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-Page Break-

Isabella stood in front of a large mirror as she inspected her eyes. She had just finished feeding from a human that was locked in the basement of Maria’s home, but her eyes hadn’t changed color like they were meant to. The blinding blue color was still there, not a single hint of red left, because of that she looked human. She sighed and went back to searching the home for anything she would need in the future. She had found a few duffel bags and filled them with some of Maria’s stashed money, she knew she would end up needing it sooner or later. Two bags were filled with money, and a third was filled with some clothes she had found that fortunately hadn’t been worn yet, the last thing she wanted was Maria’s stench all over her. Luckily she had also been able to find a strong pair of sunglasses that not even a vampire would be able to see through. She didn’t want people staring at her eyes everywhere she went, that would eventually call attention to her and that would cause problems she didn’t want to deal with.

Isabella exited the house and took in deep breath as she stood several feet away from her own personal hell. She looked back at the place she had been tortured in for the last three years of her existence. The feeling of finally being free filled her entire being and she was more than happy to know that she would finally be able to let go of everything of her past.

A crack of thunder rang through the sky causing Isabella to look up as the thunder filled the air. She felt stronger as the thunder continued to roar through the sky. To her it was as if it were encouraging her to keep going. An Idea popped into her head as the thunder once again rumbled in the sky. She decided to give something a try and closed her eyes trying to focus all her mind on one goal. She remembered feeling the lightning course inside her after it struck her and wanted to see if she could relive that feeling and use it for her own benefit.

Isabella focused and slowly she began to feel the small tingles running up her spine and through her veins. She felt it tickle her fingertips making them feel like they were on fire. Her eyes snapped open just as she felt the sensation shoot out of her fingertips. Upon opening her eyes she saw the house was on fire. Isabella grinned as she saw the home burning, this was the final step to destroying the past she so dearly wanted to forget.

Isabella spun around as she heard a growl, she crouched down and prepared to attack if she needed to. “Who are you?” Isabella asked through growls as she looked upon the stranger. Her eyes zoned in on his chest and she could tell he had a gift, but Isabella wasn’t focused on taking that away as it was no real danger to her. The stranger tilted his head and looked at Isabella, he stepped back knowing better than to corner a newborn. His years in battle helped him remember just how violent newborns could be.

“You’re tame for a newborn. How long have you been a vampire?” He asked analyzing Isabella cautious not to startle her.

Isabella laughed, “I don’t go telling strangers facts about me and if you want to live than you’ll tell me who the hell you are? I’ve never seen you here before and you’re too old to be a part of Maria’s army. If you were working for her I would’ve met you by now, so who are you and what do you want?” Isabella said, the thunder roaring again in the background giving Isabella the extra strength to stand her ground.

“Peter Whitlock, the little voice in my head told me that I had to be here today and at this very moment.” Peter said taking another step back sensing the danger that swirled around the young newborn, she might’ve looked innocent but his instincts told him she was stronger than she looked.

“Your gift, it’s weak, but it does seem to be useful and far more unique than the other ones I’ve seen.” Isabella mumbled looking into his gift’s core analyzing it to see exactly what it could do. If it were stronger and at its full potential he could learn to control it and use it at his will.

“It’s not a real gift,” Peter said he cautiously took a step forward and was relieved she didn’t become startled at his movement.

Isabella laughed, who would deny their gift? “You have the gift of knowledge don’t deny it, Peter, denial won’t get you anywhere. What did it tell you?”

“I needed to be here at this exact time and date. What happened here?” Peter asked looking around and seeing the burning house along with several pile of newborn ashes. This looked like a battle ground and there was only one person left standing in the end.

“I killed them, all of them.” Isabella said looking around just as Peter had done seconds before. “They all deserved to die.”

“Maria?” Peter asked remembering the woman who had once tortured him and his brother when they were a part of her army.

“Dead.” Isabella replied simply. “She was part of the first group to go. I took out her and her allies firt, than I went to her older more loyal servants, and finally I went for her newborns.” Isabella replied calmly the thunder subsided, but the dark clouds still covered the sky.

“By yourself?” Peter asked in disbelief he had never heard of a vampire with so much power, especially a newborn.

Isabella nodded she turned her head in time to see the house fall apart and crumble to the ground. It was finally time for her to go, her time to leave it all behind. She grabbed the bags off the floor and began to walk away. She noticed Peter quickly moving to keep her pace. Neither said a word until they had walked for a few minutes at a human pace. “Why are you following me? You should’ve just left.”

“I can’t that little gift of mine says to stick by you, so I am.” Peter said a silly grin on his face. “I guess this is the part where we get to know each other, so what’s your name?”

“Isabella,” She answered, that had been as much of her name as she could remember. “Did you know Maria?”

“You could say that, I was part of her army once. I escaped with my companion who left a few years ago.” Peter replied with a slight shrug of his shoulders.

Isabella nodded, “Companion? Not mate?”

“No, I haven’t found my mate yet.” Peter replied with a smile. “I know that when the time comes I’ll find my mate, for now I’m okay without one. How did you end up with Maria?”

“I don’t remember exactly, but I know I was brought to her camp. An ally of hers, Victoria, she wanted to torture me, so she brought me there. This was the one place I could be tortured for years without interruption or suspicion from the humans. Maria and her other allies were the ones who tortured me for the last three years. It wasn’t until a few days ago that Maria slipped and bit me injecting enough venom for me begin the transition. That single bite was her undoing,” Isabella said with a sigh.

“You’re just a few days old?” Peter asked shocked as he let the information sink in not believing her works. “You’re not the normal newborn. Newborns aren’t calm and controlled, they’re violent and thirsty. You should be looking for your next meal or at least going through a violent rampage in the woods.”

“When you’re tortured for three years with no sight of fresh air, barely staying alive, and the only thing on your mind is getting revenge for everything that was done to you, you don’t have time to be crazed. I knew this was coming from the beginning. I’ve been preparing for it since the first day. I’ve been hoping that I could become a vampire in order to finally get my revenge, as a human I couldn’t get them back for they had done t me.” Isabella explained.

“What do you remember of your human life?” Peter asked out of curiosity.

“Just the past three years. Everything else faded away when I was human, so I couldn’t really hold onto memories I didn’t have. During the change the only clear memories I had were of all the torture, so I held onto them. I needed them so that I knew who to kill as part of my revenge.” Isabella said pushing back the memories of her torture, she didn’t need them ever again.

Peter sighed, he didn’t create relationships with people the only real relationship was Jasper. But this girl felt like she meant something to him, not a mate, but sister someone he had to look after. “So where are we going?”

“We?” Isabella asked looking at Peter with a look of complete shock.

“Of course! I have nothing else to do, and since you took out my number one enemy I have no one’s death to plot anymore. I thought I’d just tag along with you see where you go and what you do.” Peter said with a shrug.

Isabella sighed in frustration. “I honestly don’t know where I want to go… I’ve spent three years locked up I don’t remember much of my human memories, only the past three years, and that’s not something I want to remember now. Where do I go from here?”

Peter grinned, “I got just the place, come on follow me.”

Isabella looked at him suspiciously, not prepared to trust someone just yet. “Follow you were?”

“I have a home not that far from here, we can stay there while you choose what you want to do next.” Peter said the silly grin on his face never faltering.

Isabella nodded and motioned for him to lead the way. They ran for close to an hour Isabella pulling back so she wouldn’t leave Peter behind, but finally they arrived at a large wooden home.

“This is your home?” Isabella asked as she looked at the house, it was a home, a real home.

“One of them, I have another one in Alaska, but the veggie covens are there and no one likes them,” Peter said.

“Veggie covens? Do you by any chance mean the Cullen’s?” Isabella asked remembering the few times Victoria mentioned the name.

“Yes, how do you know them?” Peter asked walking up the front door and finding the hidden key to unlock it.

“Victoria mentioned them once or twice,” Isabella said trying to recall the memories but her mind seemed to have blocked it she shook it off and returned her attention to Peter who had opened the door to his home.

“Come on in, let’s find you a room, and then we can figure out where to go from here.” Peter said as he held the door open for Isabella to walk in.

She looked at his hand for a moment, and following the instinct in her gut she took. Peter would be her friend and not her enemy, she could trust him.

-Page Break-

Isabella sat in the living room her sunglasses still on, she had almost forgotten they were there until Peter finally spoke up, “What’s with the glasses?”

Isabella thought for a second debating whether or no she could tell him the truth or not. Her mind was telling her she could trust him, so she decided to tell him the truth. “After I burned the newborns bodies I was struck by lightning, and that somehow changed me. It sort of connected me to the storm. You know the thunder, clouds, rain, lightning, I’m connected to all that, and when it happened, it changed my eyes. They’re no longer the red they’re supposed to be but a bright blue. The glasses covers up the eye color, it tends to be startling.”

Peter perked up, “I have to see, come on takeoff the glasses.”

Isabella’s hand shook as she reached for the glasses and took them off she looked at Peter and his eyes became wide with astonishment. He didn’t say anything just inspected her eyes. Minutes passed until Peter finally spoke, but what he said surprised Isabella.

“I’ve got it! Elysia!” Peter said as if he had solved a problem.

“Elysia?” Isabella asked putting on her glasses again.

“Yes, sorry, but Isabella is too long, and a bit boring, so I decided to give you a nickname. I’ve settled in Elysia, it’s a Greek name, it means lightning struck. I thought it fit you,” Peter said with a shrug and a smirk as he felt proud of himself for coming up with the name.

Isabella smiled a first real smile in a long time, “You’re an idiot.” Isabella replied with a bright smile. She turned her head and looked outside, noticing the thunder had stopped and the lightning had settled down. It seemed having Peter around was helping her more than she thought it would.

“Figured out where you want to go next? I was thinking Disneyland, they say it’s the happiest place on Earth, so I think we need to check it out.” Peter said rubbing his hands together in thought, the anticipation building up inside him at the idea of going to the theme park.

Isabella looked at him confused, “What’s Disneyland?”

“That’s where we’re going next! I’m giving you you’re childhood back, pack your bags Elysia we’re heading off to California,” Peter said.

“You do know I don’t have any identification papers or any actual clothes right?” Isabella replied looking at Peter with a raised eyebrow.

Peter nodded, “I figured, I’ll have that covered, in a few minutes.”

-Page Break-

Peter finished making Isabella’s identification papers and handed the folder to her where he had left her in the living room.

“What’s this?” Isabella asked taking the papers from Peter and looking them over, all her papers said she was Isabella Elysia Whitlock, “Whitlock?”

“It’s my last name, see in there somewhere it connects you to me as me being your older brother,” Peter said with a wide smirk.

Isabella half choked, she was surprised to see someone being so nice to her, she wasn’t used to it… not anymore. “Why?”

“I thought it fit, so in there is everything you need and we can go deposit all that money into your bank account. After all that is done we can go out and buy you some things you’re going to need, but first you should probably shower. You have dried blood all over you, I’m guessing from your meal, and a bunch of dust and a large burn mark on your chest from where I suspect you got struck by the lightning,” Peter said looking at mark that was beginning to fade as Bella’s body worked to heal itself.

Isabella sighed, “Yeah I should probably go do that, and the bathroom is where?”

“It’s in your room, you do remember how to use a bathroom right?” Peter asked not sure how much she had forgotten.

“The basics,” Isabella answered as she walked off, she stopped at the door of her room “Thanks for this Peter.” She knew she didn’t have to say it loudly, Peter would hear her from the other room.

-Later in the Day-

“Don’t stand up too straight, Elysia! You’re trying to blend in with humans, and no one looks as serious as you do right now.” Peter whispered to Isabella as they walked through the streets as they were in need of some things before their trip began.

Isabella sighed, “I haven’t been a normal human for three years, Peter. I doubt I’ll be able to act like one being a vampire.”

Peter laughed, “Come on let’s go into this store and see what you can get.”

Isabella groaned, “I think I hated shopping as a human too.”

“Are Memories coming back?” Peter asked curious.

Isabella shook her head, “No, but it was just a feeling I was getting.”

“They’ll come back,” Peter said reassuring Isabella, he put his arm around her shoulder and kept walking with her.

“What if I don’t want them to?” Isabella said quietly. “I think I knew about vampires when I was human. After I killed Victoria a few memories began to seep in, and I remember Victoria said I killed her mate, but I couldn’t as a human. That’s when I realized  a vampire must’ve done it. This was hinting at the fact that I knew about vampires as a human, but I can’t stop asking myself one question. Why would they protect me from one vampire and not another? I just don’t want to know the answer. I don’t want to know why I wasn’t good enough to protect a second time.”

Peter nodded in understanding, it would be hard for anyone to know they weren’t good enough to protect. “I understand Elysia, I don’t remember a lot of my human life either the memories never came back to me and I could never really look for them inside my head. I was so busy trying not to die my newborn year that I didn’t poke around in my mind for them to surface.”

“How’d you leave?” Isabella asked curiously, she knew it was close to impossible to escape the wars alive. “I know how Maria is with her army, she watches over them constantly, so how did you manage to get past her?”

“The Major,” Peter said in a tone filled with sadness and pride. “His name was Jasper Whitlock. He’s my brother by venom and during our time in the wars he was Maria’s second in command at the time. I’m sure you know after the first year every newborn is sent to die. When it was my turn to die Jasper couldn’t do it, I was his brother and he couldn’t bring himself to kill me. Jasper put himself at risk when he let me and my companion go free. I was considered his solider, the only one that was good enough to stand by his side during battles. A Few years after I escaped, I went back and got him out of there. He’s been living with that group of veggies for a few years, the Cullen’s actually.”

Isabella nodded, “I’ve heard about you, the Major and his Soldier, Maria often mentioned that you were good at your jobs and you would be the best ones to torture me, she had hoped of getting you back one day so that you could join the party.”

“We’ve heard the rumors that she was looking for us. We’ve been running from her for ages, but she knows better than to come after either of us herself. Jasper is whipped by his demon pixie wife right now, he’s not as strong as he once was, living off the animal diet can really decrease and make you weaker. He can still fight better than a lot of people I know, but it’s not his best.” Peter said, he looked out the window at the cloud covered sky and turned to Isabella, “Did it hurt when you got your gift?”

“Yes, it felt like my chest was on fire, like everything inside of me was burning. I’m just lucky my other gift came along naturally in the transition.” Isabella responded as she too looked at the sky through the window of the store.

Peter looked at her strangely thinking about what she had just said. “Other gift?”

“I can sense another person’s gift. I can see into the core of their gift and I can either make it stronger or weaker, or I could turn it off and on.” Isabella said she looked over at Peter and then to his heart. “You have the gift of knowledge. I can see it in you, I can look inside you and see your gift. It’s like I have the direct manual to your gift. I know how to work it and I know what happens if it’s at its full potential. From what I’ve been able to gather every vampire has a gift of some sort that’s been passed onto them from their human life. The only thing is, not every vampire has their gift on, their gift is dormant and I can bring it to life if I wanted to.”

“So you can see it in me?” Peter said looking down trying to see where his gift’s core would be.

Isabella laughed seeing Peter look all over himself, she poked his heart gently. “All gifts are here. I know it’s cheesy that the core of your gift lies in your heart, but that’s where it is. When you were human you must’ve been very smart, this leading you to have the gift of knowledge when you were turned.”

“Hmm… so it’s an actual gift, I never classified it as that.” Peter said with a slight pause, “So these clouds are going to follow you everywhere?”

Isabella shrugged, “I guess, but it has to be a good thing. This way I can walk out in broad daylight and never have a problem with the sun.” Isabella looked around the store and groaned at all the racks of clothing. Peter laughed and they had the sales clerk bring them different clothes for Isabella to try on.

Time passed and Isabella scoffed as the sales lady handed her a dress through the curtains of the dressing room. “Peter what the hell is this?”

“It’s a dress, Elysia. I know you can’t remember much from your human life, but I would suspect you would know what that was.” Peter said with a small chuckle as he tried to contain the large laugh that was building inside him, he had never known someone who despised shopping as much as Isabella did.

“I know what it is I was asking why the hell it’s in here,” Isabella said coming out in a pair of black leather skinny jeans and a light sweater. “I’m wearing this out.” Isabella handed the sales clerk the clothes she was going to buy which consisted of mostly dark clothing.

Peter laughed, “Most girls would have more color variety in their wardrobe.”

“My eyes hold enough color,” Isabella replied with a shrug, she looked around the store and stopped when she saw the last thing she needed. “I need shoes.”

“To the shoes we go,” Peter said walking to the shoe side of the store. He sat down as Isabella began looking through the shoes, “Get those at the bottom with cartoons on them.”

Isabella laughed, “Shut up Peter, I’m not getting those, they’re for kids.” She finally choose out different pairs and choose to wear heels, she was a vampire and it didn’t hurt to walk in them like she thought they would.

Finally after they stopped by every other store Peter could think of they headed back to the house.

“We leave tomorrow night,” Peter said with a grin thinking about their oncoming trip, “So we’ll go get you some blood right before so you shouldn’t have a problem on the plane.”

“Are you sure I can get on a plane? I mean with all the clouds constantly following me around?” Isabella asked.

“It’ll just be a bit of a bumpy ride, no problem.” Peter said waving her off. “There are suitcases in the back room, but before we pack we should watch some movies. You need to be caught up in your Disney knowledge before going to Disneyland, you have to know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“I feel like that’s a similar name, but I can’t connect it to anything,” Isabella said trying to search for memories, but she couldn’t get anything.

“Maybe the movies will jog your memory,” Peter said pulling out a shopping bag filled with Disney movies he had gotten today to help Isabella with her Disney knowledge. He put the first one in and sat back on the couch next to Isabella and put the movie in.

-Little Mermaid, Mulan 1 &2, Aladdin 1&2, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella 1&2, Pocahontas 1&2, Nightmare before Christmas A hundred and one Dalmatians, Peter Pan, Dumbo and Snow White Later-

Isabella sat with her legs in Peter’s lap as she sat back and watched the ending of Snow White before Christmas, “I liked this one, is this all that’s left?”

“Nope, we still have the classic Mikey mouse movies to watch, and a bunch of other non-animation movies to watch.” Peter said pulling the box set out of the bag along with a few other DVDs and handing it to Isabella.

Isabella laughed and reached for the movies. “Let’s get started then.”

Peter nodded, “Just give me a moment, I have a phone call to answer.” Isabella nodded and stood up and walked to the DVD player picking out the next movie they were going to watch.

The phone rang as he predicted and Peter smirked as he heard Isabella laugh. “Hey asshole how may I help you?”

“Just checking in, you haven’t messaged in a while so I thought I’d call in and see how you were doing without Charlotte,” Jasper’s voice rang out from the other side of the phone.

“I’m fine. I don’t need a babysitter,” Peter said with an exasperated voice he didn’t like the idea of being watched over like an infant.

Isabella’s voice echoed from the living room, “I’m putting in the pirate movie first, Mickey can wait for another time!”

“Who was that?” Jasper voice said it was filled with alarm as he knew Peter wasn’t social, and he didn’t recognize the voice.

“That’s my new sister. Look Jasper I’m grateful that you care so much, but I’m fine. Actually I’m more than fine right now, I’ll call you in a few days with an update on my life and to assure you that I haven’t tried to kill myself.” Peter said itching to get back to watching the movies with Isabella.

Jasper sighed, “Fine, but I expect an update on your life soon.”

“Right, I’ll give you all the information you want,” Peter said just as he heard the beginning of the Pirates of Caribbean movie begin, “You were supposed to wait, Elysia!”

“I figured you already watched this, so I started without you!” Isabella said from the living room.

Peter groaned, “Got to go Jasper have fun with your deranged coven!”

Jasper laughed, “Goodbye Peter, and I hope to meet this Elysia soon.”

Peter growled, “You can’t call her that Jasper, that’s my nickname for her. I’ll see about you meeting her, she’s not the friend making type. Bye.” Peter hung the phone and went back to the living room and threw himself on the couch causing it to snap in half.

Isabella laughed loudly as she slid towards the snapped half of the couch were Peter was now at, “Way to go Pete!”

“I can always buy a new couch, maybe one that’ll withstand my strength,” Peter said as he stood up and held a hand out for Isabella. They both moved to the two different love seats and continued on with their movie marathon together.

-Page Break-

Isabella laughed as she and Peter boarded the plane, so far she was controlling herself a lot better than she expected to. “Explain to me again, why you had to buy all the first class tickets and half the business class tickets.”

Peter smirked widely, “Safety Elysia.” Isabella looked at him with an eyebrow raised knowing that wasn’t true. Peter sighed, “I don’t like sharing my space with humans, it’s uncomfortable and it gets on my nerves to be in tights spaces with a human when I can’t drink from them. Besides, this trip is more than a few hours it’ll help with the thirst if we’re not around humans that much.”

Isabella nodded and took her seat and Peter took the seat next to her. Isabella pulled out the phone Peter insisted she get, “Alright, so explain to me how I’m supposed to use this thing.”

Peter laughed loudly, “You’re probably one of the strongest vampires in the world, and you seem to have so much trouble with the simplest things.”

Isabella shoved Peter lightly a smile still planted on her lips. “I’ll get the hang of it sooner or later, I mean it can’t be too hard to use this thing.”

Peter tried to contain his laugh as she cracked the screen under the strength of the simple swipe of her finger.





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