Chapter Twelve


Slater sat in shock as he stared at Klaus. He had been introduced to him just a few minutes ago and was still in a state of shock as he looked at the older vampire. Klaus was no more than a few feet away from him and it was terrifying to say the least.

Bella sat cuddled up to Henrik, who had yet to seem calmer about things. The anger rolling off of him could be felt by everyone in the room, it had only calmed when Bella was healed. “So what is going to happen to the body in the living room?” Henrik asked his Niklaus after he had gotten tired of the silence.

“He gets put in a coffin with the rest of them,” Klaus responded taking a sip from his drink and staring down at the body of his older brother. “When everything with Mikael is secure, we’ll see about releasing them.”

Henrik nodded, “After we take care of Elijah, we’ll see about Jules.”

“She’s not to die,” Bella said speaking for the first time since coming downstairs. All eyes turned to her to take in what she had said. “If she’s going to die, I want her to die doing something useful. She’ll be the wolf needed for the ritual.” Bella’s hand rested in Henrik’s she squeezed it lightly. He would take out his revenge in another way, of that she was sure. Although Henrik wasn’t a very angry person, he was going by instinct now, and Bella understood that. Someone had hurt her, his mate, and in vampire laws that means a slow painful death. Until Henrik was able to enact his revenge he would have trouble controlling his instincts.

Henrik nodded, his mind already thinking of other ways to get his revenge, he would find something to make Jules regret ever touching his Belle. Henrik kissed Bella’s forehead, “I’ll get rid of Elijah’s body with Nik, just stay here. Please.”

Bella nodded and watched her husband leave with Klaus directly behind him. “So,” Bella said looking at Slater once it was just the two of them. “I assume you have some questions you want to ask me.”

“How does it feel?” Slater asked quickly as it was the first question to come to mind.

Bella smiled, “In the water, it’s amazing. Being a mermaid means I can do anything in the water. Often times I’ll even fall asleep under the water. It’s one of the most relaxing places in the earth. Henrik is part mermaid. We’re equal in every way possible, so often times what I can do he can do. He can’t exactly grow a tail, not unless it’s absolutely necessary, but he can breathe under water just like I can.” Bella played with her fingers and looked at Slater. “There is something you should know, Slater. Your friend Rose, she was at the Salvatore house today and she was also bit by the same wolf that bit me. By morning, the bite would begin to take effect. She will die within days if she doesn’t get the cure.” Bella reached into her pocket as she said the last word. She had asked Klaus for this just before he left the bathroom. “This is for her, if you wish to take it to her.” Bella paused before handing it to him. “But I need you to do something for me.”

“What is it?” Slater asked.

“I need you to leave Mystic Falls,” Bella said she was sad to have to do this, but if Slater stayed much longer she was sure he wouldn’t make it. Something would get him killed in this town for knowing all that he knows. It seemed to Bella that in Mystic Falls everyone at one point dies. That was something she didn’t want to happen to Slater. He was her friend something that was a rarity in the supernatural world, and Bella didn’t want to lose him.

“You’re asking me to leave?” Slater asked confused on what he had done to Bella.

Bella smiled, “It’s not because you are no longer protected, but because this town will kill you Slater. I consider you a friend Slater. I don’t have many friends and I would like it if you lived as long as I do. I’m giving this to you so you can go with a clean conscious knowing that you did what you could to keep your friend alive.” Bella gave Slater the bottle. “Klaus doesn’t give his blood easily, so take this as a gift. No one can know this came from Klaus. Please, Slater. You must not stay in this town. You can go anywhere else, you should worry solely about you now.” Bella smiled and wrapped a blanket around herself. “I hear Harvard is a good school. With that nice little ring on your finger I’m sure you’ll fit right in.”

Slater laughed and nodded, “I guess I can see the appeal in getting out of this town.” Slater stood up and looked at the container with blood in it. “I’m going to put this in the fridge. Thank you for this Bella, but maybe if she were a good friend she wouldn’t just call when she needed something.” Bella nodded understanding what he meant. She stayed on the couch looking at the now empty living room.

At the start of this ordeal, she wanted to give Jules hell for hurting her, but now that she thought of it she couldn’t enact revenge so carelessly. If she was going to get revenge on Jules she would do it in a way that was more beneficial. She rather have Jules sacrificed than have an innocent wolf sacrificed at the ritual.

“Hey, you sure you’re okay?” Slater asked coming back into the room.

Bella shrugged, “I’m fine, really. It’s passed.”

“I’m sorry for what happened to you tonight Bella,” Slater said taking a seat beside Bella.

Bella smiled tiredly, “I’m fine, really. It’s Henri I worry about. He’s running on instinct and his first instinct is to make sure I’m okay and now that I am, his entire mind is set on seeking bloody revenge.” Bella shook her head, “He needs to kill to get some of that anger out.”

Slater looked at her strangely, “What do you mean kill?”

“I mean one way or another, someone is going to die a slow and painful death tonight, but I know my Henri, he wouldn’t kill someone who didn’t deserve it one way or another.” Bella said she looked towards the window knowing that Henrik and Klaus were probably out doing some sort of hunting together.

-Page Break-

Henrik threw Elijah’s body in a coffin not being gentle in his actions. He growled lowly as his anger was rising without Bella by his side to calm him.

Klaus shut the coffin and locked it, “Come on, brother let’s go find you someone or something to kill.”

Henrik didn’t argue, he followed his brother into the woods surrounding the mansion they would soon be moving into. He punched a tree as they walked wanting to release some amount of anger that had built up inside him. He didn’t turn as the tree fell to the amount of strength behind the punch. Instead he turned his head as he heard it, the thing his brother was headed for.

“Werewolves are just as bloodthirsty as vampires,” Klaus said as they walked. “They use the full moon to hunt, and this particular man here, he killed quite a number of people, I can smell the blood bath he created from here. I believe it’d be a benefit to society if he were dead, so go ahead and kill him.”

Henrik looked at his brother, “You could use him as a hybrid.”

Klaus shook his head, “I wouldn’t want that as one of my hybrids. I’ll see you back at the house, brother. Try not cause too much of a skeptical.”

Henrik nodded he looked back at the wolf laying on the ground, he was transforming back into a human. Looking around at the surrounding area Henrik knew this would be a good kill. He attacked imagining this wolf was the one that had hurt his Belle. In minutes the wolf was torn to shreds and Henrik was coated in blood. He sighed in utter relief as his anger decreased. Not giving it a second thought he lit the entire camp site on fire and took a step back. Watching it burn to ashes, once he was satisfied he began to walk home content and ready to see his loving wife.

Walking into his home he could tell his brother was gone and so was Slater. He went to the living room and saw his wife sitting on the couch a blanket wrapped around herself.

“How are you feeling?” Henrik asked as he took a seat beside her bringing her closer to his chest.

“Like I did before I got bitten,” Bella replied she snuggled closer to Henrik. “I love you.”

“I know,” Henrik said kissing her forehead, “And I love you.”

Bella nodded, “You have blood all over you, and now it’s all over me.”

Henrik smirked, he stood rapidly and pulled Bella up with him. “Come on, Belle let’s go get cleaned up.”

Bella smirked as she was rushed off with Henrik towards the shower.

-Page Break-

“We have to go,” Bella stated the next morning as they lay in bed together. “We signed up to supervise this thing, we can’t bail now.”

“Belle, you were just bitten by a wolf. Do you really want to go to this stupid Booster Club thing?” Henrik asked as he sat up in bed watching his wife blurring around the room grabbing her things to change.

“I don’t want to go,” Bella responded. “But I made a commitment and I’m going to keep it.”

Henrik groaned, “I only go because I love you.”

Bella smiled, “I know. How’s Nik?”

“He and Slater are at the mansion,” Henrik said. “They decided to give us some space and have taken to fixing up the mansion. Did you tell Slater to leave?”

“I told him to go to somewhere safe, you know anywhere but this town. I like him Henri, I don’t want to lose a friend.” Bella said Henrik nodded understanding what she was meaning. He stood finally making Bella grin. “Go get your suit on and we can head out.”

Henrik chuckled and nodded heading to go get his suit. He changed to come back out to see his Belle dressing in form fitting skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt. “My anger is already on edge, I don’t know what I will do with those ogling boys watching your every move.”

Bella laughed, “When did you become so dramatic?” Bella straightened up Henrik’s tie, “Maybe you should go without a tie today? It’ll certainly bring out your more casual side.” Bella said with a grin.

“This is as casual as it gets for these people,” Henrik said he stilled Bella’s hands. “You’re amazing you know.” Bella smiled and kissed Henrik knowing it was taking a lot of him to stay so calm.

“So who did you kill last night?” Bella asked as she put on her jacket ready to go.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Henrik said playing with his phone.

Bella laughed, “Sure you don’t. I want a coffee, let’s pass by the Grill.”

“You haven’t hunted in a few days,” Henrik said knowing Bella only truly craved Coffee when she was thirsty for blood. “All you’ve really had is the blood bags, you need it from the vein.”

“I’ll feed tonight,” Bella replied, “I just want Coffee to hold me over. Than you and I can go hunting, assuming you didn’t feed yesterday?”

“I didn’t feed,” Henrik said he put his arm around her shoulders and led her outside. He would keep an eye on her all day, he needed to be sure he was safe.

-Page Break-

Damon entered the grill intent on finding Jules and getting some sort of cure for Rose, who was currently at home suffering a slow agonizing death. He looked around the Grill but didn’t spot Jules, instead his eyes landed on the short brunette at the bar. He looked over her neck and there was no mark there, no indication she had been attacked by a werewolf the night before. She was bitten just as Rose had been, but wasn’t being affected. Damon was intrigued, it seemed if anyone had a cure it would be Bella.

“Thank you,” Bella said accepting the two coffees. Henrik paid but stilled as he felt someone’s eyes on Bella. He turned his head and met the gaze of the Salvatore brother. Bella handed a coffee to Henrik, squeezing his wrist in the process. She had spotted the Salvatore also, but didn’t want Henrik to do anything in front of all the humans in the store. “Let’s get going, Henri.”

“Let’s go, Belle,” Henrik said he took her hand in his and lead her out. Avoiding the Salvatore and his gaze as he made his way out. “I don’t like him.”

“Not a lot of people in this town do,” Bella replied, she stopped as they reached Henrik’s car. She leaned up and kissed him. “Get in the car, we’re already late as it is.”

“Always so punctual,” Henrik teased as he opened the passenger door for Bella. He walked to the driver’s side and saw Damon standing outside of the Grill watching them. Henrik growled lowly making the Salvatore flinch back. Henrik got into the driver’s seat and drove off heading towards the school.

“You growling probably just caused him to become more intrigued,” Bella said with a shake of her head. “Anyway, I gave the cure to Slater, it’s his choice or not to give it to the girl.”

“He’ll give it to her eventually,” Henrik assured as he drove he took Bella’s hand in his. He needed to be close to her, just for the moment.

Bella smiled as her and Henrik arrived and everything seemed to be in full swing. She got out of the car and was instantly surrounded by the cheerleaders. She looked over her shoulder at Henrik who had been taken by some football players to help set up the tables. She followed the Cheerleaders as they needed help preparing some of the food for the night.

-Page Break-

“We can’t hide,” Bella said with a laugh as she and Henrik hid in one of the empty classrooms.

“We can and we are,” Henrik said, he kissed Bella. He leaned his forehead against hers and took in a deep breath letting her scent flow over his senses. “Can we leave already? There are better things I would want to do with my night than babysit a bunch of kids.”

Bella laughed, “For a teacher, you have a strong dislike towards your students.” Bella ran her hands through Henrik’s hair. “There’s not much left to do. We’ll leave soon.”

Henrik groaned, “Fine, but I liked being a lawyer more than being a teacher.”

“I thought what you liked about being a lawyer was the fact that you got to wear suits. You get to wear suits a teacher too.” Bella teased, “Come on, if we fake you being sick we might be able to leave earlier.”

“I can fake being sick,” Henrik said with a grin, he took Bella’s hand and the left the room. Finding another teacher Henrik began to feign being sick, after a few minutes he and Bella got to leave earlier.

Rose looked around the parking lot, her skin was pale and her eyes were blood red, the black veins surrounding her eyes even more noticeable than ever before.

She heard a human couple walking, tilting her head the animalistic side of being a vampire had taken over. She began her attack waiting for the female to enter the car, just as she was about to lunge for the male, she was tackled to the floor. Rose growled snapping her teeth at the individual that tackled her down. The unknowing male unaware his life had just been saved.

“Stop! Stay perfectly still.” A sweet musical voice said making Rose stay still not being able to fight the command.

“Belle, the humans just left if we get her to the car, we can get her locked up away from these people,” Henrik said. He watched his wife climb off of Rose, he smirked as he watched her. Bella rarely attacked without thinking, but once she caught sight of Rose she lunged not willing to let a human die for no reason.

“Sounds good, we can feed later,” Bella said she looked over at Rose who was still laying still on the floor. She picked Rose up and gestured for Henrik to walk ahead of her. Bella stuck her in the back seat of Henrik’s car and got into the passenger seat.

Henrik watched as the Salvatore appeared just as they drove off. “The eldest Salvatore is looking for her.”

“Well, he was too late,” Bella said with a shrug. “Besides, if he couldn’t control her enough to keep her locked up, he can’t control her now. She’d be better off with us.”

“What are we going to do with her,” Henrik asked.

Bella didn’t answer she saw Caroline walking to her car as they reached at a stop sign. “Henri, look.” Bella said gesturing to Caroline. It was Jules there standing behind her.

Henrik growled he parked the car, but he stopped and watched as another wolf appeared he pulled out a gun and shot Caroline in the head. Henrik smirked as the man kissed Jules. “Let’s get Rose away from town. We can track Jules after we tell Nik.”

Bella nodded, “Hurry up, I think they plan on torturing Caroline.”

Henrik drove faster than he had ever before. He parked in the driveway of his home and carried Rose out of the car. Inviting her inside he took carried her to the basement where Slater’s stuff was. He heard Bella upstairs speaking over the phone with Niklaus. Rose was still laying still only now it seemed she had drifted off to sleep.

“They’re on their way, shouldn’t be more than 10 minutes,” Bella said hearing Henrik enter the room.

Henrik nodded, “She’s asleep it seems the venom is taking full control. It shouldn’t be long before it kills her.”

Bella nodded, “About Jules, I don’t care what you end up doing to her. I don’t want Caroline to suffer. If you have to kill her, than kill her. We can find another wolf for the curse.”

Henrik smirked, “I would love to kill her, but it might be for the best if we use her for the curse. Besides, I have other plans in mind.” Henrik kissed Bella’s forehead and went outside as they heard their brother approaching. Bella quickly headed downstairs to the basement she released Rose from the command he had given her earlier.

Head outside Bella looked at Slater, “We found Rose, the venom is taking over. If you’re going to save her, now would be the time to do it. She’s in your room.”

Slater nodded, he smiled at Bella. “Thank you.” Slater blurred inside leaving the three to speak alone.

“I think they might be hiding in the woods,” Henrik said, “We should run, it’d be better to sneak up on them.”

Klaus nodded and watched as his brother’s face change as the mindset of a killer set in. Without another word all three headed off. Bella separated from Klaus and Henrik as her goal was to save Caroline. Bella watched hidden in the trees as Henrik and Klaus brought attention to themselves causing Jules and her boyfriend to step out of the trailer. Moving too quickly for the two wolves to notice Bella stepped inside the trailer. She saw Caroline huddled together in the cage.

“Mrs. Mikaelson?” Caroline asked still huddled in the corner of the cage. Her knees brought up to her chest.

Bella smiled and kneeled. “I’m going to open the door. You and I, we’re going to get out of here, okay?”

Caroline nodded, she could tell Bella was a vampire and for some reason she trusted her completely. Bella grabbed the lock to the cage and pulled causing the door to come off its hinges completely. Bella extend her hand to Caroline, “Come on, let’s get you home.” Caroline took Bella’s hand and got out of the cage. Bella heard Henrik’s tone as he spoke and knew it was only a matter of time before he attacked. Deciding that using the door she came in with was a bad idea Bella pulled Caroline to the bedroom compartment of the trailer. She swiftly kicked out the window. “This is where we jump.” Bella and Caroline jumped out of the window and blurred away.

Henrik smirked as he heard the window break, “Looks like we can begin.”

Jules stood tall, her shoulders straightened and her eyes became determined, “There’s two of you, but a pack of us. We can take you on.”

Henrik shook his head, and Klaus chuckled, “You underestimate us.” Klaus patted his brother on the back. “I’ll take care of the rest, I’ll leave you to do whatever you plan on doing with these two.”

Henrik smirked as his brother began to battle the werewolves that had gathered around. He pointed to Jules, “You did something stupid last night. One of those vampires you bit that was my wife. Although we were able to save her, I didn’t appreciate her being in pain.” Henrik caught the male by the throat as he lunged to fight Henrik. Using magic Henrik put a spell on Jules halting her from making any movements. “Now, I want you to watch while I torture him in front of you. I think it’s only fair, after all I did have to watch my Belle being in pain.”

Jules looked on in fear as Henrik began. Henrik threw her love onto the ground cracking one of his ribs, “BRADY!” Jules yelled broken at the fact that she had caused this.

Henrik chuckled, “Didn’t think it would hurt him like it did, I apparently over did it in strength.”

Henrik went and stood next to Jules, “Do you want to see a magic trick?” Seeing Jules’s fear Henrik’s anger began to subside. “I’ll show you one I learned from the book of a very angry witch.” Henrik muttered a spell and Brady began to twitch around on the ground. “You see, right now, it starts with the tearing. His bones are tearing apart, breaking one by one, so slow that even with his werewolf healing capabilities he won’t be able to heal himself. Then, the second step comes in, his organs start to freeze, all except the heart. The heart is my favorite, it begins to speed up, so fast it feels like it’ll pump out of his chest, and then, pop, it comes out.”

“Please, I’m sorry,” Jules said her voice pleading to Henrik.

Henrik shook his head “Sorry isn’t enough. You hurt my soul mate, so now you have to suffer. It’s basic logic. You see, Belle doesn’t want you to be killed, at least not yet, so in order to enact my revenge I have to make you hurt without hurting you. Earlier I saw the both of you and I realized, you hurting my Belle hurt me, so if I hurt him, I’m hurting you.” Henrik smirked as Brady’s heart was picking up more speed. “This isn’t as long as I would’ve wanted to torture you, but it will do.” Henrik made sure Jules was watching as Brady’s heart burst through his chest and landed not far away. The blood spattering all over Henrik and Jules.

Henrik wiped his face, “Huh, his blood got more distance than I thought it would.” Henrik looked over at his brother as he finished tearing out the heart of the last standing wolf. “Well, you lost your pack and your boyfriend. I think that’ll be close to enough. The last thing, we’re going to do to you is sacrifice you for a curse, so I’m going to put you to sleep and when you wake up you’ll be trapped somewhere you’ll never escape from.”

Jules looked at Henrik terrified and tried again to fight his spell and move away. Henrik shook his head at her useless attempts and put her to sleep using a spell.

“Feeling better?” Klaus asked his brother as he walked towards him.

“Of course I am,” Henrik replied with a grin. “I feel great, now all that’s left is cleaning this up and getting back to my Belle.”

Klaus chuckled, “I think this is the first time since the Cullen’s that you’ve had to enact torture.”

“I didn’t torture the Cullen’s,” Henrik paused, “Oh, I did. I forgot about what I did to Edward and Alice. They deserved it, they hurt my Belle. Jules deserved it too, she bit my Belle. I couldn’t just let her get away with that.”

“Of course you couldn’t, but was the ending necessary?” Klaus asked as he began to gather the bodies.

Henrik chuckled as he threw a body onto the forming pile. “Of course it was, it was the icing on the cake. I am sorry I didn’t move out of the way, this was a good suit. I’ll never be able to get the blood stains off completely.”

Klaus rolled his eyes, “I think Bella has a point, you’re becoming too attached to your suits.”

-Page Break-

Bella walked Caroline home, they made their way to her house stopping just outside her home. Bella smiled, “I hope you feel better, Caroline.”

Caroline smiled sadly, “I’ll be fine. Thank you, Mrs. Mikaelson.”

“It’s Bella outside of school, no need to make me feel old. Look Caroline, I have a good idea of what they did to you, being tortured, it isn’t something someone like you deserves. You’re a good person, you care about your friends, about your family, and I can see that anyone who meets you is able to see that. Don’t let what happened tonight change the fact that you’re a good person, just let it make you stronger.” Bella said hoping to make Caroline feel better.

In an impulsive move Caroline wrapped her arms around Bella, “Thank you.”

Bella returned the hug, “I’ll always be happy to help.” Bella stepped back, “Why don’t you relax, call your friends get some support. It’ll be exactly what you need.”

Caroline nodded wiping away some stray tears, “I’ll do that. Thanks for coming to my rescue, you’re sort of like a prince charming, you know if you were a guy.”

Bella laughed, “Thanks for the compliment, I think. Have a good night Caroline.”

Caroline waved as Bella blurred away. She walked inside the house and in an instant she pulled out her phone and called Elena. She went into detail about the night, and the hero Bella had been.

Bella blurred home and expecting to see Slater, she went down to the basement. “Did you give her the cure?” After no response Bella looked around only to find that there was nothing there. Slater’s things were gone all that was left was a folded sheet of paper on the bed. In scribbled writing Bella’s name was written on the front.


I gave Rose the cure, I couldn’t let her die. I carried her back to the Salvatore house before she could remember who you were. I didn’t mention what the cure was to anyone or that you had given it to me, so your secret is safe. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, and I’m glad I can call you a friend. I didn’t want to wait for you to get home. I thought this would be simpler, and honestly you’re the closest friend I’ve had since I was human. Saying goodbye, even if it isn’t forever is the hardest thing for anyone to do, even vampires. Anyway, this isn’t goodbye, more like I’ll talk to you later. This is the 21rst century, and we both have smartphones, so I’ll FaceTime you when I get to my new apartment in Massachusetts near my new school.


Bella smiled as she fold the note back up, she put it in her back pocket and walked out of the room. Later she would talk to Slater and get more details on Rose. Bella headed to the kitchen she grabbed one of the bottles of wine with blood and poured herself a glass. Taking the bottle and the glass to the living room she took a seat on the couch. Letting her thoughts take over she waited for Henrik to come home.

“What has you in such deep thought?” Henrik asked as he came in later.

Bella smiled and looked up at him, “This town.”

“And the way it attracts supernatural creatures?” Henrik asked as he took beside her.

“It’s really interesting. I mean this town one way or another drags in all kinds of supernatural creatures.” Bella said she looked Henrik over. “Why are you covered in blood?”

“It was part of my revenge,” Henrik said taking the glass from Bella and taking a sip.

“I assume you’re going to go out and get a new suit? And before I forget, where’s Nik?” Bella asked.

“He took Jules back to the mansion and is securing her in the basement until it’s time for the ritual. To answer your first question, I will be buying a new suit, I think this time I’ll be going for a bolder color,” Henrik said.

Bella smiled, she rested her head against Henrik’s shoulder. “Slater gave Rose the cure and then he left. He’ll call later. Today’s been a full day, Henri. I want a nap or just a normal night.”

Henrik nodded he picked Bella up in his arms bringing her close to his chest. “That’s exactly what we’ll have.” He took her to the bedroom and set her down on the bed. “I’ll change out of these bloody clothes, we’ll watch a really horrible movie and just lay in bed. We’ll go out and hunt tomorrow morning. Sound good?”

Bella grinned, “That sounds great, but where’s your brother? He should be here by now?”

“After he’s done with Jules’s he went to go pick Greta. He thought it’d help get her father and brother to back down.” Henrik said from the bathroom. Bella got out of the bed and changed into her pajamas quickly, once done she slid back in. She pulled the covers over her and leaned against the headboard.

“What if they think he compelled her?” Bella asked.

“Greta will speak to him, they can use magic to check if she was being compelled,” Henrik said coming back into the room. He got into the bed beside Bella and brought her to him. He turned on the T.V. and their night of relaxing began.

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