Trevor said as he followed after Bella as she led him into the hall.

“What’s going on?” Trevor asked as he and Bella made their way through the halls.

“I’m not sure, but something is going to happen very soon, and I fear my father’s life may be in danger.” Bella said, “He mentioned the witch having an extreme amount of power.”

“You think she figured out some way to kill your dad.” Trevor asked as they began to run as they heard a large amount of commotion.

“I think she figured out a way to hurt him. A few minutes ago Elena forced Jeremy out of the gym. I’m assuming his cover was blown and they figured out who he is. I just need to find him before they do.” Bella said as she looked around trying to find the source of the noise. Bella froze as she saw Elena, Stefan, Damon and Jeremy all trying to break into the cafeteria.

She looked to Trevor, “She’s blocking the door.” Bella grabbed his hand and they took the first exist outside. She looked up into the air. Her heart sank at what she was about to do, knowing this could damage what she had with Jeremy, but she couldn’t let her father die. “We’re breaking in through the ceiling.”

Trevor looked to Bella not wanting to disobey her command but he needed to know she was sure. “Jeremy will see.”

“I have to save him, I can’t lose another parent.” She stayed as her wings ripped open the back of her dress, she blessed whatever made her wear this dress as it only ripped a small part of it. She watched as Trevor did the same. Both their eyes transforming, Bella’s took on multiple colors while Trevor only took on one. Bella’s slim tail was ready to attack as the spikes began to stand at point. The horns on her head only adding to the fear factor. She nodded to Trevor and they both flew into the air landing on the cafeteria ceiling. The landed forcefully causing the ceiling to crack and for everything to crumble. They landed on a pile of rubble and stood in front of Bonnie, taking a protective stance in front of Klaus.

Bella’s eyes turned white as she used her own magic to battle against Bonnie. She turned her head slightly to see Trevor helping Alaric/Klaus come up to his feet. Bella tried to deflect Bonnie from using her magic on her father. She directly stood in front of Bonnie and let the girl use up all her magic trying to hurt her. She took in a deep breath and glanced over at Jeremy. She saw his face and her heart broke, how could she be so stupid to keep this from him?

Deciding she had enough, she finally used all the power she could muster to knock Bonnie unconscious. She watched as Trevor flew out of the room with her father. Bella turned to Jeremy. “I’m sorry.” She said as she flew out of the hole in the roof and followed after Trevor. She followed the path of Trevor and landed just outside the mansion she had purchased for them. She walked inside and saw her father by the bar. Trevor though was out of sight, she guessed he had gone to catch up with the other dragons whom she had sensed were next door.

“How are you feeling?” Bella asked as she stepped closer to her dad. It didn’t matter that he was in a different body, he was still her dad.

“Like I’ve just had a lot of magic thrown at me in an attempt to kill me.” Klaus replied he looked at Bella and downed his drink. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t planning to get you involved. I wanted you to go on with what you were doing with the boy.”

Bella nodded, “I couldn’t let you die.” She stated. “I know you probably had some back up plan, but I couldn’t stand by and let you die. You’re the last parent I have, I can’t lose you. I lost Charlie, and I won’t go through that again.” Bella stepped forward and hugged him. She stepped back after a moment. “This feels weird, you really do need to get back into your own body.”

Klaus chuckled, “I feel the same, this man dresses horribly, and I’m incredibly tired from portraying him all day.”

Bella smiled, “You did a good job, though. It didn’t take you long to really perfect Alaric.” Bella’s phone rang and she glanced down at it.

Meet me at our first date –J

“Go,” Klaus said, “I’ll call Maddox, and by the time you return I’ll be in my old body.”

Bella nodded, “I’ll be back.” She stated before she walked out of the house and flew into the air. She landed just a few feet away from the area. She walked up to the clearing and took in a deep breath as she built up the courage to face Jeremy.

“I’m here.” Bella stated as she came into sight. She watched as Jeremy turned around with a frown on his face. “Jeremy I…”

“NO!” Jeremy said his voice harsh as he spoke. “You used me.”

Bella shook her head, “I would never use you, Jeremy, please understand that.”

Jeremy laughed and shook his head, “How am I supposed to believe you? You’ve lied about everything, you’re this completely different person.”

“I’m not.” Bella said she tried to step closer but hesitated as she saw Jeremy step back. “You still know me, there are just some things that needed to be added.”

Jeremy shook his head as he couldn’t believe a word she was saying. “No. I don’t know you. I never did.” He met Bella’s eyes and he wanted to make her hurt like he was hurting. “I fell in love with a human. Not a monster.” Jeremy regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth.

“A monster.” Bella repeated. She nodded her head and straightened her shoulders. “This monster.” She spat the word. “Was trying to save the last family she has. This monster fell in love with you, and I’m sorry if I appall you now that you know what I am. To make it easier for you, you won’t have to see me again, Jeremy.”

“Isa-“Jeremy began to try and apologize but was stopped as Bella’s wings appeared and she flew into the air and disappeared from his sight. “DAMMIT!” Jeremy cursed, he had let his sister and her friends get into his head. He had let them get him angry, and as a consequence he had hurt Bella. He should’ve let her explain, but what he did was stupid and he regretted it instantly. He took out his phone and tried calling Bella but he couldn’t get through. He walked home with tears in his eyes at the realization that what he had with Bella was over, and that caused a pain in his chest that he couldn’t imagine.

-Page Break-

Bella pushed back her hurt as she landed in front of the mansion. She blocked all emotion from her face as she entered. “Everyone is here so early.” She stated as she entered the room. She noticed as they all sat huddled together.

“We thought it was better to be early. Give us time to adjust to town.” Alexander replied as he stood.

Bella nodded. “My father was attacked tonight. His enemies now know that Trevor and I are something different. Be careful around them, especially the witch. She may not be able to hurt you, but I have no doubt they won’t stop until they’ve found something that will. I want you all on your highest alert, no being on your own, not when it’s more risky. Once the ritual is over, we should be fine, and things will hopefully cool down.”

The dragons nodded their heads. Bella looked to the group. “I’m sure Trevor has alerted you that this house is for us. My father is going to be living next door with his siblings when he awakens them. You’re all welcome to live here if you choose.”

“We want nothing more than to be together as a family, Isabella.” Sean replied as he spoke for his group.

“We’ve been talking it over as well, Isabella, being together as a family, it’s something we wanted to do for sometime.” Alexander said. “I think I speak for everyone when I say that, we became dragons to be part of a family, and there’s nothing more we want than to be together under one roof as a real family.”

Bella smiled, “That’s good to hear. I’ll leave you to unpack and choose your rooms. Trevor’s and I’s rooms have already been chosen, you’ll see a label on the door. I have other wooden labels prepared for you all, so go ahead and chose. The labels should be on the dining room table.” Bella watched as everyone stood and headed to the kitchen. She watched Trevor walked towards her. She shook her head. “I rather not mention it.” She smiled and kissed Trevor’s cheek. “I’m glad I have you.” She said she blinked away the tears. “I’m going to go check on my father, watch over them. I’ll be back in a bit.”

Bella disappeared and walked to her father’s house. She entered and headed straight to the bar, she took a seat on the stool beside her father and grabbed the drink he placed in front of her. He didn’t question her, on what had happened, instead he stayed silent waiting for her to speak to him first.

“He said I was a monster, and that he could never love a monster.” Bella said as she looked down at the ice in her drink. “I think I’m done.” Bella stated. “You were always right. Love is a weakness, and I’m done with it.”

“You cannot think so irrationally, Isabella.” Klaus said as he refilled his drink and did the same for Bella. “Love is only a weakness if you let it be.”

Bella shook her head. “I’ve fallen in love twice, and both times, I come out hurt. I’m tired, dad. I’m tired of feeling hurt, and it’s worst now because I really fell for him. I claimed him, and there’s no going back from that. I can’t be with Edward, because my soul belongs to Jeremy, and he hates me.” Bella looked to her father. “You should have seen the way he looked at me, dad. I disgusted him. I’m just tired.” Bella downed her drink. She shook her head. “I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Why don’t we talk about your ritual? We should get everything straightened out.”

Klaus nodded respecting his daughter’s wishes. “Well, than we should start planning.”

-Page Break-

Jeremy woke up to the sound of a car starting and talking. He looked out his window and saw Trevor with two other guys. They were moving boxes into the back of the SUV. Jeremy shook his head, no, she really couldn’t be leaving. Quickly he jumped out of bed shoving his feet into his shoes. He climbed down the window and over the fence as quickly as he could.

Breathing heavily he saw the three guys come out of the house. Trevor turned to Alexander and Sean, “We have everything we need you guys go ahead and drive back. I’ll fly there.”

Sean was about to argue when Alexander put a hand on his shoulder. “We’ll see you there.” He said as he and Sean left.

Trevor held a hand out to Jeremy and shook his head. He waited until he knew Alexander and Sean were gone and wouldn’t be able to hear him. “What do you want?”

“Where’s Bella?” Jeremy said looking around.

“Look, Jeremy, I like you, you’re pretty cool to hang around, but I don’t know what happened between you and Bella. I’m here under Alpha’s orders, I can’t say anything about what we are or where we are. When Alpha gives an order, we have to follow it. I’m sorry, I can’t answer your question. I’m not even supposed to be talking to you right now.” Trevor said he looked to Jeremy sadly. “I really hope you and Bella can fix things.”

“Yeah, so do I. Look, can you just tell her I’m sorry?” Jeremy said he rubbed his face. “I just want to talk to her again.”

Trevor nodded, “If she’ll hear me out, then I’ll tell her what you said. I should get going.” Trevor’s wings appeared and he disappeared into the air. He travelled back to the house and arrived just as Alexander and Sean did. He helped them carry the boxes into the house. He set them down in front of his and Bella’s rooms. “Thanks guys.” Trevor said as he watched the two head back down the stairs to join the rest of the group. He knocked on the door to Bella’s room.

“Thanks for going to get these.” Bella said as she grabbed the boxes and put them inside her room. “Everything went well, I assume?”

“Yeah,” Trevor said as he entered her room and closed the door behind them. “Jeremy came out right before we were about to leave.”

Bella shook her head. “Trev, I get it, you want to help, but I don’t want to hear it. Right now, all I want is to focus on the ritual, and on you guys. I have some things to work out with the ritual, and I don’t want any distractions.”

Trevor nodded, “Okay, I guess I’ll tell you another time. Do you need any help?”

“No, thank you.” Bella said she smiled at Trevor. “Go spend time with the others. I’ll be down in a bit, I just need to work on somethings.”

Trevor nodded and paused at the door. “You know you can talk to me. What’s said between you and me, it stays between you and me.”

Bella smiled, “I know, but you have to understand there will always be some things I can’t say. I’m still processing tonight, I can’t talk about it until I understand it.”

“Okay, just know that everyone in this house loves you.” Trevor said as he exited the room.

Bella took in his words and sat back on the bed. She pulled out the notebook she had and went back to fixing the plans for the ritual. She needed everything to be perfect.

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