Learn To Let Go

Bella fell back against the wall in pain as the pack that had been chained to the wall was now destroying her captures. She felt the sensation as they killed her bonded, and her eyes fluttered closed as her system bonded to the strongest member of the new pack.

It felt like days before she woke up again, only this time she woke up in a bed. She pressed her hands to her head as the voices from down stairs were causing her head to spin. She lifted herself from the bed, floating above the floor so that they couldn’t hear her footsteps.

She traveled down the stairs and stopped at the kitchen were two werewolves were arguing with one another. The blonde turned to her with a smirk as she softly landed on the floor. “We didn’t hear you come down, darling.”

Bella nodded, “You weren’t supposed to hear me.” She turned around and looked around the loft. “Where are the others? How long have I been asleep?”

Derek pushed off the counter and sighed, “It’s been two days. Do you need to drink something? From what it seemed you were caged in that cellar for days.”

“643 days.” Bella responded with a frown. “If you want to be exact. You do know what I am, correct? I assume that’s why you killed them?”

Peter stepped forward crossing his arms over his chest. “You were a prisoner, we simply freed you.”

Bella shook her head, “You didn’t free me from anything, you simply shifted my bond from their pack to yours.” Bella titled her head slightly. “My apologies, I had assumed you were there for me.”

“We just wanted to make sure you were okay after we got you out of there.” Derek responded. “What do you mean we shifted your bond?”

“You killed my bonded, shifting my bond from them to your pack.” Bella responded with a frown. “I’m surprised born werewolves don’t know about this sort of thing.”

“It would help if we knew what you were.” Peter responded with a frown.

“I’m the descendant of the goddess of nature.” Bella responded quietly. “I’m bound to the living creatures of the earth. Your pack killed my bonded, now I am bonded to the strongest member of your pack. I’m sorry to inform you both that it’s neither of you.”

“He’s the alpha.” Peter questioned. “Who is stronger than him?”

Bella smiled, “Strength is more than just physical. Can we discuss what happens now? You seem like decent people, so I doubt that you’ll keep me like a slave like my former packs.”

“Why would they keep you as a slave?” Peter questioned curiously. “Don’t take offense, but if you’re a goddess, why didn’t you escape?”

“Because my bonded was draining me of my power.” Bella responded with a frown. “I can share some of my abilities with my bonded, but he used my abilities to drain me to be weak enough that I couldn’t escape. I do have to applaud him, he was stronger than the last two.”

Derek sighed, “Please, have a seat. We can talk about this.”

-Page Break-

Bella stood in a red dress that Peter had went out to get for her. She watched intently as all the pack members entered the loft. Each of them was currently being briefed by Derek on what Bella’s new role was, she could clearly see the emotion of distrust flash through them.

“I’ve read about you.” A brown-haired boy piped up being the first of the teenagers to make eye contact with her. “Well, I guess not you, but of your ancestors. If you’re already in this stage of bonding, that means you had to have killed someone. You only get stuck in a bonding cycle if you committed the unholy.”

Bella smiled and nodded, “You’re right, I’m impressed. I killed before I came into my power, so when I came into my abilities I was bonded to the closest pack.”

The boy stood, “How can we trust you if you killed someone?”

“You can’t. I won’t hide from what I’ve done, I still strongly believe that the man I killed deserved it.” Bella responded with a shrug.

“That means your bonded to one of us. The strongest, right? If my midnight research is correct, you can’t lie to your bonded.” He responded with a stern frown.

“You’re right, my bonded would be able to know if I’m lying.” Bella responded with a smile. Her gifts were right, this human was by far the strongest of them all.

“So who is it?” He questioned eyeing her suspiciously. “Who’s the strongest werewolf in this pack?”

Bella smiled, “I’m sure eyebrows is the strongest werewolf in the pack, but you are the strongest overall. Congratulations.”

-Page Break-

Peter blinked his eyes open and saw the brown hair on the pillow beside him. He rubbed his eyes trying to make sure if he was really seeing the woman that lay beside him. He laid back down his arm laying across her waist, his head pressing into her hair taking in the rich scent that could only belong to her.

Bella turned around and nuzzled in closer to Peter, moving her hand to clutch at his shirt. “It’s too early, go back to sleep.”

Peter smirked as she wrapped herself around him, he held her tightly and listened as her heart evened out and she fell back into sleep. He allowed the sound of her heart beat to lull him back to sleep.

When he woke up again Bella wasn’t in his bed anymore, but he could hear her moving around his apartment. He stood tugging on his jeans, but being unable to find his shirt, he did see Bella’s dress on the floor and hope flared in chest to see her naked in his kitchen.

He paused to see that instead of being naked she was wearing his shirt. Bella looked over her shoulder at him and extended a coffee mug towards him.

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