Reaper Twins: Chapter Four

rt chpt 4

Bella got out of the car with Marco and Charlie as they pulled into Caroline’s home.

“Come on kids,” Charlie said leading them to the door. Bella followed beside Marco as they got to the doorstep.

“Charlie!” Liz said as she opened the door she looked at Marco questioningly, but stepped aside and let them all in.

“Liz, this is Marco, Marc this is Liz,” Charlie said.

Marco smiled charmingly, “Hello Liz, beautiful home you have here.”

“Thank you,” Liz said, “Caroline is upstairs, she’ll be down any minute, would you like to take a seat in the living room.” The three nodded and they sat down. Bella sat down next to Marco.

She thinks we’re dating – Marco said to Bella threw his mind.

Ew! I mean we look alike can’t she tell we’re twins? –Bella

She doesn’t know you’re adopted. Charlie never mentioned it, she doesn’t even know you changed your name –Marco

This is going to be awkward – Bella

“Bella! Who’s this?” Caroline asked as she walked into the room.

“Caroline this is Marco, Marc this is Caroline,” Bella said introducing them.

“Are you guys dating? How did you two meet?” Caroline asked sitting on a chair across from them. Charlie snorted in amusement and left to the kitchen to be with Liz.

“We’re not dating,” Marco said with an amused look, “As for how we met, would you like to explain Izzy?”

“We’re twins Caroline,” Bella said knowing Marco wanted to have some fun with this, but she wasn’t in the mood. “Marco is my older brother and my twin. I’m adopted.”

Caroline’s mouth dropped, Marco chuckled causing Bella to hit him, “What her expression was funny.”

“Adopted? Twins?” Caroline asked still shocked.

Bella nodded, and gestured between her and Marco, “Can’t you see the resemblance? I found out not too long ago. I actually changed my name back to my birth name.”

“So what’s your name then?” Caroline asked.

“Isabella Marcella Aitken, and this is my twin brother Isaac Marco Aitken,” Bella said.

“Same intials really?” Caroline asked.

“Yes,” Bella said with a shrug.

“Is he like you? I mean with the whole supernatural thing?” Caroline asked.

Marco laughed, “Blabbing it to everyone already Izzy?”

“No, she hasn’t told anyone anything,” Caroline said, “Everyone is scared to know what she is, but she won’t spill.”

“I even recalled being slipped some vervain,” Bella said remembering Damon, “But to answer your question, yes we’re one in the same.”

“Can you tell me what you two are,” Caroline asked.

“Not just yet,” Bella said with a smile, when the secret got out, she wanted to make sure it was at the right time.

They continued through dinner, Bella quickly explained everything to Liz so she would stop being so awkward around Marco. After everything was explained Liz relaxed and so did Caroline. The dinner ended normally.

Bella walked into Marco’s room, “How do you like the town so far?”

“It’s different,” Marco said, “What about you?”

“I like it, I feel good here,” Bella said taking a seat on his bed.

“Why haven’t you told anyone what we are? Or that you have a twin?” Marco asked.

“Didn’t want the attention, besides, it’s none of their business,” Bella said, “If people know exactly who we are and what we can do, I’d be potentially putting Charlie in danger. I don’t think I’ve gotten on anybody’s bad side yet, so so far we are good.”

“Would you take him back if he came to you?” Marco asked suddenly.

Bella looked at him surprised by his question, she knew he was talking about Edward, she thought it over and quickly came to her answer, “No, he made his choice when he left me in the woods. What I do now with my life is none of his business, and if he comes crawling back I’ll gladly turn him back into a human and make him go through the change again and again until he feels everything I went through.”

Marco chuckled, “Maybe I’m not the evil twin.”

Bella slapped the back of his head, “Why did you ask?”

“No reason, I’ve just seen you change in the few weeks we’ve known each other, and I was wondering if he came back if you would take him back,” Marco said.

“You were thinking that if he came back, I would go back to the way I used to be,” Bella said.

“I was just curious,” Marco asked, “If you went back to him, I wouldn’t be able to intimidate him.”

-Page Break-

Bella walked into the school, more relaxed to have her brother back in town. Bella was at her locked when she felt someone behind her. Bella turned and saw the blonde she saw with Klaus, this must be Rebekah. Marco was at the front office fixing his schedule, he had the locker beside Bella, and was going to meet her there.

“You’re Bella right?” She asked.

Bella nodded, “That would be me, you’re Klaus’s sister right? Rebekah?”

“Yes,” Rebekah said, “I just wanted to thank you, according to Nik, you helped him get our siblings back and that means a lot to all of us.”

Bella smiled, “You don’t have to thank me, he deserved to have his family back, and you all deserved to be alive again.”

“Did you just move here?” Rebekah asked.

“I did,” Bella answered, “I came from a small town in Washington called Forks.”

“Did you move here by yourself,” Rebekah asked.

“No, my dad got a job here, and since his sister lives here he took the offer, I think you may know my cousin Caroline,” Bella said, “My brother is also here now.”

“I’m not particularly fond of your cousin and her friends,” Rebekah said.

Bella laughed, “Caroline can be nice, but I know what you mean, I don’t like her friends either.”

“You know what I hate about public schools,” Marco said walking up to Rebekah and Bella, “The whole public thing, no privacy here.”

Bella laughed, “Rebekah, this is my twin brother Marco, Marc, this is Rebekah.”

Marco smiled, “Nice to meet you Rebekah.”

“You too Marco,” Rebekah said, “What are your first classes?” They realized they had similar schedules, and walked to their first class together. Bella could tell that Rebekah was lonely, and just wanted a friend. Bella enjoyed her company, and found it was easy to talk to the blonde. Marco seemed to be getting lust filled gazes from many girls, and it was annoying him to no end. The three walked to lunch, and sat down, they were early, and none of them were too fond in eating.

Caroline took a seat next to Bella, Marco was sitting across from them and Rebekah on the other side of Bella. Elena sat next to Marco and Bonnie sat down next to Elena.

Elena turned to Marco, “You’re new here right?”

“I am, just moved here yesterday,” Marco answered. Bella almost laughed at her brother’s face of displeasure at how close Elena was sitting next to him.

“What’s your name?” Elena asked.

“Marco Aitkin,” Marco answered.

“Why did you move here?” Elena asked him.

“My sister lives here, and I came to join her,” Marco said.

“Really, who’s your sister,” Bonnie asked finally speaking up.

Marco pointed at Bella, “Bella and I are twins.”

Rebekah Bella Caroline and Marco all tried to contain their laughter as Bonnie and Elena looked surprised.

“Twins?” Elena asked.

Bella smirked, “Yes, I mean is it that hard to see the resemblance?”

“Why didn’t you say anything,” Elena looked at Bella.

“It wasn’t any of your business,” Bella answered.

“Why do you two have different last names from Charlie?” Bonnie asked trying to get as much information from Bella.

“Bella and I were separated when we were babies, she was adopted by Charlie and I was adopted by someone else. She only recently changed back to her birth name after we met and she knew the truth,” Marco answered.

“Oh,” Elena said.

“How long have you two known the truth,” Bonnie asked.

“It’s really none of your business Bonnie,” Bella said trying to reserve her private life so it stayed private.

Bonnie stood up and grabbed her tray, “I can see why your parents didn’t want you, you have a horrible attitude.” Bonnie walked away, but Bella followed causing the four others at the table to follow. Bella pinned Bonnie to a wall outside by the throat.

“You see Bennett, my parents wanted me. My mother died for us. Can you tell me what your mother did for you? As I checked, your mother left you! My mother gave her life so my brother and I could be safe, my father watches over me every day. My parents love me. Your mother left you, and your father detests who you are. Next time you want to use my parents to hurt me, you might want to take a look at yourself,” Bella said as she threw Bonnie on the floor. Marco put a hand on her shoulder calming Bella, he knew that that comment affected her more than she let on.

“I suggest you leave Bonnie, because if she doesn’t snap your neck, I will,” Rebekah said sternly. Bella sent her a small smile as gratitude. Bonnie stumbled up and Elena helped her and they both walked away. Caroline gave Bella a hug.

“She had no right to say that,” Caroline whispered to Bella.

Bella hugged her back and thank her, “You should get going after them, I don’t want you to lose your friends over me, I’ll be fine.” Caroline nodded and ran after Bonnie and Elena.

Marco kissed Bella’s forehead, “Stupid Witches.”

Rebekah laughed, “Stupid Bennett’s.”

“I really thought small towns were supposed to be filled with nice people,” Bella said with a smile.

“They only have the worst,” Marco said.

“Especially this town,” Rebekah added, “We should get going to class.”

Bella nodded, and the three walked off. Bella was thinking of different ways to kill the Bennett witch in class. When her free period came Bella walked to the library. Marco had a class this period, so she agreed to wait for him. Bella sat in the back of the library with her books in her hands. She felt a presence in front of her and looked up to see her brother and her father. They both sat down and had equally serious faces on.

“What’s happening?” Bella asked.

“My time is very limited,” Her father said, “But I explained some of this to Marco before, and I need you both to keep your senses up. You have a job here, and I need you both to keep it.”

Bella and Marco nodded, “I’ll tell her everything dad, and we’ll make sure everything stays balanced.”

He looked at his children and gave them both a hug before he disappeared into thin air. Bella looked at him with a confused expression on her face.

“Look, everything has a balance too it. Especially in this world. There has to be a balance to all the creatures. There aren’t supposed to be too many werewolves, or too many hybrids, or too many vampires, there has to be a balance so that the supernatural don’t take over and wipeout the human race, and so the humans can’t overpopulate and wipe out the supernatural,” Marco said.

“Alright, balance, is there a reason we’re talking about this?” Bella asked.

“Our father has to make sure the souls go to where they need to go, and at the same time he has to keep the balance. Us being on Earth, we can make it easier for him to keep the balance. Well, according to him, there’s something wrong in the balance, someone is planning something and we have to keep our eyes open and make sure the balance stays,” Marco said.

“I didn’t upset the balance by turning Jeremy back did I?” Bella asked.

“No, doing things that small don’t matter, it’s things like building an army of cold ones, or killing a pack of wolves, those are the type of things we’re supposed to look out for,” Marco said.

Bella nodded, “Where’s the off balance thing?”

“He said it had to do with vampires,” Marco said, “We can’t kill any vampires, if he’s right, they’ll be almost extinct by the end of the month.”

Bella nodded, “I’m guessing he wants to resurrect any vampires we find dead, as to not upset the balance?”

Marco nodded, “Just the traditional, the cold one’s are fine to kill, they over populate anyways.”

“Shouldn’t you be in class,” Bella asked.

“I should, but I faked getting sick to get out of it,” Marco answered, “I’m going to go back right now, I’ll meet you outside after this.”

“Alright,” Bella said, she watched Marco leave, but she kept her mind on the fact that something in the next month was going to kill the vampire race.

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  1. Love that Marco is here. Hopefully he and Bella figure out its Esther that’s going to cause the imbalance.
    Why can’t Elena and Bonnie ever not be bitches.


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