Over the Hill (Me, Myself, and I)

Over that hill…

Over that hill is where I know he’ll be.

Over that hill is where she has taken my place.

I know he’s there and that he’s smiling at her. The smile I once thought of as my own was now hers. Everything that was mine is now hers. It burns in my soul to know that he’s replaced me with someone new, someone better.

“Mam.” The blonde-haired driver said breaking into my train of thought. “We’re here at the airport.”

I grabbed my bag and exited the car. “Thank you.” I responded throwing him the money for my ride before I exited the vehicle as quickly as I could. After so many years he had broken his promise. He had chosen his mate over me. I suppose now it was time to find my mate, to finally find someone that would be able to give me the unconditional love I always wanted.

Afterall, that was what he wanted for me, to be happy, as he was now with her.

It was no longer Isabella Mikealson, I was no longer anything to him, he now had a bubbly blonde cheerleader to heal his damaged heart.

  1. sad as hell…… grrrr….. can’t stand Caroline ugh……

    Liked by 2 people

  2. 😥 So sad! I hope he regrets it.


  3. So sad. Why would anyone choose Caroline?


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