Bella The Witch: Chapter One

Bw 1

The Beginning.

It’s been 2 months since the Cullen’s left, and Bella was finally moving on. She was getting tired of moping around, she just wanted her life back, and she was going to fight to go back to the way things were when she first came to Forks, she wanted to forget the family that abandoned her when she needed them the most.

Bella walked down the stairs there was a knock on the door and she went to answer it.

Bella stopped in her tracks when she saw who it was, it was Victoria and somebody else, a young man.

“We’re not here to hurt you Bella, we came for different reasons,” Victoria said.

“Umm, what did you come for,” Bella asked.

“I’m Riley, I’m your half-brother,” Riley said

“Half-brother? I have a half-brother?” Bella asked.

“Yes, Charlie had a son, I’m 2 years older than you, and I found out about it a year ago when my parents died, Charlie is my real father, and I wanted to come and meet him,” Riley said.

Bella took a step back from pure shock, “I mean I always wanted a brother, I just never thought I’d get one.” Bella mumbled.

Riley grinned, “I know it’s a lot to take in Bella, but if you allow us to come in, I’ll explain everything to you.”

Bella nodded and went to sit down on the kitchen table Victoria and Riley took a seat across from her. “Let’s get started on these explanations then.”

“My mother knew Charlie when she was younger. They had a short type of affair, and my mom ended up getting pregnant. My grandparents got angry and sent her back to Seattle where she had me and then after that. She got remarried and never told Charlie about me. Than a year ago they were both in a car accident and in her will she left me a letter and she told me the truth. I was living in Canada and I came down to Seattle as soon as I heard the news. While I was in Seattle I met Victoria. She was building an army to go against you, by that time I already knew that you were my sister. Anyway Victoria changed me to be her second in command. When I woke up Victoria and I got to talking and I helped her realize that what she felt for James wasn’t real, that that wasn’t what love was about, then we felt the spark whenever we touched and that’s the mating pull. Victoria is my mate and we wanted to come here together. My bloodlust is under control, well I really don’t have any so you don’t have to worry about Charlie,” Riley said.

“Do you have a gift?” Bella asked.

Riley smiled, “I do, I can make people tell the truth, and I can spot when someone is lying.”

Bella looked surprised, “Wow, what an interesting day.”

“Bella I’m really sorry for everything that happened,” Victoria said.

“Don’t apologize, I’m happy you moved on, and I’m happy you’re with Riley, you really seemed to change since the last time I saw you,” Bella said truthfully.

“Thank you,” Victoria said, “Where are the Cullen’s?”

Bella looked down on the table, “They all left about 2 months ago.”

“Why did they leave?” Victoria asked.

“At the birthday party Alice threw me that I didn’t want I got a paper cut and Jasper tried to attack me, I guess after that everyone got freaked out. Edward took me out to the forest, told me that I became boring. That the family got bored with playing human with me and that they were getting tired of who I was and they no longer wanted anything to do with me. He told me that I wouldn’t last long with their memories. He said I wasn’t worth their time anymore, I was no longer interesting enough to be with them, so they left. Edward told me all of this in the forest and then he left without another word. I was close to dead that night, Sam from the reservation found me in the forest and took me home.” Bella said, “Apparently the asshole forged a note before taking me out to the forest, I’m almost positive that he knew I was going to get lost and that I wasn’t going to be able to get out of there by myself.”

Both Riley and Victoria growled at the end of Bella’s story. The three continued to talk until Charlie got home when Riley introduced himself and told Charlie that he was his son. Charlie was ecstatic to have a son.

– May (6 Months Later)-

“Come on, you’re graduating, look excited!” Victoria said.

Bella laughed, “I am excited, I’m just not showing it, I got accepted into the New York University. Do you think the three of us can go there, I mean I’ve gotten better with my shield and my fighting skills are a lot better and I actually have balance now so I think New York would be fun, besides I’ve got a full scholarship?”

“Riley would love going to New York,” Victoria said, “Now, I better get going, me and Riley were planning on a hunting trip, I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

“Alright, bye Bella,” Victoria said jumping through the window. Tomorrow was Bella’s graduation, and she was happy to be over with high school. Bella went to change into her pajamas, it was 10pm and she was tired and wanted tomorrow to pass already. Charlie was sleeping in his room, you could hear his loud snores. Bella tucked herself and left the window open to let in the fresh air.

-1 in the morning-

There was an intruder in the house. No one heard him enter, he had climbed in through Bella’s window and was currently standing over her bed. He had loved this girl for so long, but she always rejected him, but not tonight, not now, she would be his. He took the gun he had and loaded it, he removed the safety and crawled on top of Bella. He began to kiss her, causing her to wake up. Bella fought and pushed him off of her and screamed at the top of her lungs. The intruder pulled his gun on Bella and told her to shut up or he’d shot her.

“Mike, Mike please you don’t want this,” Bella said stepping back into the wall, she didn’t know if her shield would work against bullets, and she was too scared and nervous to get it up.

“You’ve rejected me for too long!” Mike yelled, it was obvious he didn’t know Charlie was in the house.

“What the hell is going on in here,” Charlie yelled storming in.

Mike looked stunned, there was a look of fear in his eyes and he lost control, his gun went off and hit Charlie in the chest. Charlie felt over onto the floor clutching his chest. Bella kneeled down next to him and tried everything she could to get him to stay alive. Her sorrow was replaced by her anger and she noticed Charlie had a gun in his hands. Bella grabbed the gun and pointed it at Mike.

“YOU KILLED HIM!” Bella yelled with tears flowing down her cheeks, “ARE YOU DAMN PROUD OF YOURSELF?”

Mike looked stunned, Bella smelled the alcohol on him he came here drunk. Her father died because of someone stupid. Mike pulled himself together and raised his gun back to Bella. “Shut up and do as I say!”

“We both have a gun Mike,” Bella said, “I will not listen to you!”

Mike got angry, Bella was rejecting him again, Mike lost control and shot Bella again, it went straight through the side of her leg. Bella got angry and shot Mike. He fell to the ground. Bella screamed as the pain hit her, she managed to grab the phone off the nightstand and call the police. She told them everything, she was losing blood and she was getting dizzy.

The police arrived and they put sheets over Charlie and Mike. The bullet had gone straight through his heart, and he had died slowly. Bella was loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital. She had killed someone, she had sent someone to their death. Bella cried her eyes out on the way to the hospital, she had lost her father and she had taken a life, what had come of her life? Bella remembered Riley and Victoria and sent them a text to meet her at the hospital.

Bella was going over the events of the night with the police officers as Riley and Victoria walked in. The second she saw her brother Bella broke down again. The police officer whispered to the couple what had happened that night.

“It’s okay Bella, It’s going to be okay,” Riley said as he hugged Bella. Bella cried and apologized to Riley, she never wanted any of this to happen.

Bella woke up in the hospital, why was she here? She closed her eyes and everything came flooding back in waves. Charlie died, she killed Mike, she took a life. Bella began panicking, she hoped Riley didn’t think she was a monster. Bella began breathing heavily, the panic was taking over and she didn’t know what to do anymore.

“Bells! Bells! You have to calm down,” Riley said wrapping Bella in a hug, she could see the venom pooling in his eyes.

“I’m sorry.. I’m sorry…. Please…. I’m …. Not a monster,” Bella said between heavy breaths and tears.

“We know that Bells,” Riley said, “You don’t have to tell me that. You did what you had to survive, if you hadn’t killed him he would’ve killed you, and I wouldn’t be able to handle both you and Charlie gone, I need my little sister with me.”

Bella cried, “He’s gone Riley, he’s really gone. I saw him go, I didn’t want him too, everything just happened in minutes.”

“I know Bells,” Riley said taking a seat beside Bella as she cried into his chest. Riley knew he had to help his sister, she was a mess, she had just watched her father die and then she had shot someone causing them to die. He knew that he had to take her out of this town. There were too many memories here, she wouldn’t be okay here anymore, this town held too many bad memories.

“Riley, please don’t leave me,” Bella said, “The Cullen’s left, Dad left, promise me you’ll always be here with me. You and Victoria will never leave me behind.”

“We’ll go were ever you go, we’re a family Bella and we’re not going anymore,” Riley said.

Victoria walked in at that moment and took a seat on the other side of Bella on the bed, and wrapped her arms around her, “We’ll be here Bells, as a family.”

Bella fell back asleep, she felt better knowing that she still had some family left, and that they didn’t think she was a monster for what had happened.

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  1. Poor Charlie! Mike got what he deserved.
    Love that Bella isn’t alone, that Riley is her brother and Victoria is to be a good friend.


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