Chapter Four

Chpt 4

Bella walked into Klaus’s home with Henrik. Klaus was right behind them as they walked into the large home. “I thought you said you bought a house, not a mansion.” Bella asked Klaus as she looked over her shoulder at him.

“I’m never one to do things small Bella,” Klaus said looking around the home, “I still plan to add a few things here and there.”

Bella laughed, “What is left to add?”

“You’d be surprised,” Klaus replied with a smirk, amused to see the look of awe on Bella’s face as she looked around the house.

Henrik laughed, “Moving on from the topic of the house, we should get started with my transition. Because I’m becoming an original and not a regular vampire this could take longer than expected.”

Bella nodded in agreement. The three set off to get things started. Bella walked out of the room as Klaus plunged a dagger into Henrik’s heart killing him and beginning the change.

“It’s over, you can come back inside,” Klaus said to Bella.

Bella nodded and took a seat on the bed, beside Henrik while Klaus sat in an arm chair across the room.

The room was silent for a few moment until Klaus finally spoke up, “How is it having a tail? I can’t imagine it being comfortable.”

Bella smiled, “It’s actually really comfortable once I got used to it and all. It’s actually a bit more relaxing to be in my mermaid form than having legs. What about you, how does it feel having a part of you taken away? Now that, I can’t imagine being comfortable.”

Klaus sighed, no one had ever asked him that, “Horrible. Werewolves are meant to change every full moon, and since my werewolf side is ‘caged’ I can’t change, but I can feel it, it’s a horrible feeling. My body wants to transition, but the curse is holding it back from being able to do so.”

“All you need is the doppelganger correct? Once you have the doppelganger you’ll be able to break the curse?” Bella asked.

“To break this curse, I need a moonstone, a werewolf, a vampire and the most essential part the doppelganger,” Klaus answered, he paused and then spoken again changing the subject, “Henrik never mentioned how you first met. How did that go? I can only imagine it must’ve been strange to be able to see a ghost.”

“I met Henri on my 11th birthday,” Bella answered with a fond smile as she thought back to their first meeting, “I was locked in my room crying my eyes out because my mother had forgotten about it, and had left and gone out that day. I was stuck at home by myself on my birthday, and while I was crying Henri appeared, and he asked me if I was alright. I spent my birthday talking to Henri, and every birthday since then I’ve spent with him. My closest friend became a ghost.”

“When did you begin to fall in love with him?” Klaus asked curiously.

“Honestly, I don’t remember when exactly I began to love him or to see him for more than my ghostly best friend, but I realized that I truly did love him on my sixteenth birthday. My mom had forgotten and had taken a trip to Las Vegas with some friends of hers, and I didn’t even care that she had left me. All that mattered to me was spending my day with Henri. We sat on my bed, and watched a movie, it was something awful a documentary I think, it was boring and horribly filmed, but I was happy, more than happy, I was ecstatic.” Bella paused and smiled at the memory of her 16th birthday, “I was at home lying on my bed with a ghost, watching the worst movie on the planet, my mother was long gone and my father was too busy at work to call, but I was still having a great birthday because of Henri. Being around him just made me happy, made everything that was horrible, perfect. That’s when I realized I loved him, and that any day spent with him was going to be the best day for me. Just being near him ghost or not was wonderful, there was nothing like the feeling of just lying there with him.” Bella said, she looked down at Henrik and smiled, she removed a stray hair that had fallen on his face.

“When we were younger and still human, Henrik had told me he was going to find his soul mate and live forever with her in a big castle and have everything he ever wanted and be looked as the luckiest man on Earth for all the good fortune he had. He was no older than the age of 8, so I thought this was just his imagination and with mother and Rebekah telling him all these stories about true love had gotten to him. As he grew his wishes changed, but the one thing that remained constant was that he was going to find his true love like the characters in the stories. When he died, I was the one that held him as he gave his last breath. Over the years I used to think about what Henrik’s life would’ve been like had he lived, and I realized I wanted him to find this love he believed he was destined for. I never thought it would’ve been true. In this family Bella, love and other emotions, they’re looked upon as a weaknesses as something to use against you in moment of weakness. None of my siblings have ever experienced something like you have with Henrik, none of us have been lucky enough. You’d make a good edition to the Mikaelson family Bella.” Klaus said his face never changing from the expressionless mask it always wore, but Bella knew that what he was saying was true.

Bella nodded, “He loves you, you know. More than his other siblings, he said you were the only one to truly keep his memory alive over the years, the only one who continued to care for him through the centuries. After he came back, and he helped me attempt to control my little fish problem, his immediate plan was getting a hold of you. He said that no matter what he wanted you to be a part of his life once again. He was convinced that if anyone were to help him, to truly support him and stay loyal to him it would be you. He’s happy to have you back in his life again, I believe it reminds him of his past, of what it felt like to be a Mikaelson.”

Klaus sighed, he rubbed his hands over his face. “I don’t understand why he could so easily forgive me for causing his death. I took him out into those woods that night, I told him we wouldn’t get hurt. I couldn’t protect him like I was supposed to.”

“Henri talks to me about everything, including his past. He never blamed you for his death, there have been times he’s told me he resents all of you, but it’s only because you got to live, but he never blamed you for his death. He knew that there was nothing you could have done to save him, it was out of your hands. Forgiving someone isn’t something easy, but Henri didn’t forgive you for anything, because there was nothing to forgive you for in the first place. Don’t beat yourself up for something you didn’t have control over, and that he doesn’t blame you for.” Bella said.

-Page Break-

“This seems to be taking longer than it should,” Bella said, as she looked at Henrik who was still motionless.

“You should move away from the bed,” Klaus warned Bella as he knew his bother could spontaneously wake up at any moment, “Waking up means a strong hunger for blood, and your blood is extraordinarily strong. Henrik could lose his control and accidently bite you, and I think that’ll be something he’ll regret.”

“I’ll move when he’s closer to waking up,” Bella replied looking at Henrik, she didn’t want to leave his side, not until she knew he was going to be okay.

“Wouldn’t your father be curious as to where you are?” Klaus asked Bella changing the subject to something he was honestly curious about.

“He’s at work, I only really see him on the weekend anymore. He’s chief of police here, and he’s kind of busy.” Bella replied with a slight shrug, knowing when things died down in Seattle Charlie would be back to his regular schedule.

“Yes, because this town is just running with criminals,” Klaus remarked with a smirk.

Bella laughed, “He’s helping out with a few murders that have been occurring in Seattle, they’ve been getting close to Forks, and they’re hoping to catch whoever is responsible before it gets too dangerous here in Forks.”

Klaus sighed, as Henrik began to move he stood up and Bella did the same. Klaus moved and stood in front of Bella, “If he goes to attack you, I want you to get out of the room. Like I mentioned your blood is stronger than any other blood, and Henrik is going to wake up with a strong craving for blood.”

Bella nodded, “He won’t attack me.” Klaus turned to her and gave her a look saying she was being naïve. “I get it, my blood smells amazing and it draws in vampires, but this is Henri we’re talking about, my other half, he wouldn’t do anything to put me in danger.”

“You always have to be careful Bella,” Klaus told her with a serious look on his face, “Never take risks that can put your life in danger.”

Bella sighed, she took his advice knowing this was coming from the man who has been out running his father for close to a thousand years. “Alright.” Bella stood with Klaus as Henrik began to move around on the bed. He was beginning to wake up. Klaus stood slightly in front of Bella making sure that Henrik couldn’t hurt her, he knew his brother would greatly regret hurting Bella.

Henrik’s eyes began to twitch open. Bella looked on in anticipation waiting to see Henrik awaken. Henrik groaned and his hands began to rub his eyes awake, “It feels horrible to die, I wouldn’t recommend it.” Henrik said as he sat up on the bed, his eyes adjusting to their new strength as he looked upon the room. His eyes settled on Bella who was standing behind Klaus. “You can step away from Bella, I don’t feel like biting her. “

“Can never be too sure,” Klaus replied not moving his stance, Bella understood the hunger could come at any moment and it could overwhelm Henrik.

“You should go out for your first hunt, you need blood in order to finish the transition Henri,” Bella said looking at Henrik with a slight smile as she saw he was awake.

“You’re right, will you stay here until I get back,” Henrik asked looking at Bella.

Bella nodded, “I’ll be waiting.”

“Come on little brother, let’s go get you your first meal,” Klaus said moving forward slightly, Henrik nodded, he got off the bed and placed his shoes on. He stood up and ran past Klaus and to Bella. He hugged her, and kissed her forehead.

“Stay safe, we’ll return soon,” Henrik said with a smile, Bella returned the smile with a nod and watched Henrik leave behind Klaus, but not before he heard Klaus’s words to make herself at home.

-Page Break-

“Is it always going to feel this intense,” Henrik asked his brother as they walked through the streets of Seattle looking for Henrik’s meal. Klaus wanted to make sure that if his brother killed a person it wouldn’t be too big of news. “Everything just feels so strange.”

Klaus smiled at the face his brother was making, his senses were heightened, and he was beginning to feel what being an original felt like. “What you’re feeling will go away soon. It’s just your body trying to adjust to its new capability. It should settle down after you feed and your body has what it needs.”

Henrik nodded, “Everything just feels strange. Was it like this for you?”

“Yes, the blood lust was uncontrollable, but at the time we didn’t know what was happening, what to do, and mother was being no help at all.” Klaus said with a shake of his head, the memory of his mother coming back to him as he spoke about her out loud. Her face of betrayal as he stabbed his hand through her chest and pulled out her heart. His guilt was beginning to build inside him as he thought about the memory of killing his mother, he turned to Henrik and saw he was also deep in thought. “Henrik, about our mother… I”

“Killed her? I was there when you did it,” Henrik admitted with a sigh, “Don’t waste your breath apologizing, she took something from you. She didn’t have the right to that, let alone claim you were a monster because the witches from the other side were threatening to remove her magic. I’ll admit that the way in which you killed her was a bit gruesome, but she did deserve to die nonetheless.”

“You’re not upset that I killed our mother?” Klaus asked surprised how easy his brother was taking this.

“When you’re on the other side, you see and hear more than you’re supposed to when you’re alive,” Henrik said looking at his brother, “Our mother was no longer the kind loving mother she once was. She was planning on killing you all the day you killed her. She saw the curse she had put on you was only making you angrier so she drew up a plan to kill all of you, all except Mikael who she wanted to keep alive because she wanted to be with him for eternity. Our mother stopped being our mother the moment she created the immortality spell.”

“Do the witches on the other side know you’re alive, that you’re an original now?” Klaus asked out of curiosity.

“No, I masked my power, to them I’m just another vampire, and Bella is just a regular human. The spell of an original, I gave it small change and I figured out how to keep my magic. I placed a spell on me and Bella, the spirits won’t be able to notice what we are we’re masked from our true identities.” Henrik said.

“You kept your magic?” Klaus asked surprised, believing that wasn’t possible.

Henrik nodded, “As security, there could come a day when being an original won’t be enough, and I want to be prepared. Besides, now when you find the doppelganger, I can help you break your curse. You know, now you’re not the only hybrid anymore.”

“What are you talking about?” Klaus asked, looking at his younger brother with confusion in his eyes.

“I’m now part Warlock, part vampire. Belle will be part mermaid part vampire, we’re hybrids.” Henrik said with a grin.

Klaus chuckled, “I hadn’t thought of it.” Klaus smiled internally, at the thought of not being the only hybrid alive.

“So where are we going to get this meal of mine?” Henrik asked the hunger finally beginning to take over his senses.

“To a more populated area were you’ll choose your prey and then compel them to forget you ever took a bite out of them,” Klaus said.

“I never really asked, but what do you think of Bella?” Henrik asked with a large amount of curiosity, knowing his brother for the first time spent time with Bella alone.

“She’s kind,” Klaus responded, “She’s perfect for you Henrik, and I believe she’ll do as much for you as you would do for her. You couldn’t have gotten someone better as a soul mate. She’ll be a good addition to the Mikaelson family one day.” Klaus honestly thought the young girl was the perfect match for his brother, and her caring nature was something he wasn’t used to, but enjoyed being around it. It was refreshing to know that not everyone hated him at first sight.

Henrik nodded with a grin, he spotted his first meal, it was an older looking male. Klaus instructed him what to do and watched as his brother left after his meal. Klaus stayed a few feet behind, but made sure he was close enough that he could help if Henrik needed it. He watched his brother lead the man into a dark alley and compelled him to stay silent. Klaus stayed close and saw his brother sink his teeth into the man’s neck.

Henrik pulled back from the man’s neck before he took too much blood. He compelled him to leave and if anyone asked he had been attacked by an animal. “My transition is complete.”

“Congratulations brother, you’re an original,” Klaus said with a proud smirk on his face as he looked at his now strong brother. Memories of him in the past flashed through his mind as he looked at his brother, and he couldn’t believe the man his brother had become.

“Come on, let’s go home,” Henrik said, Klaus was startled, Henrik had said home. Home, his new home was with him, and alongside Bella. Klaus smiled, he was happy to have been given the chance to be a part of Henrik’s life.

-Page Break-

Henrik and Klaus arrived home to find a sleeping Bella on the couch, the soft music of the ending credits of a movie playing in the background. Bella was lying down with a blanket she had taken from Henrik’s room.

Henrik smiled, “She always does this, she falls asleep before the ending of a movie and then when she wakes up, she’ll watch it were she left off. I should get her home before Charlie gets home.” Henrik kneeled down in front of the couch.

“Here,” Klaus said throwing Henrik a set of car keys.

“What’s this?” Henrik said not recognizing to which car the keys belonged to.

“That’s your car,” Klaus said with a shrug, “I figured you couldn’t be walking around everywhere, so I got you that car. It’s in your name, and it has everything you need inside. I’d check the glove compartment before tomorrow morning. I’ll be in my study if you need me. Be careful.”

Henrik looked after his brother, he shook his head and went back to Bella. Slowly and carefully, he picked her up in his arms making sure not to wake her. He walked to the garage and looked around waiting to spot the new car Klaus had gotten him. Finally his eyes rested on a black f60 enzo. He laughed lightly, only his brother would choose to get this car in the small town of Forks, he was going to stick out like a sore thumb, but he shrugged it off. Klaus was doing it to be a good brother. Henrik carefully put Bella in the passenger seat and pulled out of the garage. He drove to Bella’s home slowly enjoying his new car.

Halfway through the ride Bella woke up, “Where are we going?”

“I’m taking you home, you fell asleep on the couch,” Henrik said smiling at Bella, her eyes were still closed, but she had shifted in her seat to face him as she lay on her side.

“Who’s car is this?” Bella asked blinking her eyes open.

“It’s mine, it was a gift from my brother,” Henrik said, he knew Bella wouldn’t be up for long, the sleep was beginning to take over

Bella smiled, “It’s a nice car Henri. Do you like it?”

“I do,” Henrik replied being able to hear Bella’s heart he knew she was falling back asleep. He smiled as he heard her mumble his name in her sleep.

Pulling into her driveway Henrik sighed as he realized that Charlie still wasn’t home, he wouldn’t leave Bella alone in the house, he would leave when Charlie got home.

“Belle, I need you to invite me in,” Henrik whispered into Bella’s ear as he stood in front of her front door, the invisible barrier preventing him from entering the small home.

“Come in,” Bella mumbled still partly asleep chuckling slightly he carried Bella to her room and set her down on her bed.

“Belle sweetheart, wake up and change into your pajamas.” Henrik whispered into Bella’s ear as he tried to get her to wake up.

Bella’s eyes open and she looked around the room, “Are you going to stay the night?”

“Just until Charlie get homes, I’ll be back in the morning to take you to school,” Henrik said with a smile, “I’m going to go move the car down the street I’ll be back shortly.”

Bella nodded and stood up, she kissed Henrik before he left and headed to the bathroom to change into her pajamas.

-Page Break-

Henrik parked his car far enough away that Charlie wouldn’t notice it around when he drove home. Henrik was about to get out of the car when he remembered what his brother had told him. He reached over and unlocked the glove compartment, inside was a large envelope. Henrik looked at the envelope and on the top in Klaus’s scribbled writing it said.

I figured you’d want to experience as much modern human life as you could, so I got you this – K

Henrik ripped the envelope open and poured out the contents out on his passenger seat. Inside were several documents, ID’s birth certificates, and everything else he would need, but what caught Henrik’s attention was the Forks High envelope. There was a sticky note on it with Klaus’s handwriting.

Because you probably want to spend as much time as you can with Bella, and begin to learn I enrolled you in school. You start tomorrow. – K

Henrik grinned and pulled out the contents of the envelope. Inside there was his past academic records, and as he looked through Henrik noticed Klaus had put himself as his guardian, and he smiled. Klaus truly was his guardian. Pulling out his schedule he noticed there was a second one attached to his and it belonged to Bella. He saw he had almost every class with her except for the few after lunch he didn’t have with her. Henrik smiled, he was going to be able to go to school with Bella. He put all the contents back in the envelope and ran back to Bella’s house he was going to surprise her tomorrow by going to school with her.

-Page Break-

Henrik pulled into Bella’s driveway, and parked his car before getting out of the car. Being polite he knocked on the door instead of just entering. After a few minutes he could hear the soft sound of Bella’s footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Henri!” Bella said answering the door, she gave him a tight hug and let him inside. “What are you doing here?”

“I told you, I’m driving you to school today,” Henrik replied with a smirk, “I’m guessing you forgot from your half asleep state at the time.”

Bella smiled, “Sorry, I just got tired, so what are your plans for today? Brother bonding time?”

Henrik shook his head no, “That’s for another day. Nik has some witchy business to attend to in Seattle today, and seeing as no one knows I’m alive yet, I can’t exactly tag along.”

Bella nodded, “Want breakfast?”

“No, but you should eat,” Henrik said, “School meals are horrible.” Henrik smiled as Bella grimaced at the memory of the school meals.

“Right, I’ll eat right after I get dressed,” Bella said running back up the stairs.

Henrik nodded, they had 30 minutes until they had to leave. “I’ll make you breakfast.” Henrik called out. He quickly made Bella scrambled eggs and bacon. He set it on the kitchen counter as Bella came hopping down the stairs buttoning up the last of her shirt.

“Smells great,” Bella said with a smile, she kissed Henrik before digging into her breakfast. Henrik told her about his first hunt while she ate and him still being able to retain his magic.

Pulling into the school parking lot Henrik parked his car were Bella’s truck usually went. Before opening the door Bella looked at Henrik in confusion on why he had parked, “Why did you park?”

Henrik smirked and reached into the back seat pulling out his backpack, “Because I’m going to school Belle.”

Bella sat in confusion until she saw Henrik opening the car door for her. Bella got out and instantly blushed as all eyes were on her and Henrik. She pulled her backpack over her shoulder and felt Henrik put his arm around her waist. All nerves disappeared as Bella walked with Henrik into school.

“We’re being stared at,” Bella said as she put her things away in her locker which was conveniently beside Henrik’s.

Henrik grinned and pecked Bella on the cheek, “It’ll pass I promise.” Henrik knew Bella wasn’t embarrassed to be seen with him, she just didn’t like all the attention to be on her.

“Hey Bella,” Angela said coming up to the young couple.

“Hey Ang,” Bella replied with a polite smile, “Angela, this is Henrik, Henrik this is my friend Angela.”

“Nice to meet you Angela,” Henrik said with a polite smile.

Angela nodded, “You too Henrik, that’s an unusual name. I’ve never heard it before.”

“It’s an old family name,” Henrik replied.

“I don’t mean to be nosey, but I’m seriously curious about this. Are you guys together?” Angela asked looking between Henrik and Bella.

Henrik smiled widely as Bella answered, “Yes we are.”

Angela grinned, “That’s great, I’m happy for you guys. I’m especially happy to see Jessica’s face on this when she finds out.”

Bella laughed, “Can’t wait until this gets around, I’ll see you later Ang, we have to get to class.”

“Alright Bella,” Angela said, “It was nice meeting you Henrik.”

Henrik closed Bella’s locker and put his arm around her waist as they walked to class, all eyes rested on them as they walked to their class, but neither truly caring that they were being stared at. “She seemed nice.” Henrik whispered to Bella.

“She is,” Bella replied with a smile, “She’s the nicest of them all. So what class do you have first?”

“We have the same schedule up until lunch.” Henrik said with a smile as he led Bella to their first class.

-Page Break-

“I never knew school could be so painfully boring,” Henrik complained as he stood behind Bella in the lunch line, “I think I might just drop out.”

Bella laughed and handed Henrik a lunch tray, “I think you’re being a little bit dramatic Henri.”

Henrik smiled and shrugged, “Just a tad bit, but it’s one of the reasons you love me.”

“Who said I loved you,” Bella teased as she walked with Henrik to an empty table.

“Who wouldn’t love me, I’m adorable,” Henrik replied with a smile as Bella laughed. He took the seat beside Bella and draped his arm over the back of her chair. Bella smiled she felt normal with Henrik being by her side, he truly was her other half. Angela appeared with Jessica Mike and Eric and they all took their seats at the table and welcomed Henrik.

“So where are you from?” Angela asked Henrik starting a casual conversation.

“I’m from Nevada,” Henrik answered, at least that was what all the files Klaus had given him said.

“Did you just move here with your parents?” Jessica asked.

“No, I moved here with my older brother,” Henrik replied, “We moved her about two to three weeks ago.”

“How’d you meet Bella and how’d you two get together?” Jessica asked her voice was a mixture of jealousy and anger as he looked at the couple.

“We met when I first moved to town, Bella showed me around, and it just went from there,” Henrik replied, he slightly tensed as he caught a scent in the air. He turned his head and his eyes landed on a table that seated four students, each with golden eyes, that Henrik knew belonged to the off breed. He put his arm around Bella moving her closer to his side, to every human it would like a simple act, but to the four vampires across the room it meant Bella was his, and he would protect her at all costs.

Henrik went back to casually chatting to the people around him while keeping an eye on the four off breeds at the other side of the room. They were also watching him with the same intensity. Henrik made sure Bella was safe with him while he kept an eye on the group of off breeds he wouldn’t allow any danger to come to her.

Getting into his car with Bella, Henrik finally asked the question that’s been on his mind since lunch, “Belle, the group of kids in the corner of the cafeteria who were they?”

“Those were the Cullens, I told you about them before, they’re the ones that I somehow managed to get to hate me after a day,” Bella said she was confused as to why Henrik would ask, “Is something wrong Henri?”

“They’re not human Belle, they’re off breeds,” Henrik said, he started the car, and began to drive Bella home, he was going to talk to his brother about this.

Henrik got out of the car and opened Bella’s door. He kissed her and pinned her against the car his hands were on her hips keeping her close to him. Pulling apart not wanting to be caught by her father in that position. Henrik rested his forehead against Bella’s. “I love you Belle. I’ll be back later, call me if you need anything.”

Bella nodded, she kissed Henrik softly, “I love you too Henri.” Bella left and got inside the house and began making dinner for Charlie.

-Page Break-

“I just have to rip them apart correct?” Henrik asked, he wanted to be prepared to take these half breeds on if they tried anything with Bella.

“Yes, it should be relatively easy because you’re an original,” Klaus said, trying to calm his brother, he didn’t know this was how he would react when Bella was put in danger’s way. “Go for the neck, rip it off, and make sure you burn it, fire has to touch the venom and then they’re done.”

Henrik nodded, “Thank you.”

“Anytime, so besides planning the death of a coven, how was your day at school,” Klaus asked sitting back down in his office chair in his study.

Henrik smiled, “Weirdly enough I enjoyed it. I enjoyed being able to do normal things with Belle. Thank you again for doing that for me, it means a lot to be able to have this experience with Belle.”

“Glad to see you happy, do you have any plans for the future? At one point, you’re going to have to leave this town behind,” Klaus said. Henrik sat down on the chair across from his brother and thought for a second before answering. “I want to study something, go to college, is that strange?”

“No,” Klaus said, he wanted his brother to have as many experiences as he could get and if he wanted to go to college than Klaus would stand by him. “But if you truly want to go to college, you have to begin to apply for admission. I’m sure we could also do a bit of compelling, but I’m guessing that you want to do it the old fashion way.”

Henrik sighed, “You’re probably right, so Nik what have you been doing all day?”

“Business, keeping track of Elijah, and painting,” Klaus said.

“Where is he?” Henrik asked, right now he only trusted Niklaus to be around Bella and he worried about his other brother finding them.

“New York, he thinks I’m currently there,” Klaus said, “I can contact him if you want.”

Henrik shook his head no, “I love our siblings, but I don’t trust any of them except you to be around Belle. Let him stay in the dark a bit longer, there’s no reason for him to know that I’m alive.”

Klaus nodded, he felt proud that his brother trusted him enough to be the only one around him and Bella.

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  1. Henrik’s transition to an Original went smoothly. Surprised he went to school with Bella but I’m glad he will be there. I think the Cullen’s or Eddie will try something.

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