One -Shots

Short stories that will probably not be continued… probably. I tend to change my mind a lot, but most likely they won’t be continued. You know, unless I listen to a super awesome song and it all just goes haywire from there.

Tell me if you have any requests, I always need a reason to write.



Wherever This Goes (Twilight/Vampire Diaries)

Summary: It was simple, until it wasn’t. Bella didn’t know that when she became friends with Kol that it would bring Klaus into her life. After falling in love with the feared hybrid she comes to the conclusion that maybe he’s not meant to be hers. [Bella S. Klaus M.]


Look After You (Twilight/ Criminal Minds)

Summary: Being the child of an infamous BAU agent didn’t mean anything to Bella, she was just happy to have a father. Now, at 22 she finds that she’s happy being in love with the genius Doctor Reid. Only now she hopes that she can be forever happy with him.  [Bella S. Spencer R.]


No More Bad Days (Twilight/Criminal Minds)

Summary: Bella was never normal, she was a kid genius, but luckily for her she met her best friend who was just as smart as her. But she had to learn the hard way that life isn’t always going to be filled with happy memories, especially for her. Her life contained bad memories, anxiety attacks, and a bit of loneliness. That is until she gets a job at the FBI and through strange circumstances finds herself in a relationship with a certain Agent. [Bella S. Derek Morgan]


Can’t Let Go (Twilight/Vampire Diaries)

Summary: She had loved again, but just as before it didn’t last. Finally, after months of pain and loss Bella lets the only person she can trust know what happened to her. Bella has lost all hope in life, in a forced engagement, she no longer feels any hope in ever being happy. The only thing she can hope for now is that some point she can be happy again. [Bella S. Elijah M.]


Second Chances (Twilight/Vampire Diaries)

Summary: Everyone gets a second chance in life. Klaus gets a second chance at having a family when he comes across a little girl by a lake. Bella’s has had several second chances, at family, life and now love. All she can hope for is that her second chance at love is as successful as she wisest it to be. [Bella S. Stefan S.]


Runaway (Twilight/Vampire Diaries)

Summary: Their love story wasn’t what was considered normal to others. For them, it was exactly what they both needed, until it wasn’t. A love story between two people who don’t want to admit that they’re in love. [Kol M. Bella S.]


I Will Always Love you (Twilight/Criminal Minds)

Summary: They fell in love when they were kids, but their careers kept them apart. Ten years later the same thing that tore them apart brought them back together. In the end, love always finds a way. [Aaron H., Bella S.]


Don’t Let Me Go (Twilight/Vampire Diaries)

Summary: Getting over Edward was easy. Moving to Seattle and being a young detective wasn’t so easy, but it was something Bella loved to do. Experiencing love at first sight brings in difficulties Bella has never faced, but in the end it seems worth it. [Bella S. Klaus M.]


Halo (Twilight/Vampire Diaries)

Summary: Tony takes a trip down memory lane as he thinks about his time with Bella. He had never realized how much the quiet girl would mean to him when they first met.


Run Away With Me (Twilight/ Vampire Diaries)

Summary: Just as he had expected, living in Forks was a pain in his side. But everything was worth it to Henrik if he was sure that Isabella was safe. All he had to do was wait until Graduation, and then he would move away with her to start a life of their own.


A Love For Nature (Twilight/Vampire Diaries)

Summary: Bella has found her safe haven in New Orleans. With the help of Marcel she’s able to live a normal life, or as normal as it gets for her. She quickly meets the Mikaelsons, and with her love for children helps them with their new member Hope. This friendship will hopefully lead to love. [Bella S./Elijah M.]


Unconditional Love (Twilight/Avengers)

Summary: Everyone seems to believe that Bella is now Tony’s babysitter, making her the one they run to when Tony gets on their nerves. It’s really no problem to Bella, she loves Tony so spending time with him is a really something she loves. It’ll just take Tony a moment to understand what it means to love someone unconditionally. [Bella S., Tony S.]


Love In Miami (Twilight/CSI Miami)

Summary: Bella a painter, scratch that, a therapist is back in Miami to be closer to her dad. Bella never expected to fall in love with Miami, especially not to someone who worked with her dad. But that doesn’t stop the love that blossoms between her and Ryan. [Bella S. Ryan W.]


Give Me Something (Twilight/Teen Wolf)

Summary: Bella needs a fresh start, one away from vampires and the overbearing weight of grief she had. She moves to Beacon Hills with her older cousin Derek, and his new found pack. She wants friends that are her own, and to be seen as just a girl and not part angel, she gets more than she ever wanted when she meets the cocky blonde haired werewolf. [Bella S. Jackson W.]


Keep Me Warm (Twilight/ Teen Wolf)

Summary: Bella meets a boy her age who is being ignored by all his friends, and being the new kid in town means she has no one to talk to. It makes for the beginning of a beautiful friendship. One that involves, werewolves, vampires, magic, and falling in love. [Bella S. Stiles S.]


Highs And Lows (Twilight/Teen Wolf)

Summary: Bella returns to Beacon Hills after several years away from the town. She’s back to protect her younger brother, and with the help of a mark on her arm she can fight against all things that go bump in the dark. Eventually, she gets the  boy crushed after in High School. [Bella S. Derek H.]


Last of the True Believers (Twilight/Teen Wolf)

Summary: Bella’s life was a bad 90’s high school movie, that is until her father takers her on a vacation around the world. Somewhere between exploring and rediscovering herself she gets a new best friend who might just also happen to be her bonded. But that doesn’t mean that have to date… not yet anyway. (Isaac L. Bella S.)


Finish What We Started (Twilight/Teen Wolf)

Summary: Bella’s tired of the life she lives beside her brother, she just wants something stable. Little does she know that playing the cello every morning will lead her to what she wants and needs the most. (Derek H. Bella S.)


‘Til the End (Twilight/Teen Wolf)

Summary: When Bella was younger, she always loved the dinosaur on Rugrats, so when she got a real life dragon there wasn’t much question on what his name was going to be. When she moves to a small town in California her and her little dragon figure out the guy next door has the potential to be more than just another neighbor. (Peter H. Bella S.)


Holding Onto You (Twilight/ Originals)

Summary: Bella had never been without her brother for long, but she was beginning to feel the pain of his loss. She needed to find someone who could help be the family that she needed, but being rejected by her older brother was the last straw. Bella heads to the one place that reminded her most of family, only to meet someone important. (Bella S. Thierry)


Swan Academy ( Twilight/ Originals)

Summary: Bella Swan was not someone to be messed with, she was more than the girl who was in love with a foolish boy in Forks. She was the headmaster of an elite school for the supernatural, that trained kids to be more than the myths of their time. Meeting the original family was going to be something that was life changing for Bella. (Bella S./ Elijah M.)


Starlight (Twilight/Teen Wolf)

Summary: Bella Swan was the image of perfection, and she hated that everyone seemed to believe that and treated her different from all the others. In a town where it feels like everyone is some sort of supernatural creature, Bella finally seems to find her place where she’s just another teenager with special abilities. (Bella S./ Scott M.)


Starlight Epilogue (Twilight Teen Wolf)

Summary: Epilgue to the first story.


Deserve Better (Twilight/Teen Wolf)

Summary: Bella Swan has finally realized that she deserves better than to be someone’s second choice. With this thought in mind and Edward long behind her, Bella is ready for something new. Being back in her home town will bring a new chapter to her story. (Bella S./Jackson W.)


Deserve Better Epilogue (Twilight/Teen Wolf)

Summary: Epilogue to the first one


  1. Can’t wait to see what you got for us My dear.


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