Reaper Twins: Chapter 15

rt chpt 15

-Sometime Later, Leaving to Volterra-

Bella finished packing her bags and took them downstairs by the door. She walked back to Marco’s room and sat down on his bed.

“You ready yet?” Bella asked as Marco walked into his room, his eyes roaming over his room searching for something he needed to pack.

“Just about ready, have you seen my laptop?” Marco asked as he continued to look around the room.

“I already packed it with mine,” Bella replied.

Marco nodded, “Are you going to go say goodbye to Nicky poo.”

Bella laughed, “Nicky Poo?”

“I imagine that would be something you call him,” Marco said with a shrug as he finished packing his things.

“No, that just sounds ridiculous besides I’m not five,” Bella said, “A week right? We won’t have to stay any longer correct?”

“One week, if you feel uncomfortable I booked us rooms at a nearby hotel as a backup plan in case it gets too weird being in the castle,” Marco said as he picked up his suitcases and went to put them beside Bella’s. Charlie came out of the living room towards the two.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to drive you two to the airport?” Charlie asked.

Bella kissed her dad’s cheek, “We can do it ourselves, no reason to go out of your way for this.

“Keep an eye on each other, come back to me in one piece,” Charlie said.

“Will do dad,” Bella said as she gave Charlie a hug goodbye and carried her bags to the car. Marco followed after he said his goodbyes to Charlie. Bella put her bags in the car, but before she could close the trunk Klaus pulled up with Rebekah Henrik and Kol.

“Ah, darling Bella, I’m awfully sad to see you go,” Kol said as he walked up to Bella and slung his arm around her shoulder.

“I can just see the pain in your expression Kol,” Bella said with a roll of her eyes as she closed the trunk of the car.

“Kol, I suggest you politely remove that arm of yours from Bella before I remove it for you,” Klaus said to his brother.

Kol laughed, “Ah, forgot you were with my brother darling.”

“How could you forget, they’re always on each other,” Rebekah said with a smirk.

Marco laughed, “What are you guys doing here?”

“Wish you luck in whatever you’re leaving to do,” Kol said as he stepped away from Bella and walked to Marco. Klaus put his arm around Bella and held her close to him.

“We’re going on a mission,” Marco said, “We have to meet some people and then help them out a bit.”

“I really don’t understand why you won’t mention the real reason you’re leaving,” Rebekah said.

Bella looked at Marco, who smirked at her, “Well, we’re going to go to Volterra Italy to visit the Volturi. Then we’re going to help them with a newborn problem that’s headed their way.”

Klaus looked at Bella laughed, “You seem oddly happy to be going near cold ones again.”

“Well, since my last experience with them wasn’t all to kind, I think this will be better,” Bella said with a grin.

“By better, you mean you get to kill these cold ones,” Kol said with a smirk.

Bella smiled, “Exactly! Who knew you could be so smart Kol.”

Henrik laughed, “I really want to see you fight one day.”

“None of us have ever seen you fight,” Rebekah mentioned.

“When you get back, I want a match,” Kol announced, “With either of you.”

“I’m up for it,” Marco said with a shrug of his shoulders, “But it might be harder to convince Izzy.”

“I thought you loved to fight,” Kol turned to Bella.

“I do, but only with people I can stab repeatedly,” Bella said, “And end up killing, the only exception is Marco, and that’s because I can’t kill him,”

“When we get back, and if you still want to see Bella fight, I’ll spar with her,” Marco said, “I need to practice my skills anyway.”

Everyone said goodbye to Bella and Marco as they left to the airport. Bella was fidgeting in her seat, she couldn’t pull her mind away from thinking about Caroline. She wanted Klaus and now with Bella being gone it would give her time to make a move on him.

“Stop thinking so hard,” Marco told Bella as he drove pulling her out of her thoughts.

Bella sighed, “Its Caroline I can feel she’s planning something Marc, and by the feeling I’m getting it’s not a good thing.”

“You’re afraid that without you in town, Caroline will try to get to Klaus,” Marco stated. Bella nodded

“You know what, I’m being paranoid, nothing will happen. I trust Klaus. Anyway, so when is Aro expecting us?” Bella asked trying to change the subject.

“I told him the time we would be landing and he would be sending some of his guard to accompany us back to the castle,” Marco said. Bella nodded.

“We’re going to be sleeping, and they’re all going to be wide awake, do you know how awkward that’s going to be?” Bella said with a shiver thinking back to Edward and how he used to watch her, “They could be watching us and we wouldn’t know, it would be like Edward all over again.”

“I have extra reservations if it bothers you,” Marco said.

“I can just imagine one of the guard’s standing in the room watching over us,” Bella said with a shudder, “I will not be held responsible if I kill them.”

Marco laughed at his sister and continued to drive to the airport. Their trip to Volterra began today.

-Page Break-

“Stupid Cold Ones,” Bella muttered in anger, they had been standing in front of the airport for over an hour and there was still no sign of the guards that were supposed to take them back to the castle.

“I agree, come on, I got us a taxi,” Marco said as he pointed to a taxi that had just arrived for them. Bella nodded and followed him to the taxi. They put their bags in the trunk of the taxi and headed off to the Volterra castle.

“I wonder what their excuse would be,” Bella said to her brother.

“Maybe they forgot,” Marco said with a smirk.

“Yes, because we all know it’s possible for a vampire to forget anything,” Bella replied with an eye roll.

“They’ll probably just excuse that they didn’t get the correct timing,” Marco said, “Either way this won’t look kindly in their favor.”

Bella sighed and rested her head on Marco’s shoulders, “Cold ones are stupid.” Bella said with a tired tone.

Marco laughed, “We’ll be there in a few minutes, and then we can lash out at them for making us stand in front of the airport like idiots for over an hour.”

The taxi finally came to a stop at the Volterra castle. Marco existed to get the bags while Bella stayed in the taxi to pay the driver.

“Are you sure you want to come here miss? People always go in, but few ever come out, it can be a scary place in there,” The driver said as he tried doing the math to give Bella the change.

Bella smiled, “I don’t get scared easily. Keep the change. Thanks for the ride.” Bella stepped out as Marco closed the trunk of the taxi giving the driver the signal to leave. Bella grabbed her bags and looked to Marco. “You ready?”

“Let’s get this over with,” Marco said as they began to walk to the front of the Volterra Castle. Marco walked in first, and stopped at the front desk where the secretary Gianna was sitting.

“May I help you with something,” She asked with an all too cheery tone. Bella rolled her eyes as she saw the girl batting her eyelashes at Marco. It was almost laughable the thought of Marco ending up with someone who worked for the Volturi, and not only that, but Marco was very peculiar with the type of girl he ended up with.

“We’re Isaac and Marcella Reaper,” Marco said, Bella stared at him, why would he be using the names they don’t go by.

They don’t have to know our common names here, we’re just here on a job for a week, and going by our other names makes it easier for us to separate Reaper life and non-reaper life –Marco said telepathically to Bella seeing the confusion on Bella’s face.

Technically we’re reapers wherever we go –Bella replied with a smirk at her brother

Yes, but back in Mystic Falls, we have a different life, a life resembling a human life. Here, we’re on a mission, nothing else matters but getting the job finished. – Marco

Alright, guess I’ll be going by Marcella here. Let’s get this over with Zac, the secretary is staring at us like we’re crazy – Bella

“You’re the Reaper twins?” Gianna said, “Oh my! I forgot to send Jane and Alec to get you at the airport. I’m terribly sorry! Marcella and Isaac correct? Aro didn’t give me any names, he said he didn’t know them. We’ve only known you as Reapers. Jane and Alec will be here shortly to escort you to your rooms, again I’m very sorry for forgetting to send them to get you.”

“Maybe next time they give the job to someone more qualified to remember such things,” Marco commented. Bella froze as for the first time since Jeremy she got a death vision, but this time it was about Gianna who was being drained by Aro and then someone who seemed to be her mate dying to protect her.

Bella smiled the receptionist, “I understand, and we will not mention this to Aro, we wouldn’t want to put you in any harm. We’ll be waiting over there for our guides to appear.” Bella took Marco’s arm and led him off to the opposite direction. They stood in front of the picture on the wall.

“Why did you promise her that we weren’t going to tell Aro, that’s exactly what I was planning,” Marco said in a whisper only Bella would hear.

“I got a death vision Zac,” Bella said, “Aro was going to kill her, for what she had done, and she’s mated to one of the guards. It would’ve been beyond cruel, and an awful start to our visit.”

“Whatever you say Marcy,” Marco replied.

It’s strange not to hear you call me Marc, and not being able to call you Izzy –Marco

Bella smiled, Marc, Zac, they both end with a C, and Marcy and Izzy both end with a Y, so it isn’t much different.

“Are you the reaper twins?” A deep voice said from behind Marco and Bella. They turned to face two vampires.

“We are,” Marco said, “I’m Isaac and this Marcella. You are?”

“This is Jane and I’m Alec,” Alec answered holding out his hand for Bella. Alec kissed Bella’s hand and then shook Marco’s hand. Jane stood frozen glaring at Bella with a menacing stare.

“Let me lead you to your rooms, I expect the flight must’ve been tiring,” Alec said as he politely took the bags from Bella and led them to their rooms. Marco glared at Alec, but followed listening closely to his thoughts as they went.

“This room is for you Marcella, and the room right beside it is for Isaac. There is a connecting door that leads from one room to the other. There are separate bathrooms, and this floor of the castle is empty, Aro thought it would be best to give you both your privacy.” Alec said.

Bella forced a smile, “Thank you Alec, Isaac and I are going to get freshened up and then we will meet the kings.”

“I will go notify them, it was a pleasure to meet you both,” Alec said he gave a slight bow and left. Jane gave them a goodbye nod and a slight bow before leaving after Alec. Bella and Marco entered their rooms. Bella sighed, the room was lavishly done and everything seemed over the top and too extravagant for her taste.

“They’re trying to butter us up,” Marco said using the door that connected their rooms, “Too bad they didn’t know that neither one of us is into the royal life as much as they think we are.”

“I guess they haven’t gotten the memo,” Bella said, “I’m going to go change into some new clothes, you should too.”

“Alright, but after we meet with the kings we need to talk,” Marco said. Bella nodded, she knew Marco must’ve read something in someone’s thoughts he didn’t enjoy.

Bella quickly changed and put her dirty clothes away, she stepped out of the bathroom brushing her hair and found Marco on her bed in all black clothing.

“Really, do we have to match?” Bella said looking down at what she was wearing. She was in black V-neck shirt with black jeans and black heeled boots.

“It’s what twins do Marcy, now come on let’s go,” Marco said standing up. Bella noticed how serious he was being. She became more serious herself, she put up her guard and walked out of the room with her brother.

The castle grew silent with every step they took. Everyone was aware of the power that the two Reapers had, and they wanted to respect that. Bella and Marco stood beside each other as they stood in front of the doors leading to the kings. The doors opened slowly revealing to the kings the Reaper twins.

Marco and Bella walked in together, they both walked with grace, confidence and power, and by the looks that they were getting, it was noticeable how much power they held.

“Aro,” Marco and Bella greeted at the same time.

“Marcella! Isaac! How lovely it is to finally meet you in person!” Aro said coming off his throne to stand before them. He took Bella’s hand and kissed it before shaking Marco’s hand. Both twins knew this was only to test if he could read them. Aro finished introducing them to his elite guard and his brothers.

“Now that we’ve got that out of the way,” Marco said with a stern voice, “I think it’s time we talk about this newborn problem. My father has sent us because the army is too large and too strong for just your guards to handle. My sister and I are more than capable of taken on the problem by ourselves, but if you wish to have some of your guard join us we wouldn’t have a problem with it.” Marco looked at the kings and then to his sister.

“We will give you our best fighters, it would be unfair for us to leave you to face a newborn army on your own,” Aro said.

“We are more than capable to fight an army on our own, to be honest it wouldn’t take more than a few minutes for just one of us to kill them off. Together we could do it in no time,” Bella said, “My brother was only suggesting so you don’t feel excluded in the fight, but if you do not wish to harm any of your guard we understand.”

“Do you know when the attack should be taking place?” Aro asked.

“Our father didn’t mention a specific date, but we know it’ll be within the next few days. Marcella and I are always well prepared, we have reason to believe that they wouldn’t want to draw suspicion to themselves, so it would have to take place during night time. My sister and I will sleep during the day in order to keep watch at night time,” Marco said.

“It sounds like you have this all figured out,” Aro commented.

“It’s always safe to have a plan,” Bella replied.

“My sister and I are going to head into town for a quick perimeter sweep we want to know the land of where we are.” Marco said.

“Would you like for one of the guard to accompany you,” Aro asked in a hopeful tone.

“No, we would like to do this alone without any interference,” Marco said, “We will return before dark.” Marco turned to Bella and together they walked out. They walked straight out of the castle, and used their speed to run into the city. They stopped when they reached a Café. They both ordered coffee and muffins and sat together in a table by the corner.

“What has you so serious,” Bella asked her brother.

“Alec, Jane and Aro,” Marco said, “Their planning something Marcy, and not something we want to be a part of. “

“Alright, I figured as much with the death stares Jane was giving me, so what was she planning,” Bella said becoming more serious.

“Aro has sent the twins to be our personal shadows,” Marco said, “They’re to befriend us so that when it comes time to leave we will choose to stay and be close to our friends. Aro assumed that we were loners and that we didn’t have a life outside of being reapers. He even went as far as to tell them to do whatever it takes so that one of us falls in love with one of them. By the way Jane was acting, it’s going to be Alec. He’s going to try everything he can to get close to you, and try to get you to fall in love with him Marcy.”

Bella shivered, “Going to be hard when I’m with Klaus.”

“I know, but doesn’t mean it’s going to stop him from trying. To them all we have is each other, that’s why they sent the other pair of twins. He thought it’d give us someone to relate, make us become closer to them.” Marco said.

Bella groaned, “By the vision I got, Aro isn’t forgiving. If they mess this up they’ll be punished, and severely. Maybe that’s why Jane was glaring at me, her brother was being forced to do something he didn’t want to do.”

Marco nodded, “I believe so too, so for our stay here, we have to be on our guard, they’re going to try everything to get us to stay. Aro wants us because it would make him all powerful. There would be no enemies against him if he has us with him. We’re weapons to him, and he wants us at all costs.”

Bella nodded, “We can’t go to the hotel it would put the castle in danger. We have to stay there and keep the kings and the guards alive.”

“This is going to be a long week,” Marco said.

Bella nodded, “Long indeed.”

“Are you going to call Klaus?” Marco asked.

“No, I’ll probably just message him, if someone hears us, Aro would be able to track us to him,” Bella replied.

“Still worried about Caroline,” Marco asked.

“No, I know Klaus, and I know our relationship will be fine,” Bella said with a smile, “We’re in Italy, come on let’s go get some souvenirs for Charlie.”

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  1. Knew Aro would try something. Does he have no clue that they can’t be cold ones?


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