Reaper Twins: Chapter Two

rt chpte 2

Bella changed into a black pair of skinny jeans, and an off the shoulder baggy grey shirt, she had simple black combat boots on, she wore a leather jacket and left with a black frayed cross body bag. Since knowing Marco, her sense of style had changed, and she stayed away from light colors, and stuck to darker neutrals. She didn’t like worrying too much about the way she dressed or the ways others saw her. Marco had given her his car, so she could get rid of the in his words, “Awful rusted piece of Crap thing you insist on calling a truck”.

She drove to the grill and smiled as she saw how empty she was for a Sunday. She would have to go to school tomorrow, but it didn’t bother her, school was somewhere she enjoyed to be at. She was excited to start school with her brother when he arrived in a few days. Bella walked in and took a seat at the bar. She compelled the waitress, to bring her a drink, being a reaper, she couldn’t get drunk easily it would take several bottles of whiskey to get her drunk.

“Aren’t you a bit too young to be drinking,” Someone asked from behind Bella.

Bella sighed, “Maybe I just look young for my age, for all you know, I could be 30, but just have ageless skin.”

“No, see you just don’t seem like you’re a day over 18,” the man said taking a seat next to Bella. Bella saw that he had short blonde hair, and hypnotizing eyes. Bella could sense he was a supernatural creature, by the feeling around him Bella could tell he was a hybrid.

“Well, I am over 18,” Bella said drowning her drink, “And I can drink as I please.”

The man laughed, and turned seriously to Bella, “Tell me your name.” He tried to compel Bella, causing her to laugh.

“You don’t have to try and compel me to get my name,” Bella said, “Asking nicely would’ve done just fine.”

“You knew I was trying to compel you,” he asked.

Bella nodded, “Those type of tricks don’t really work on me, but it was a nice try. I’m Isabella Aitken by the way, Bella for short, and you are?”

“Well Bella, I’m Niklaus Mikaelson,” Klaus said ordering a drink for him and Bella.

“You’re a hybrid right?” Bella asked, “I can sense it from you.”

“I’m thee hybrid love,” Klaus said handing Bella her drink, “I’m guessing you’re a vampire?”

“Nope,” Bella said drowning her drink she set the glass back down and hopped off the bar stool, “It was nice meeting you, but I have to get back home before it gets too late.” Bella walked out of the Grill and walked calmly to the car. She got in and smirked as she saw the look on Klaus’s face. She had to admit, the guy was good looking. She drove off and went to her home. Charlie was still out so she felt free to call Marco.

“Hello,” Marco said answering the phone.

“Hey Marc,” Bella said, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes, I am the better looking twin,” Marc answered automatically.

Bella laughed, “Idiot, what I was asking was if you knew anything about a person named Niklaus Mikaelson.”

“Umm I heard dad mention him before,” Marco said, “He’s an original vampire, more specifically, he’s the original hybrid. Born about over a 1000 years ago, daggered his entire family claiming to be keeping them safe. Dad once told me he was just a troubled person, his family calls him Nik, but others usually go with Klaus, that all I remember about him.”

“I met him earlier, he bought me a drink,” Bella said.

“Did he drug it?” Marco asked.

“No Marc, I was not drugged,” Bella said with a small laugh, “I just called because I was curious to who he was.”

“Okay, I should be there in a few days,” Marco said.

“Good,” Bella answered sounding relieved, “its weird being away from you now, anyway I should get going I haven’t stretched my wings today, and I hate it when they get all sore.”

“I told you just do it every morning, you don’t have too fly, you just have to make sure you have them out for a few minutes every day,” Marco said.

“Are you going to enroll in school when you get here?” Bella asked.

Marco laughed, “No, just do it for me, I hate filling out paperwork.”

Bella groaned, “Alright, I’ll talk to you tomorrow after school, pack quicker, I hate being alone, and we both know I really hate talking to people.”

“You little loner you,” Marco said with a sight chuckle, “Alright, I’ll go quicker, take care of yourself, and try not to get into too much trouble.”

“I will not make any promises I know I can’t keep,” Bella said, “I’ll call later. Goodnight Marc.”

“Goodnight Izzy,” Marco said as he hung up. Bella went back to her room and went to bed early, tomorrow would take a lot out of her.

-Page Break-

Bella woke up and heard Charlie leave early in the morning. She showered and got dressed for school. She threw on her regular dark colored skinny jeans with a dark blue tank top. She put on her jacket and boots and headed out. She was stressed, she didn’t know anyone here, and that just made her nervous on how the day would turn out. Caroline had called and told her that she would be happy to help her adjust and show her around the school. Bella agreed and told Caroline she’d meet her in the front office after she got her schedule. Bella ignored all the stairs and walked inside, she found the front office and got her schedule while turning in all the paperwork needed to enroll her brother. “Excuse me, I asked for no Gym, and my last period is gym,” Bella said handing the front lady her

schedule back, “I’m supposed to have a free hour at that time, not this.”

“Oh sorry dear, but we have every new student take gym,” The lady said.

Bella looked the lady in the eyes and calmly spoke, “Remove the gym, mark it as complete and give me my free period please.”

The lady looked hazed for a second, and then did what Bella asked. Bella stood back politely as the lady fixed her schedule and printed her a new one. “Here you go dear.”

Bella smiled politely, “Thank you, I appreciate it.” Bella turned around to find Caroline staring at her with her mouth slightly open.

“Did you just compel her,” Caroline asked looking at Bella.

Bella shrugged, “Are you going to show me around yes or no?”

“Yeah, but we’ll have to talk about this sooner or later,” Caroline said as she showed Bella around the school, and to her first class.

“Thanks Care,” Bella said as she walked in completely avoiding Caroline for the remainder of the day. Bella had avoided everyone not wanting to get to know Caroline’s friends. Bella took note to ask Caroline when and how she became a vampire. Bella decided to go get something to eat while she had her free period and leave early from school. She went back to the grill and got a booth, she put her school bag on her side and pulled out a book and her phone. Bella sat reading with her soda, she liked the sound of an empty restaurant.

Bella was halfway through her book when she saw Caroline take the seat across from her. “Hello Care.”

“Alright, out with it Bella, how did you compel the front desk lady,” Caroline said bluntly.

“Its part of who I am,” Bella answered, “When did you become a vampire?”

“Crazy psycho bitch snapped my neck as a message, while there was vampire blood in my system,” Caroline said, “Are you a vampire?”

“No I’m not,” Bella said, “Does Aunt Liz know what you are?”

“She does, and she just so happens to be fine with it,” Caroline said, “What are you?”

“I don’t trust you enough to tell you, don’t take it personally, it’s just a secret I’d like to keep,” Bella said simply as she finished off the rest of the soda.

“Okay,” Caroline said, “But is it something totally awesome?”

Bella laughed, “I guess it could be, can you not tell anyone about it, the more time I have playing human the better.”

“My lips are sealed,” Caroline said with a grin.

Bella smiled, “Do you ever miss being human?”

“All the time, what I miss the most is the aging, I’ll never be able to get older, and to move on,” Caroline said, “But I do enjoy this life, I enjoy the sense of freedom it offers.”

Bella nodded, “I can understand that.”

“How did you like your first day?” Caroline asked, “Was it everything you wanted it to be?”

Bella laughed, “It was magical Caroline, truly majestic.”

Caroline grinned, “So, I heard Charlie mention a few months back that you had a boyfriend, care to elaborate on that?”

“Not at all,” Bella said looking down at the table, “It’s really not something I like to talk about. I left his memory back in Forks.”

Caroline nodded, “There’s a lot of drama here you should try and stay out of it.”

Bella nodded, “I’ll do my best, but I make no promises.” The girls continued to talk simply until Elena came rushing in with a panicked look on her face.

“Caroline, we need to go,” Elena said trying to relax her breathing, but completely ignoring the fact that Bella was there, “Klaus was trying to go after Jeremy, and now I can’t find him. He’s doing this to get his coffins back, and I’m scared, and I have no clue what to do anymore, I’m losing it.”

Caroline looked apologetically at Bella, but Bella nodded and waved her off. Caroline walked off with Elena, and Bella walked back to the car. She decided to go to somewhere secluded and do some simple flying, she really needed to stretch her wings. Bella drove until she was sure no one could see her. Bella parked her car at the edge of a forest and walked into a clearing, she expanded her hearing and when she heard nothing, she let out her wings and sighed in relaxation, as her body became less tense at freeing her wings. She began flapping her wings, and with one swift jump she was in the air. She flew as high as she could and smiled as she was covered in the clouds. It was complete bliss in the skies. After a while Bella came back down to the ground and put her wings away. She felt happier and more relaxed now that her wings weren’t tense anymore. She walked back to her car with a grin on her face as she did so.

Bella was about to open her car door when she felt someone behind, she tensed and turned to look at who it was. Bella saw a tall man looking at her, and for a split second she could have sworn it was her brother.

“My little Isabella,” He said as he engulfed Bella in a hug. That’s when Bella realized who this man was, it was her dad.

“Dad?” Bella asked.

“I knew you’d recognize me,” He said with a smile, “You are just as beautiful as your mother was, you take after her.”

Bella smiled and pulled back, “Can you show me how she looked like. Do you have something of hers, anything I can have to remember her by?”

He smiled down at Bella, and took off a ring he wore on a chain around his neck, “This was your mother’s, when I first met her, she always wore this, when she died, I kept it. It was always a reminder she was with me. Marco, has the bracelet she once gave to me, and you should have this.”

Bella looked at the ring as she took it from her father, “What will you have?”

“I have you and Marco,” He answered, “I do not need anything else, I have the two of you to remember her by.”

Bella smirked, “I thought you couldn’t come down here?”

“I can every once and a while, I just can’t do it for too long,” he answered, “If I am gone for too long, then things won’t go smoothly.”

Bella nodded and gave him a hug, “I’m glad I finally met you, I was beginning to fear that I wouldn’t ever see you. I was beginning to get jealous that Marco got to meet you when I didn’t.”

“Marco just needed me before you did,” He answered, “I have to leave soon, but I need you to be aware that no matter what happens, I am always watching over you.”

Bella nodded, “I figured as much. It was nice seeing you dad.”

He kissed Bella’s forehead and smiled before he disappeared again. A single tear fell down Bella’s cheek as she looked at the ring her father had given her. She put it on and smiled at it, just this simple ring made her feel closer to her mother. Bella wiped her tear away and got in the car with the widest grin she’s ever had. Bella got a vision, she sensed someone’s death. She was pulled into a sight, she saw the boy she had come to know as Jeremy. He was running, running from someone, and he was getting away. There was a scary laugh, and Jeremy stopped dead in his tracks. A large man came out and attacked him. He was mauled apart, and just left in the middle of the forest.

Bella looked at the time, the full moon wouldn’t be out for another hour. She got out her phone and called her brother for advice.

“Hey Izzy,” Marco said as he answered, “Missing me already?”

“Of course I miss my twin,” Bella said, “But that wasn’t why I called, I got a death sense vision, and the boy was running from werewolves, I’m going to save him, but I don’t know whether or not to kill the hybrid.”

“Look, if you need to kill him, then kill him.” Marco said, “Don’t feel guilty, you’re doing it to save a life.”

Bella let out a breath, “Alright, how’s the packing going?”

“Its fine,” Marco said, “I’m storing a lot of it, so I should finish soon and leave.”

“I saw dad!” Bella blurted out.

“You did?” Marco asked.

“You look so much like him,” Bella said, “He gave me mom’s ring, I feel closer to her now.”

“I know what you mean he gave me a bracelet that belonged to him that mom gave him,” Marco said, “I got to go, I’ll see you in a day or two.”

“Alright, bye Marc,” Bella said hanging up. She looks through her memory of the vision, and is able to locate where Jeremy is said to die. She drives her car as close the field as she can, and then walks out. She takes out her wings and flies to the trees above where Jeremy would be. She sits and waits. Her wings are flapping with anticipation as she waits for this all to happen. She hears the howling and she crouches at the ready.

Bella hears Jeremy’s heart racing and she swoops down and flies off with him. She sets him at the top of the highest tree, where nothing would get to him. She returns to the wolf at the bottom. Bella crackles her knuckles getting the wolf’s attention. “Bring it on, I’ve been dying to try out my fighting skills” Bella knew she could easily take down the wolf with a touch of her hand, but she goes against it and decided to do this hand to hand.

The hybrid charges at Bella, but Bella catches him by the neck and throws it into a tree. The hybrid howls in pain, but charges again, this time aiming for Bella’s neck. Bella sidesteps him, and he ends up biting her arm. Bella glares at the wolf, “Son of a Bitch!” Bella swings and punches him and breaks his jaw. He falls to the floor, and Bella breaks both his arm, and his legs.

“I thought wolves were supposed to be fun to play with,” Bella teases the hybrid as it howls one last time and wobbles off. Bella flies back to where Jeremy is now shaking with fear. Bella picks him up and flies with him to her car. She sets him down on the hood and looks at him, “Are you hurt?”

“No, he turned me and then he sent the wolf after me to bite me,” Jeremy said with a scared and shocked look on his face.

Bella looked at him and sighed, Bella places her hand on his forehead and focuses her power on changing him back to a human. Jeremy falls lifeless against the hood for a second and then begins to fidget awake. Bella looked at him to make sure he was okay.

“I’m… I’m human again,” Jeremy said looking at himself as he stands up.

Bella nodded, “That you are, now get in the car so I can get you home your sister is going crazy looking for you.”

“What are you?” Jeremy asked, “You’ve just been bitten by a hybrid, but you’re not freaking out? A hybrid bite can kill a vampire.”

Bella laughed, “What I am is none of your concern right now, and to make it clear I’m not a vampire. Let’s just get you home.” Bella walked to the driver’s side and opened the door. She motioned for Jeremy to get in. Jeremy nodded and got in. He fell asleep instantly with exhaustion. Bella drove him back to his house silently, trying not to wake him up. She got to the Gilbert house and picked Jeremy up, since he was still sleeping. Bella knocked using her foot, and waited for an answer. Caroline opened the door, and her jaw dropped when she saw Jeremy.

“I heard you were looking for him,” Bella said walking inside with Jeremy, he was knocked out cold, and nothing would wake him up. Bella saw the living room and set him down on the couch.

“What did you do to him?” Bonnie yelled angrily at Bella.

“Why don’t you ask him when he wakes up,” Bella said as she walked back to the door. A raven haired man went to pin Bella to the wall, but Bella pinned him instead, “Don’t. Touch. Me.” Bella threw him to the floor, sending an apologetic look towards Caroline who winked at her and smiled. Bella walked to the door muttering under her breath, “This is what I get when I help save someone’s life?” Bella left, and went back to her car, she laughed as she drove home. What a great first day.

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  1. Yay, she met her real dad and saved Jeremy.


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