Reaping of New Orleans: New House Guest

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Klaus walked up to his two siblings as they stood in the shadows keeping an ear out on what was occurring inside Marcel’s home. “What has he been up to?” He questioned startling his siblings slightly with his sudden appearance.

Rebekah glanced back at her brother confused to why he would be there with them instead of being wherever Bella was at the moment.  “I though you would be with Isa? Did something bad happen?”

“No, everything is fine. Isabella headed home with her brother and Henri alongside our new houseguest.” Klaus said as he leaned against the wall and watched the place that was once his home. Anger flooded in him to see it run over with pathetic vampires, to see someone he had practically raised take over his home and make it their own.

“House guest?” Elijah questioned as he had no idea who would be living in their home with them from what he knew Finn and Sage still weren’t set to arrive.

“It’s Davina, the witch they were looking for. Isa said she would feel better if the witch was near her at all times.” Kol responded having been there when Bella came to the conclusion the girl would live with them he knew the entire story of Bella wanting the girl to stay with them. “I assume this should be fun times at our home.”

Klaus chuckled at his brother’s comment “Because our home needs more fun?”

Rebekah sighed as she had grown tired of watching over Marcel. “Marcel’s just ranting to his day walkers. He hasn’t actually come up with anything to do against Isa. I doubt he will ever settle on doing anything against her. It seems you taking Isa’s side really shook him, and he’s really fearful over what you might do. He won’t do anything right away, he’s not stupid enough to initiate a fight if he has no chance at winning.”

Elijah nodded in agreement, “He’s just contemplating things. He knows he can’t attack Bella directly without getting all of us involved, he won’t do anything to risk his kingdom and his reputation. He cares too strongly on what these Day walkers think of him. Losing a battle against us will make him look weak.”

“Let’s stay for a bit longer, I want to know what else he has going on here.” Klaus replied crossing his arms over his chest as he wanted to know as much about Marcel’s empire as he could know.

Kol sighed in annoyance as he knew his siblings wouldn’t make a move. “But of course, we won’t be attacking will we? It’s such a shame, I really did want to get into a good fight. I guess I can wait a bit longer, it’s only a matter of time until things finally explode.”

Rebekah looked to Kol, “Is fighting all you think about, brother?”

“No, I often have thoughts about committing bloody massacres,” Kol replied with a smirk. “Than there are the thoughts about who I’m going to feed off of next. Do you want to hear more, sister? I can tell you all about what goes on inside my head if you’re so curious to know, dear Bekah.”

Rebekah rolled her eyes, “Something tells me what goes on inside your head will cause me nightmares.”

Elijah chuckled at his two younger siblings. “No one wants to know what goes on inside your head Kol, I don’t think we’re ready for all the thoughts of mayhem that swim around in there.”

Kol chuckled, “Are you sure, you’ll find I’m really quite creative.”

Klaus chuckled, “We know how creative you can be, we’ve all witnessed it. We just don’t wish to hear about it at the moment. Why don’t you save it for when we get home, Isabella always loved hearing your stories.”

Kol smirked, “Because she knows how to enjoy herself in a fight. It seems the rest of you have lost that joy in your lives.”

Rebekah chuckled, “Did you ever think that maybe we’ve just matured, brother?”

Kol rolled his eyes, “Mature… Because four vampires hiding in an alley spying on someone is so mature.” Kol muttered as he was getting bored.

-Page Break-

Bella led Davina into her home leaving Marco and Henrik to deal with Davina’s things. “You’ll be safe here no matter what happens, no one will hurt you while you’re here. You will be around a lot of Originals, but none of them will hurt you, they’ll protect you as well.”

“How many originals to be exact?” Davina asked as she followed Bella up the stairs looking around the elegant house as she climbed the steps.

“3 vampires, 2 hybrids, and my brother and I,” Bella said as she glanced to Davina with a smirk as she knew this was a lot of strong people inside one house. “It’s a very full house we have here. I will assure you that no one will hurt you, if that’s what has you worried. Despite what people think of them, the Mikaelsons are actually very calm.”

Davina nodded, “What did you mean earlier by this power would kill me? Were you being serious? Or was it just a tactic to get me to come here.”

Bella nodded, “I’m sorry to break it to you, but the power you hold is very overwhelming for your human body to handle. With time, you’ll end up overwhelming yourself and your body will give out. If you don’t do the ritual, I would say you would have about two weeks until your body finally gives up.”

Davina looked at Bella surprised, “How could you know that?”

Bella smirked, “I’m death’s daughter I think I know what I’m talking about here. Don’t worry, if anything happens to you my brother and I will be able to heal you or bring you back from the dead.”

“So your brother, he’s also a reaper?” Davina questioned curious as she had never thought death could be real or that he could have had children.

Bella nodded, “My brother and I are twins, he being the older one.”

“And the man who kissed you, he’s your husband?” Davina questioned.

Bella smiled, “My soon to be husband actually. His name is Klaus and he’s a hybrid, a mixture of vampire and werewolf.”

“And Henrik is the other hybrid.” Davina stated, she smiled at Bella’s nod. “He used magic.”

“Henrik is one of a kind, literally, there’s no one else like him in the world. He’s part werewolf, vampire and warlock and a very powerful being. He’ll be helping you with your magic when you’re ready for it.” Bella said she looked over at Davina. “If anyone can teach you about magic, it’d be Henri. He has a real talent for it, and he’s a bit of a book worm so he knows a lot of tricks and spells that could help you become better at controlling your magic.”

“Thank you, for all that you’re doing for me. I know you say it’s because it benefits you, but you don’t have to go this far, so thanks for caring.” Davina said with a shy smile as she looked at Bella doing her best not to coward away from her.

Bella nodded, she opened the door to a room just beside Henrik’s, “This will be your room, Henrik’s is right beside yours, so you’ll be safe when you go to sleep. Henrik should be coming up with your stuff any minute.”

Davina nodded, and entered the room she looked around taking in how truly beautiful it was. She saw Bella leave from the corner of the room. She took this as an opportunity to explore her room so she began to walk around the room looking closely at everything. Davina ran her hand along the bed with the silk sheets and smiled at how soft if felt between her fingers. Everything looked so elegant to her, this was something she wasn’t used to. She looked at the vanity in her room and was taken back at how beautiful it was, it was so old and so unique.

“Here’s all your things,” Henrik said as he entered the room and set all the things down for her. “If you’re hungry, there’s plenty of food in the kitchen.”

Davina shook her head, she blushed as she had never been so close to a boy as handsome as Henrik. “I’m really not that hungry right now, but thank you.”

Henrik smiled, “Okay, if you need anything just shout one of us will hear you. When the others return from town, we’ll introduce you to them.”

Davina nodded she sighed in relief as Henrik left, and her blush disappeared as she began to unpack her things and get settled into the room.

Bella sat down on the couch and leaned against her brother with a large sigh. “I’m tired, Marc. I haven’t felt tired in so long and it’s so strange to feel so human again.”

Marco chuckled, “What did you do today with Kol?”

“Nothing too out of the ordinary. We went to a movie, a play, a karaoke bar. We really just want a good look around town.” Bella said she yawned as she leaned even further against her brother. “I never knew being pregnant could be so tiring.”

Marco chuckled, “And you’re not even close to the birth yet, this is only the beginning of your pregnancy. Can you imagine how it’s going to get?”

Bella groaned at the thought. “I don’t want to think about it, the thought alone terrifies me.”

“You should be lucky you have super strength, or carrying twins could be worse.” Marco replied with a smirk.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Bella said she closed her eyes as she really wasn’t prepared to be so tired.

“Hey Elle,” Henrik said walking into he room. He handed Bella a bottle filled with blood and a plate of chopped up fruits. “Thought you might be hungry.”

Bella smiled, “Thank you, Henri. Did Davina get settled in okay?”

“Yeah, I think she’s just unpacking her things already,” Henrik said taking a seat on a chair just across from Bella and Marco. He picked up one of the spell books he had left on the coffee table and looked through it. “I think I can find a spell that will help with the babies. It’ll be like a supernatural ultrasound. It’ll help you know if they’re okay, and it’ll tell you the sex of the babies, that is, if you want to know.”

Bella nodded, “I’m not a hundred percent sure if I want to know what the sexes are. I’ll talk to Klaus about it later.”

Bella stretched out on the couch once she finished what Henrik had given her. She laid out so her feet were on Marco’s lap and her head on a pillow on the other side. “I love that you’re both reading, gives me time to nap.” She said as she closed her eyes letting the much wanted sleep to take over.

Marco chuckled as did Henrik as they both watch Bella fall asleep quickly. “This pregnancy is taking a lot form her.” Marco said as he watched his sister, he was a bit worried that these babies were going to take too much from Bella.

“It’s just the beginning, I’m sure it’ll disappear once she’s grown accustomed to the pregnancy. She also hasn’t had a lot of blood to day, I assume that’s what’s making her so tired. As they grow, I assume they’re going to be needing more blood.” Henrik said he flipped through the magic book trying to find any other spells that may become useful.

“What else have you found?” Marco questioned as he looked at Henrik.

“Not very much to be truthful.  I found a spell that can identify the sexes of the babies and measure their health, but what I’m worried about is the delivery.” Henrik said he looked up at Marco. “I’m sure their births will be normal, but I’m afraid they could cause damage on their way out. I know Elle can’t die, but I don’t like the idea of her suffering. I know she can heal after the births, but the idea that they’ll be painful for her, it doesn’t sit right with me. I’m just trying to find anything that can make it easier on her.”

Marco nodded, he looked to his sister and sighed. “Knowing Izzy, she’ll deny any sort of human medication, so the delivery will be something painful. If you need any help, I’m always here.”

Henrik smiled, “Thank you.”

Marco nodded, he looked back to his sister. “We’re going to have to get her more blood, she’ll be running out soon.”

Henrik nodded, “Nik will take care of that, I’m more than sure he already as a schedule for when he plans on picking up blood.”

Marco nodded, he sat back with the book that was in his hands. He glanced to his sister every few minutes as she would twist and turn on the couch.

Marco heard as a car pulled into the driveway. He and Henrik turned to the entrance waiting to hear anything that would signify who it could be. Once they heard Kol’s complaining they relaxed. The four originals entered the room. They became silent as they saw Bella sleeping on the couch none of them wanting to wake her.

“Tired herself out?” Kol questioned as he saw Bella.

“It’s the babies, they’re tiring her out.” Henrik said, she looked to Klaus. “She’ll need more blood bags.”

Klaus nodded, “I’ll retrieve them later.” He leaned down and carefully picked up Bella. Making sure not to wake her. “I’m going to go set her down on the bed.” Klaus left the room and headed up the stairs making sure not to make too much so that he woke Bella up. He set her down on the bed and pulled a blanket over her.

“Thank you.” Bella mumbled as she snuggled further into the bed. “I’m really tired.” She admitted to Klaus. “I feel like all my energy is being drained out of me.”

Klaus sat beside her and gently pushed the hair out of her face. “You need to start drinking more blood, love. What you’re currently drinking doesn’t seem to be enough. You should also start eating more.”

Bella nodded, “Henri said he could figure out what the sexes were.” Bella said trying her best to stay awake. “Do you want to know?”

“I can wait until they’re born if that’s what you wish,” Klaus replied he stroked Bella’s hair.

“I’m not sure yet.” Bella replied she sighed. “I love you.” she said she reached back and took a hold of Klaus’s hand removing it from her hair. She kissed his palm lightly. “I’m lucky to have you.” Bella mumbled as she began to fall back asleep.

Klaus smiled as he could hear her breathing even out. He leaned down and kissed her forehead. “I love you, Isabella.” He stood and left the room closing the door behind him he didn’t want anyone to disturb her. He stepped back as he saw the young witch close to running into him.

“Easy there, darling.” Klaus said as he could hear the witch’s heart beat pick up. “Something wrong?”

“I umm…” Davina said she looked around with fear. “Where’s Bella?”

“She’s currently unable to help you, so tell me what you need.” Klaus said as he could hear the girl’s heart beating out of her chest.

“Marcel is doing a locator spell, he’s coming to find me.” Davina said she was close to tears as her fear was overtaking her.

“Alright, follow me.” Klaus said as he quickly went down the stairs he heard the girls footsteps behind him. He entered the living room to see Henrik already had the coffee table set up with candles.

“He’ll might get close to her, but he won’t see her exact location. I’m going to see if I can give him the wrong location.” Henrik said as he took out a map and set along the coffee table. He looked to Davina. “Come, have a seat.”

Davina moved forward and kneeled down beside Henrik. “What are you doing?” she asked as she was eager to learn more magic.

Henrik smirked at her, “It’s the more complicated magic.” He took her hand and set on the map. “Now, close your eyes and I want you to focus on anywhere else but here. I want you to really imagine yourself being in any place but here. I’ll take care of the rest.”

Davina took in a deep breath and nodded to Henrik. She closed her eyes and imagined herself back at her old school. She could see herself sitting in the library a math book in front of her as she waited for her tutor to arrive. She could smell the scent of old books filling the air and could practically see the dust on the tables that were rarely ever used by students. Then she felt it, a tingling sensation that started on her toes and moved upwards until it covered her entire body. As quickly as she had imagined it, it was all gone. She gasped back as she was pulled back into reality and she found herself sitting beside Henrik. She looked over at him.  “What was that?”

“That,” Henrik said with a smile. “Was me putting your essence on the place in which you imagined. Any locator spell now will take that person to that specific location. It’s blocking anyone from finding you magically. It’ll only last a few days, so we’ll have to re-do all of this at some point.”

Davina looked down at her hand and she smiled. “That was so cool. How did you learn how to do that?”

“There’s a spell book somewhere in this house that has that spell in it.” Henrik stood and offered Davina his hand, he pulled her to stand with him. “Would you like to go to the library? I can show you some more spells.”

Davina nodded, she walked beside Henrik to the library. “Can you teach me how to control my magic too?”

The five remaining habitants of the living room looked at each other before smirking widely at what they had just witnessed.

“Do you think Isa knew?” Rebekah asked, “She must’ve known the two of them would hit it off.”

Kol rolled his eyes, “Of course she knew. How would two people who have magic not get along?”

Elijah smiled, “I think this is the beginning of our brother’s first real love interest.”

“Why else would you think Bella put her next to Henrik’s room.” Marco replied with a smirk. “Izzy may not like witches, but I think she saw something between the two of them.”

Rebekah moved and sat next to Marco. “I bet it won’t take long for them to be together.”

“Hopefully they won’t follow yours and Marco’s example and try to keep it a secret from everyone.” Kol replied with a smirk. “It really didn’t take long for everyone to know the two of you were together.”

“It really was only a matter of weeks until we all started figuring it out.” Klaus replied with a chuckle. “You really are a horrible liar, sister.”

Rebekah rolled her eyes she crossed her arms of her chest. “I’m a wonderful liar, you all just know me too well.”

Marco put his arm around Rebekah and kissed her temple. “You have a way to tell when you’re lying that most people can’t see.”

Rebekah looked at him and then to her siblings, “I have a tell?”

They all nodded “Well, is anyone going to tell me what it is?” Rebekah demanded glaring at her siblings.

“If we tell you, you’ll only stop doing it.” Kol replied, “And then that would be a real shame.”

Rebekah huffed she looked to Marco, “You’ll tell me right?”

Marco chuckled, “I’m sorry, I would but I agree with them. If it makes you feel any better, everyone has a tell, it’s only natural.” Marco kissed Rebekah before they pulled away. He went back to the book in his lap while the four remaining Mikaelson’s argued over each other’s tells.



Author’s Note

This is a bit of a filler chapter, the next chapter will be a little more exciting.

Tell me what you think and I hope you enjoy!



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  1. Niklaus was again so sweet. 🙂 I enjoy the idea of Henri and Davina. I hope Bella’s tiredness goes away and isn’t something serious.

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  2. i love how much like siblings they act towards each other. they bicker over the silliest thing. but it just works for them. love the fun of this chapter 😀 can’t wait until the next chapter 😀

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  3. Loved it. Thanks for the update 🙂

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