Reaping of New Orleans: Chapter 4

ronol chpt 4

Bella smiled amused as she headed after Kol into the living room where everyone was gathered. “Hello.” She greeted as she went and sat next to Klaus. He moved so his arm around her shoulders as she sat close to his side.

“Are you feeling well, Isa?” Rebekah asked as she put her book down and looked to Bella a look of concern etched onto her face.

“Oh I think she’s feeling more than well, aren’t you, Isa?” Kol said as he took a seat in the middle of the couch across from Bella were Elijah and Rebekah were seated.

Bella rolled her eyes at Kol and looked at Rebekah with a smile. “Yes Bekah, I’m feeling fine.”

“What are Henrik and Marco bringing in?” Elijah asked as he heard the commotion coming from the kitchen.

“Henrik overreacted about last night and insisted I needed various items.” Bella responded she looked towards Klaus. “You wouldn’t believe what he bought for me.”

Klaus smirked knowing his younger brother well enough to know he had probably taken every precaution needed. “I believe I might have a good indication of what he might’ve gotten for you.”

Bella halfheartedly glared at Klaus as he seemed to be amused. Deciding she need to change the subject she looked back to Elijah, “How did you all do today?”

“As it turns out I don’t think Marcel was too happy I killed one of his men,” Kol replied with a satisfied smirk as he interrupted Elijah before he could respond.

Elijah shook his head at Kol. “Without the need for violence, I think we did quite well today. Intimidation can be just as good as killing.”

“But killing does cause someone to be intimidated,” Kol replied to his brother as he grabbed a glass of bourbon from the coffee table. He looked at Bella a mischievous smirk lighting his face. “Why don’t you have a glass, Isa? I imagine today must’ve been long for you, you seem to have earned it.”

Bella glared at Kol but smiled. “No thank you, Kol. I’m not in the mood for a drink.”

“Really?” Kol asked as he took a sip of his drink. “Are you sure you wouldn’t like a glass?”

“Is there a reason you can’t accept the drink, Isa?” Rebekah asked looking at Bella. “It is the easiest way to get him to shut up.”

Bella looked to Klaus who seemed to be amused by the situation having guessed his younger brother had gotten the news from Bella already. “There is a reason I won’t accept the drink from Kol, Bekah.”

“There is?” Kol asked amused as he sat back in the couch knowing this was the moment Bella was going to come clean. He glanced back and forth from Elijah to Rebekah more than eager to see their reactions to the news.

“Is there something wrong?” Elijah asked setting down the journal he had been writing in.

Bella shook her head. “Nothing is wrong, everything is great, but you should all know the truth. Last night, Klaus and I came upon the realization that one of my human traits had surfaced. This human trait was triggered by Klaus’s werewolf side, and for the next 9 months I won’t be able to drink and do other various activities.”

Klaus smiled as his two siblings were taking in what Bella had told them trying to fully connect the dots to what she was trying to say. “I think you need to make things clearer, love.”

Bella shook her head and sat closer to Klaus. “They’ll get it eventually, we just have to wait.”

Moments passed when Elijah spoke. “Are you implying that you’re with child, Bella?”

Bella nodded, “I’m pregnant with twins, who will be natural born hybrids. They won’t contain the reaper gene.”

Rebekah’s eyes went wide as she came to the realization this was real and not just a silly joke. “You’re being serious? This isn’t some sort of joke you’re playing?”

“This isn’t a joke, sister,” Klaus said he smiled at Bella fondly as he spoke next. “She’s carrying my child.”

Henrik came into the room with Marco behind him having heard the ending of the conversation that was taking place. Henrik walked towards Bella and handed her glass of water and then a small pill. “Some vitamins.” He explained.

Bella sighed and took the glass downing the pill and the water. She couldn’t remember when the last time she had taken a pill for anything was. “Is that all?” Bella asked.

Henrik smiled and handed her a blood bag, “Marco said you would need this too,”

Bella smiled at Marco not understanding how he would know she was thirsty. “Thank you.” She opened the bag ignoring the interested eyes of everyone in the room as she drank the blood bag.

“That is by far the creepiest thing you have ever done,” Marco spoke up as he stared at his sister.

“Was that for the babies?” Kol asked interested, “They need blood?”

Bella nodded as she finished the blood bag, “That’s what happened last night. The babies needed more than my blood to sustain them. I’ll have to intake blood daily to keep them healthy, they are part vampire after all.”

“This is real,” Rebekah whispered to Marco needing that extra reassurance.

Marco nodded and kissed the top of Rebekah’s head, “It seems this family is going to be growing larger.”

“Is this why you’re so eager to get our home back, Niklaus?” Elijah asked having known there was a reason his brother wanted their old home back other than reclaiming a throne.

Klaus nodded, “I don’t like the idea of my children growing up in a house that isn’t theirs. They deserve to be raised in the true Mikaelson home.”

Bella smiled and sat further into Klaus’s side finding that she and her growing children were more at ease at his side. “I do like this home though.” Bella added as she looked around the house. “Although, I haven’t seen the other location to compare them. I imagine it’s just as lavish as this place?”

“Of course, but its better,” Klaus replied kissing Bella’s temple.

“Now that you mention it, Elle.” Henrik said as he went into thought. “I’ve never seen the other place in person. I imagine it looks different from when you were all here last?”

All the Mikaelson siblings nodded their heads, “It’s very different, Henrik.” Rebekah said with distaste. “It’s now being overflowed with pathetic excuses for vampires.”

“I would like to take a look at this place,” Marco said as he played with a strand of Rebekah’s hair mindlessly, a habit he had acquired over the years.

“We can go another day. I want Marcel to wonder over what our next move will be.” Klaus said he stroked Bella’s arm as he spoke.

Elijah nodded in agreement. “He did seem worried after we left.”

Bella smiled, “So what exactly did you all do?”

“We just spoke to him,” Rebekah replied, “We were civil, and mentioned that eventually we would get our home back whether he liked it or not.”

“It was a real pity we weren’t able to start a fight.” Kol said finishing off his drink a look of utter disappointment on his face.

Bella smiled, “It is a shame Kol you can never go wrong with a little violence.”

Kol smirked in agreement. “Glad you see it my way, Isa. Although, now I’m wondering due to your pregnancy, you won’t be able to inflict any pain on anyone anymore, will you?”

Bella nodded, “I think using my gifts too much could potentially hurt the babies. That’s why I took Marco and Henri with me today.”

“Did you find anything on your father?” Elijah asked as he became curious.

Bella nodded, “Agnes does have my father’s soul but it turns out he traded it willingly.”

“He traded it?” Klaus asked surprised. “Your father never seemed like the one to trade his soul. Were you able to figure out why he did?”

“All we got was the help of another witch Jane-Ann. She’s close to Agnes and promised us the location of Charlie’s soul as long as we help her finish this witch harvest,” Marco explained.

Klaus looked to Bella strangely. “You made a deal with a witch?”

“I like to see it more as a trade.” Bella responded with shrug of her shoulders. “If it gets me Charlie’s soul back, I’d do anything including helping a witch.”

“We have to find a teenage witch,” Henrik added to help everyone understand what they would be doing. “These harvests require sacrifices of young girls who belong to the coven. As each girls dies the next girl in line gets their powers. The girl we’re looking for is named Davina, and she was the last one. We have to find her so the witches can end the harvest and prevent New Orleans and their coven from being destroyed. The girls will hopefully be brought back to life by the spirits if this works out.”

“You’re just going to hand this girl over?” Rebekah asked with a raised eyebrow. “You don’t even know where to start looking for her.”

Bella smirked, “We do know where to start. Davina was rescued by Marcel the night the harvest was taking place. That’s how Marcel was keeping the witches in line. Davina holds the capability of sensing when magic is in use, so when a witch is using magic she tells Marcel and he punishes the witch.”

“He has a witch in his custody? One that holds the power of four witches?” Kol asked, “And you plan to track her down in order to hand her over to the other witches for them to kill her?”

Bella nodded, “While you all take care of Marcel, we’ll handle the witches. It won’t be too hard to find a teenage girl.”

-Page Break-

Bella started rolling the dough as her and Henrik wanted homemade pizza. Cooking with Henrik was a hobby she was fond of, seeing as none of the other originals liked cooking.

Henrik threw a pepperoni into his mouth and smirked over at Bella. “I missed this.” He murmured to her with a smile. “Cooking, we never really do it anymore.”

Bella smiled, “We’ll be doing this more often, these cravings will be getting worst as time goes on.”

“I look forward to it,” Henrik said he gently pushed Bella out of the way taking her place in rolling the dough seeing as how he had finished cutting up the pepperoni. “Is this just for you and me, or are we supposed to share?”

Bella smirked, and took a seat deciding to prepare the sauce. “I would say let’s not share, but I wouldn’t be setting a good example now would I?”

“I guess not,” Henrik said with a smile, “But, that’s never changed anything, so let’s just not share.”

“If I decide to help, can I get a bite,” Marco said from the doorway with a smirk.

Bella sighed as if in suffering. “I guess.” She smiled as Marco began to prepare the cheese.

“Are you sure you’re going to want this, Izzy?” Marco said as he looked at Bella. “You might want something else.”

“I know,” Bella said with a smirk, “So, Henrik and I also made a cake.”

Henrik laughed, “I made the cake she just frosted it.”

Marco smiled, “When are we going to get started in tracking the girl?” Marco asked a bit later as he put the cheese on the pizzas that were scattered around the countertop all of them having different toppings in case Bella changed her mind on wanting pepperoni.

“Tomorrow,” Bella stated as she helped put the toppings on. “I think I’ve had enough for a day.”

Henrik nodded in agreement. “You shouldn’t push or stress yourself, Elle.”

“Are we really going to allow the witches to regain their power?” Marco asked wondering what would happen to the witches. “If we hand over this girl, they witches will get their power back and they’ll be swarming New Orleans again.”

Bella smirked, “They’ll get their power back, yes, but with Henrik’s help we can keep track of what sort of magic is being used. If it’s harmful, we remove the witch who’s using it.”

“And what happens with Marcel?” Henrik asked, “Once Davina is out of the way what happens to Marcel?”

“Your siblings can deal with that,” Bella responded with a shrug. “Besides, I think Kol is itching for a fight, and Marcel is likely to put one up when he realizes what’s going on.”

“What about you?” Marco asked, “I haven’t seen you go this long without train fighting at least.”

Bella shrugged, she put a hand on her stomach and smiled. “It’s worth it.”

“I think it’ll be two boys,” Henrik said changing the topic as he began to put the pizzas in the oven.

“I think it might be a boy and a girl,” Marco said with a smile, “It seems to run in the family.”

Bella shook her head, “I really would rather it be a surprise, but I’m sure Klaus is more than curious to figure out.”

Henrik smiled widely, “Two more to add to the Mikaelson name, I say that really is something to celebrate.”

“It’s not time to celebrate just yet,” Bella said her eyes hardening slightly at the thought of Charlie’s soul. “Never get cocky before the battle is over.”

Kol walked into the kitchen with a smirk, he took the seat next to Bella. “What are we doing in here?”

“Cooking, you know something you never do,” Henrik replied with a smirk.

“I do cook,” Kol said he looked at Bella, “Tell him I cook, darling.”

“You can’t compel me to lie,” Bella said with a roll of her eyes, “What are you doing in here? I thought you were discussing what to do with Marcel with the others in the living room.”

Kol sighed, “They wouldn’t listen to me, I offered the idea of just going in and killing them all, but they turned it down. Apparently, they don’t want to cause too much bloodshed while we’re in town.”

Marco laughed, “Eventually, this will all come down to some bloodshed.”

“Of course it will, but I guess I’ll just have to wait,” Kol replied he then smiled. “So, what are we having for dinner?”

“The people who cooked are having pizza made from scratch, I wouldn’t know what you’re having.” Bella replied with a smile as she picked at the leftover pepperoni.

Kol looked to Bella, “You wouldn’t really make me starve would you?”

“I would, but for the sake of you not getting on my nerves you can have some.” Bella replied with a smile.

Henrik smiled as he leaned against the counter. “She would’ve let you eat without asking you know.”

Kol shrugged, “I like being a gentleman and asking before taking.”

Bella tossed her head back and laughed at Kol’s statement. “So you asked all your prey for permission before you munch down on them.”

“Of course, they just never say yes,” Kol replied amused at Bella’s laughter. He looked over at Marco, “So, I assume you and Bekah can’t have children?”

Marco shook his head, “This is Izzy’s miracle I have no more human traits left in me.”

Bella smiled and put a hand to her stomach. “This really is quite a miracle.”

“Can you feel them?” Kol asked curious as he eyed Bella’s stomach.

Bella shook her head, “Not really, they’re not big enough yet. When they get bigger, I’ll feel them more.”

Henrik smiled, “Just wait until they start to kick, that’ll be fun.”

Kol’s eyes went slightly wide, “They’ll kick? I didn’t know they could do that.”

“Yeah, it’s natural in pregnancies,” Marco said. “The mood swings will also be something we’ll all have to get used to it.”

“Mood Swings?” Kol asked, “I don’t think any one of us will be able to handle a mood swing from Isa.”

“Well, I’m sure Klaus can handle it,” Henrik replied with smirk.

Bella glared at the three of them. “I might be pregnant, but remember in nine months I won’t be pregnant anymore. I’ll remember everything and you’ll all get my revenge.”

Kol smiled, “Don’t be overdramatic, Isa. I’m sure you’ll find a way to get your revenge sooner than that.”

Henrik walked to the microwave and pulled out a plate of cookies. He then grabbed the container of whipped cream and set them in front of Bella. “This put me on your good side again, Elle?”

Bella grinned and grabbed a cookie putting some whipped cream on it, she smiled at Henrik and took a bite. “Sweets are the new best thing in the world.”

Marco chuckled as he watched his sister eat. “I’m guessing those cravings are hitting you hard.”

Bella nodded and swatted Kol’s hand away from her cookies. “You have no idea. I’m hungry all the time, and always have this need for sugar.”

Kol laughed, “You’re also horrible at sharing.”

Henrik chuckled, “There’s more in the fridge if you want some, these I kept out for Elle.”

Kol got up and went to the fridge pulling out some cookies. He took his seat back and took a cookie. “So, about the whole drinking blood situation. You’re not planning to do it from the vein are you?”

Bella shook her head, “Of course not, Klaus will be getting me blood bags.” Bella smiled at the thought of Klaus. “Speaking of, I’m going to go find him.”

“No need to get up, love.” Klaus said from the doorway. He smiled at Bella and walked towards her he put his arm around her shoulders and kissed her cheek. “How are you feeling?”

Bella smiled, “Good.” She leaned into his embrace as she turned back to the three in the room.

Klaus looked at the plate of cookies, “Craving sweets, love?” He reached forward and took a cookie from Bella’s plate.

“You swat my hand away, but he can get a cookie from your plate,” Kol asked.

Marco laughed, “You didn’t actually think she would deny Klaus something?”

Klaus smirked at his brother, but looked back to Bella as she answered his question. “Yeah, it seems to be something that I enjoy having right now.” Bella answered.

Henrik looked up as Elijah and Rebekah entered the kitchen. This was his family, he thought. Of course, Finn was missing, but Finn had always been one to be on his own. The people in front of him, they were his family, they were the family he never really got to enjoy as a human. “I like this,” he announced catching everyone’s attention. “It’s been a while, but we’ve come to be a family. Can you all believe it? Over a thousand years have passed and we’re all gathered together waiting to eat dinner. It’s quite amazing how far we’ve all come.”

Everyone looked around taking in what Henrik had said.

Elijah spoke, “It is quite astounding.”

“In a few months, there will be two new additions,” Rebekah said her voice in awe.

Kol sat back in his chair in thought. He had never been too comfortable with his siblings. That all seemed to change when Bella and Marco appeared. He titled his head watching as Marco made a comment causing a few chuckles and Rebekah to roll her eyes. He nodded, yes, they were a family and soon enough New Orleans would be under their control and their home again.

-Page Break-

Bella left the living room where everyone had gathered after finishing dinner. They were all reading up on the history of New Orleans and trying to gather facts they may have missed. She was sure no one saw her sneak out, she headed outside to the backyard where she took a seat under a tree enjoying the cool shade it offered her.

“How are you feeling?” Her father asked approaching Bella seeing this was a rare moment of her being alone.

Bella smiled looking at her father. “Great, really great.”

“And how do you feel about your news,” He asked curious to see how she had taken the news of being pregnant.

“To be honest, I couldn’t be happier. I never thought I wanted this, but now I don’t think I could go back on it.” Bella said she rested her hands on her stomach. “What do you think about this?”

“I think you’re quite lucky to be able to experience being a parent.” He responded, “Your mother certainly loved being pregnant. She called it the happiest time of her life, she was so happy to be able to be a mother. You have no idea how utterly proud she was to just be able to carry you and your brother.”

Bella smiled, “It’s something different to know that there are two lives growing inside of me.” She looked up at her father. “I feel closer to her in some way now. As if by being pregnant, I have this bond with her over something we share.”

“I can’t stay for long, but I wanted you to be aware that I’m proud of you, and that I am happy for you.” he said he kneeled down and kissed his daughter’s head. “Tell your brother I will speak to him soon.”

Bella nodded and watched her father disappear. She smiled and closed her eyes keeping her hands on her stomach, for some reason it made her feel more relaxed. She didn’t get startled as she felt a pair of arms wrap around her and bringing her to sit between Klaus’s legs with her back pressed firmly against his chest.

She felt his hands rest above her own on her stomach. “Today wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’m getting closer to finding his soul, I can practically see it.”

“You can’t push yourself, Isabella. I know his soul is important to you and you’ll get it back, but you do have to pace yourself.” Klaus said his voice worried that Bella could push herself too hard and end up hurting their children.

Bella nodded, “I know, and I am. I could’ve spent the afternoon doing frantic research to find the girl, but I didn’t.” Bella leaned her head back enough to kiss Klaus. “I’m going to get huge.” Bella said as she pulled back with a smirk.

“I can’t wait to see it,” Klaus said leaning kissing Bella again. “Elijah heard from Finn, he plans to stop by with Sage.”

“Really?” Bella asked surprised over the years she saw Finn less than she saw Marco, so his presence was always different.

“Apparently they believe it’s time to spend time with the rest of us. It shouldn’t be a long visit, or at least I don’t believe it’ll be a long visit seeing as Finn and Sage can’t stay in one place for too long.” Klaus said. “If it’ll make you uncomfortable to have them here, I can always ask distract them from coming.”

Bella smiled, “I like Finn, he’s serious but he’s still okay. I don’t have a problem with him or Sage being here.” Bella leaned back into Klaus. She closed her eyes again and took in the warmth she felt with Klaus. Tomorrow she would start tracking the young witch, but for the rest of the day she wouldn’t mind spending it in Klaus’s arms.

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