Chapter Two

Chpt 2

Bella got ready for school, her heart was beating quickly as she put on her shoes and tied up the laces slowly, hopefully buying herself some time to go through things in her mind and get herself calm enough to drive.

“You don’t have to be nervous,” Henrik’s voice said, as he sat down on her computer chair in front of her desk, his smile alone made Bella less nervous.

“It’s just…” Bella said pausing slightly to find the correct words to what she was trying to say, “This is a small town, and in small towns word travels fast and word about the chief of police’s daughter returning back to town is top news. I’m going to be what everyone is looking out for today, everyone wants to see what the chief’s daughter looks like, how she acts, what she’s like. I just hate that I’m practically going to be on show for these people.”

Henrik stood up and walked to stand behind Bella, he put his hands on her shoulder he gave them a slight squeeze. “Everything is going to be fine. It’s going to be like every other day of school. You’re going to go, pass through your first set of classes slowly and you’re going to get bored and wish you could be anywhere but there. Then you’ll have lunch, sit with a bunch of kids who will probably get on your nerves in less than two minutes. You’ll finish the rest of your classes just wishing you could get home, and then the second you arrive back home, I’ll be waiting for you, and you can tell me how right I was about how your day was going to go.”

Bella cracked a smile, “Will you listen to me rant endlessly about the day?”

“Of course I will,” Henrik said with a smile, “In fact, I’ll even let you rant on about how god awful the school lunch was.”

Bella laughed, “I can’t wait to get through the day jut so that I can come home and rant about it to you.”

Henrik smiled, “I want nothing more than to hear about your day when you come home, but in order for me to be able to hear about your day you have to experience it.”

Bella smiled, “Alright I’m going, I’ll see you when I get home Henri.”

Henrik waited until he was sure Bella left to go deeper into the other side, he needed to know more about Bella, and the older wiser sprits could help him get the information he needed. He was going to go into dangerous spirit territory.

-Page Break-

Bella groaned entering her Biology class, she had expected from the beginning of the day that this wasn’t going to be a good day, and not everyone was going to like her, but she didn’t expect the rude glares she was receiving from the Cullen’s most specifically the copper haired one that seemed to instantly hate her at first glance. Bella didn’t mind that he hated her, she couldn’t care less what he thought of her, but the glares were beginning to get on her nerves.

Bella felt as if the world was against her as she was assigned the only empty seat in the class that was beside none other than Edward Cullen. Bella took out her things acting as if Edward Cullen didn’t exist, she placed her lab book on the table along with her notebook and sat in her seat comfortably, she waved to Angela who had become her friend in a short period time, she was sitting a few rows away from her, and Bella wished she could sit with Angela instead of Edward.

Bella looked out of the corner of her eye to notice that Edward was sitting on the corner of his chair that was pushed to the side of the desk. She rolled her eyes and returned her attention to the lecture that was being given. Her mind floated to Henrik, she wondered what he could be doing right now, if he was getting anywhere with his search for answers on a way to return to the land of the living. Getting lost in her thoughts Bella didn’t realize the class had ended until the large ringing from the bell brought her out of her thoughts.

Angela walked up to Bella, “Did you do something to Edward Cullen? He was acting really strange during class.”

Bella sighed, “Not everyone likes the new girl I guess. I assume him along with the rest of his family hate me for some reason.”

Angela laughed, “The Cullen’s seem to hate everyone or at least they seem to keep more to themselves and away from everyone. They hardly ever talk to anyone outside of their immediate inner circle.”

“They seem like jerks, remind me why Jessica is so wrapped up in them?” Bella asked.

Angela laughed, “Because they’re beautiful of course.” Bella laughed and walked to the next class with Angela.

-Page Break-

“In a moment of great emotion may you be reunited with your soul mate,” A deep voice said startling Henrik stopping him in his tracks.

“What do you mean great emotion?” Henrik asked confused, he had been travelling for hours and this was the first time he was getting any response.

“Mermaids have always been greatly connected to their emotions and their mates. If by the age of 18, a mermaid has not been kissed by her soul mate she will die of a broken heart. Her soul has found yours, and it is slowly pulling you back to life, in a great moment of emotion her soul will pull you back to life completely. Once this happens you must kiss her, if you choose not to kiss her, she will die of a broken heart, and you will live the remainder of your years in pain and sorrow for your lost love. No one will ever compare to her, because your soul belongs to her as much as her soul belongs to you.” Another voice said.

“My siblings, their originals, if I can reconnect with my magic, can I recreate the spell that made them originals and use it on me and Bella,” Henrik asked feeling his time coming to an end.

“Anything is possible,” The deep voice said, “Mermaids are close to extinction, your counterpart is the last, if she becomes a hybrid, she must be turned by your blood, it will be the only way she survives the transition.”

Henrik stopped, he wanted to believe what they were saying was true, but spirits from the other side could rarely be trusted, “Why are you helping me? Older spirits never seek to help others, or interact with the world of the living so why help me?”

“We do not wish to see our species killed off,” The deep voice said.

“Mermaids and their partners have been around long before vampires and werewolves, and she is the last to keep our species alive. Mermaids are hybrids, half of us is human, turn that human into a vampire and they will live forever.” The 2nd voice said.

“Mermaids have always been equals to their soul mates, the first kiss between soul mates is what makes them equals. As you change, she changes and vice versa. Once you become an original, she will still need to take your blood to go through the transition, but she will hold the power of an original once she awakens.” The 2nd voice said.

“Does this mean that Bella will have a tail, and so will I?” Henrik asked confused.

“Mermaids need to be in the water at least once a day, their tales will appear only when they command it to. Being her equal and her soul mate, your job is to protect her, to make sure she is never in harm. Many men have been known to grow tails only if they need to, but seeing as how you plan to become an original, you most likely won’t.” the first voice said, “A mermaid has certain gifts, their blood is appealing to all, even humans, they just don’t realize it. Mermaids have the ability to talk to animals, and they can also manipulate nature. We are connected to the earth, therefore can manipulate it. You as Bella’s equal will be able to do the same once and if you share your first kiss.”

“Will she be able to have children?” Henrik asked curiously, he knew Bella didn’t want children, but what if she changed her mind, as a vampire he wouldn’t be able to give her children.

“Mermaids can have children only with their soul mates, but Isabella herself is infertile, she cannot have children, it is why she will be the last of the mermaids. Unless by some miracle her mother and father have another daughter.” The 2nd voice said.

“Keep in mind that Mermaids are always exceptionally beautiful, and their voices when used correctly can bring the strongest of men to their knees.” The first voice said.

Henrik went to ask another question, but he was interrupted by the 2nd voice, “You need to leave quickly, so far your plan for return is a secret, but there are spirits here that do not wish for the line of mermaids to stay alive. Protect her with your life, for she is your life.”

Henrik nodded, and was ready to leave when he was stopped by the first voice, “We know more than others give us credit for.” Henrik was confused, there was a slight whistle, than something that felt like a small gust of wind against his head. The spirits disappeared, and Henrik ran back to Bella, he knew there were in fact spirits on the other side who would do anything they could to make sure Bella died and ended the mermaid species once and for all.

-Page Break-

Bella arrived home ready to talk to Henrik, knowing Charlie wasn’t going to be home until late, she called out to Henrik, “Henri! Are you here?”

After a minute of waiting for a response Henrik finally appeared, his face grew into a smile as Bella ran and gave him a hug, “How was school?”

“Alright, although I did manage to make an entire family to hate me,” Bella said with a shrug, “I did make a friend though, her name is Angela and she was really nice to me, and as you said the school meal was awful.”

Henrik smiled, “How could you even manage to get one person to dislike you let alone an entire family?”

Bella shrugged, “Beats me, I just know that during lunch they were all staring daggers at me, and then in my Biology class, I had to sit next to one of them, Edward Cullen. He was sitting on the edge of his seat the entire class period, and his seat was as far away from me as it could get. I didn’t even speak to any of them, and they all hated me the second they saw me. It was just ridiculous, how can you hate someone before you even know them?”

Henrik didn’t like the idea of someone hating his Belle, she was too kind to hate for no real reason, “I wouldn’t worry about it Belle, you’ll only be around these people for a year, then you’re going to go to college and do whatever you want.”

Bella looked up at Henrik, only one thought was running through her mind. She didn’t want to do anything more without Henrik, without him by her side, there wasn’t anyone else out there that could fill his place. “Did you find what you needed on the other side?”

Henrik took in a deep breath, he got the information he needed, but could he tell her? This could be a lot for Bella to handle, but he’s never kept anything from her, and he wouldn’t be starting now. “I did, but there are some things I need to tell you, but I’m not really sure how you’re going to take it.”

Bella’s eyes filled with confusion as she looked at Henrik, the worst possible thing began to pick at her mind. Henrik couldn’t cross over. “What is it?”

Henrik began his tale to Bella, “My soul is connected to yours, the reason you can see me, feel me, talk to me, is because I’m your soul mate. Normally this type of thing wouldn’t happen between two souls, but your different, therefore I’m different. You’re not human Belle, you’re a different type of supernatural creature. You’re a mermaid.”

“A mermaid? You’re kidding me right? Mermaids are just red haired characters from Disney, they’re not real,” Bella said, her mind wouldn’t allow her to accept that she could be a mermaid.

“Mermaids began to die out a long time ago. Eventually, the mermaid blood lines began to falter, more men were being born than women, so there weren’t many girls to carry on the gene. Your mother, she carried a small fragment of the mermaid gene, not enough for her to become a mermaid, but still just enough, your father, he also carried the gene, and when they got together and had you, you became the first mermaid in centuries, only you won’t take your mermaid form until you’ve been kissed by your soul mate, if you don’t get kissed by the time your 18, you die.” Henrik said.

Bella looked at Henrik, the word soul mate finally settling into her mind. Her eyes widened as she realized Henrik was her soul mate. Her smile widened as she finally realized that what she had grown to feel for Henrik over the years, he must’ve been feeling to.

“Belle, why are you smiling?” Henrik asked slightly worried.

“Because you’re my soul mate,” Bella answered, “And I’ve just realized that everything I’ve been feeling for you, you’ve been feeling for me.”

Henrik smiled, “You had feelings for me even before I told you we were soul mates?”

Bella blushed lightly and nodded, “It’s been a while now, but I always figured we were always going to be friends and recently I had figured if you could somehow come back to life, that I would tell you the truth.”

Henrik grinned, “I’ve always felt the same Belle. As to coming back, there is away, but it’s not something we can do, it’s up to our souls, mainly yours. The reason I’m even here now, is because your soul called to mine, and slowly, your soul is pulling me back to life. I’ll completely crossover when there is a strong enough pull from your soul that brings my soul over.”

“I can’t control the pull, can I?” Bella asked disappointed.

“It’s controlled by your emotions,” Henrik said, “When you feel something strong enough, your soul pulls me to you. You have to feel something greatly in order for your soul to completely pull me over.”

Bella sighed, “If what I’m already feeling isn’t enough, how can I feel more?”

Henrik smiled at Bella and moved and kissed her forehead, “Don’t worry about it Belle, it’s going to happen, you just need a bit of time that’s all. Don’t stress yourself out about this, you feel what you need to feel.”

Bella smiled and wrapped her arms around Henrik giving him a hug, “You’ll crossover, I know you will, I’ll do whatever I have to help you pass through.”

Henrik smiled, he could feel the little pull Bella’s love was making. He smiled and knew it would be only a matter of time before he could crossover entirely and be with Bella.

-Page Break-

Bella lay on her bed with Henrik, her head on his lap as his fingers slowly ran through her hair, “Is it going to hurt being a mermaid? Am I going to grow a tail every time I touch water?”

“No, at first it’ll be hard to control, but after a bit of practice you should be able to control it, and you’ll be able to choose when your tail will appear. You’re going to have to be in water at least once a day.” Henrik said, “You’re being strangely calm about this.”

“I always figured that there was something different about me, this sort of just proves it,” Bella said.

“Belle, the spirits told me something, but I’m not sure if you know,” Henrik said referring back to the fact that Bella was unable to have kids.

“What is it Henri?” Bella asked repositioning herself so she could look up at Henrik.

“The spirits said you were going to be the last mermaid, unless Charlie and Renee had another daughter. Belle, they told me you couldn’t have kids.” Henrik said.

Bella closed her eyes, “I can’t. I was infertile since I was a child. Does that bother you?”

“Nothing about you bothers me, I was just wondering if you knew. When I crossover, I was thinking about becoming an original vampire like the rest of my family, and I wanted to ask you if you wanted to change with me, become a vampire, but if you did, you would never be able to have children. I didn’t want you to spend forever with me, if not having children was going to upset you.” Henrik said.

Bella’s eyes opened and they became wide, “You want to spend forever with me?”

“Yes I do, I want forever with you Belle, but only if you want it too,” Henrik said.

Bella smile grew wide, her eyes lit up at the possibility of being with Henrik forever, there was nothing more she wanted than to be with him forever. “I love you Henri, there’s no one else I would rather spend forever with. I want my forever to be with you.”

Henrik felt his dead heart come to life at Bella’s words, she loved him. She truly deeply loved him. “I love you too Belle, I always will.”

A shattering bright light rang out through the room, it was coming from Henrik. His entire body was lit up, Bella was thrown across the room from the power of the light. She tried getting closer to Henrik, but the power of the light was keeping her pressed against the wall. Bella’s eyes watered at the intensity of the light, she was sure the light could be seen from down the street, she was just happy Charlie was working a double shift and wasn’t home. Finally the light dimmed and Bella fell to the ground with a large thump as she was no longer being pinned by the light.

Feeling lightheaded Bella managed to stand up. Her feet were swaying as they tried to keep her standing. With shaking feet, she walked her way over to where Henrik’s body was sprawled out on the bed. Bella put her hand to his chest. “Henri? Henri! Please Henri tell me you’re okay. You’re a ghost, you can’t die again.” Bella’s eyes swelled up with tears, “You can’t leave me Henri! Not now please, Henri don’t leave me now.” The tears began to spill out of Bella’s eyes, she closed her eyes as she cried. All the strength had now left her body and she collapsed on the bed beside Henrik. The sobs never seizing as she lay next to Henrik, the thought of Henrik leaving her was too much for her body to handle as she soon passed out.

-Page Break-

“Belle. Wake up Belle, you’re going to be late for school,” Henrik said as he slowly shook Bella awake. He was grinning widely as he looked down at her. She began to stir, but her body was still tired, “Come on Belle, I’ll throw cold water on you.”

“You’re a ghost, you can’t throw anything,” Bella said as she woke up, the events from the previous night far from her mind as she heard Henrik’s voice.

“That was yesterday, today though, I’m very much human,” Henrik whispered in Bella’s ear.

Bella’s eyes shot open as she heard what Henrik was saying, “Human?”

Henrik nodded, “Whatever you were feeling last night when I said I love you was overwhelming enough to bring me back.”

Bella’s hand flew to her head as the memories came crushing back, she wrapped her arms around Henrik holding him tightly. “I thought you were leaving me. There was a light and then you wouldn’t move and I tried waking you, but you were completely still. I thought you died again as a ghost.”

Henrik hugged Bella, and let her sob into his chest, “My sweet Belle, I will never leave you. You’re stuck with me forever.”

Bella let out a sob laugh, “Forever.”

Henrik smiled and the overwhelming feelings he had for Bella began to take over. He bent his head and his lips descended towards Bella’s capturing them in a passion filled kiss. Years of hidden feelings and longing were poured into the kiss. Bella’s hands wound their way around Henrik’s neck pulling him closer to her. Bella now lay on her back on the bed, while Henrik was on top of her. Both momentarily forgetting she had to go to school.

Henrik pulled back, a silly grin on his face as he looked down at a flushed Bella. “I love you Belle.”

Bella’s hand rested on Henrik’s cheek enjoying the feel of his now warm skin, “I love you too Henri.”

“As much as I want to have you to myself today, you do have to go to school,” Henrik said with a smile.

“Do I have to I could just call in sick,” Bella said with a hopeful grin.

Henrik laughed, “Yes you have to. Come on Belle, you go to take a shower, and I’ll make you breakfast.”

“You can’t cook Henri,” Bella said with a laugh.

“I’ve watched you do it plenty of times, I’m sure I can manage this,” Henrik said with a smile, he got up and helped Bella up. He pecked her on the lips and headed down the stairs, he was happy Charlie was at work early so that he could spend the morning with his Belle before she had to leave him to go to school.

Henrik was in the middle of making Bella’s favorite eggs sunny side up, when he heard a scream from upstairs. Henrik turned off the stove and ran up the stairs as fast as he could, he reached the bathroom to find Bella lying down in the tub. Her chest was covered in what looked like a dark blue bralette, only it was covered in shimmering scales. A long tail was sticking out of the tub, the scales on the tale shimmering a dark blue, but the light in the bathroom made them sparkle like a rainbow when Bella moved.

“Maybe you should call in sick, we’re going to have to practice your control over your tale, it could take a few hours to get down the basics of it.” Henrik said looking at Bella.

Bella sighed, “Can you hand me the phone Henri? I’ll call the school and then my dad. I’ll tell him I’ll take a sick day. How long do you think until this thing goes away?”

Henrik held out a hand, for Bella, he helped Bella stand up enough for him to be able to pick her up and take her back to her room the tale was still dripping wet, “I don’t know, but it’ll probably help if you’re not soaking wet.”

Bella groaned, “Sorry you have to help me with this.”

“I’m not, this is what I’m here for Belle to help you, to support you. I’ll be with you through everything.” Henrik said he set Bella on her bed. “I’ll go finish your breakfast, while you try to focus on willing your body back to having legs.”

Bella smiled, “Cereal would be just fine Henri.”

“Sorry can’t you hear, I’ll be back in a few minutes focus and will your body back to having legs.” Henrik said exiting the room. This was going to be a day filled with ways to control Bella’s new mermaid form. Henrik knew sooner or later he had to tell his favored brother, but the most important thing was making sure Bella had control over her tale. She was living in a place that rained constantly, she needed to have some control over her tale, but just enough to be able to continue with her regular schedule.

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  1. Just thought I’d point out it’s tail not tale

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  2. Glad Henrik found answers from the spirits. Can’t believe Bella’s a mermaid, neat twist. She will really have to learn control of her tail with all the rain in Forks. Happy Henrik is back from otherside.

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