Reaping of New Orleans Chapter Nine

ronol chapter 9

Author’s note

Just a bit of a warning, the next chapter in this story will have a bit of a time jump.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!

-Page Break-

Bella sighed as she sat in the living room beside her brother. Finn and Sage were on one side of the room the two of them reading a book, while Rebekah sat on the other side silently fuming at the fact that Sage was in the room. Bella looked at Marco who was wearing an amused smile as he watched his better half seething.

Do you think she’ll do something to Sage? –Bella

No, though she’s thinking of it I don’t think she’ll act on it anytime soon. – Marco

Bella looked to Sage and tilted her head at the woman. The red-head was practically sitting in Finn’s lap, and it wasn’t because she wanted to be close to Finn, but it seemed more of a possessive gesture. To Bella it seemed like this was Sage’s way of claiming Finn as her own.

“Well, I’m going to go fix myself something to eat.” Bella announced to the room as she stood. Almost as soon as Finn had arrived everyone had found something important to do. Klaus, Elijah, and Kol had all claimed to need to secure the house in case any town vampires followed them. Henrik and Davina had gone to study in the library. Rebekah had refused to let Sage out of her eyesight, something about making the entire house smell of her awful scent. Bella and Marco had decided to stay in the pure act of making sure Rebekah didn’t try and kill Sage.

“Why are you eating so much, Bella?” Finn questioned as he set his book down and looked to Bella. This causing Sage to do the same. “I’ve never seen you eat this much in a day.”

Bella shrugged, “I’m eating for more than one now, Finn.” Bella said resting her hand on her stomach and heading out the room. She headed into the kitchen and made herself a sandwich. She sat down at the counter and began to take a few bites of her sandwich. She took a sip of her blood and paused as she felt something move in her stomach. She rested her hand over her stomach and took another sip of her blood. “Holy Shit…” She stood up immediately and grabbed her cup of blood. She headed out the door immediately. “KLAUS!” She yelled with excitement as she wanted him to feel this too.

Klaus appeared immediately and looked worried. “Something wrong, love?”

Bella shook her head and smiled. “Come here.” She gestured him forward, as soon as he was close enough he took his hand and placed it on her stomach. “Just wait…” She said she took a drink of blood and her eyes were focused on Klaus’s face.

“Did they move?” Klaus questioned as he looked between Bella’s face and her stomach.

Bella nodded happily. “They’re reacting to the blood!”

Klaus smiled, “It’s amazing.” He leaned down and kissed her attaching their lips together. He groaned as Kol’s voice interrupted them.

“What just happened?” Kol questioned curiously.

Bella smiled, “Here, come.” Bella placed Kol’s hand on her stomach she took a drink of the blood and watched as Kol’s eyes widened. He pulled his hand back immediately and looked at Bella with worry.

“Is that supposed to happen?” Kol questioned with worry.

Bella laughed and nodded. “It’s normal, Kol.”

Klaus chuckled, “Something wrong, brother?” He questioned with amusement

Kol shook his head, “Excuse me if I find that strange.” He looked around. “Where are…”

Bella smiled getting his hint. “In the living room with Rebekah and Marco. You know, I could really go for some food from town. It could take you hours to get it though.”

Kol smirked, “I’ll wait as long as I have to get you your food. I’ll be back at some point.”

Klaus shook his head. “He can’t avoid Sage and Finn forever.”

Bella smiled, “Of course he can’t, but he can avoid them for the rest of the day if he has to.” Bella took Klaus’s hand in hers and smiled. “It’s becoming real. We’re really going to have kids.” Bella paused and led Klaus away from the house. “We can do this right?”

Klaus smiled and nodded his head. “We can do anything we want.”

Bella nodded, “You’re right.” She took in a deep breath and leaned into Klaus’s embrace. “I have this overwhelming feeling that things are going to continue to get bad.”

“I would disagree, but it’s only a matter of time before things explode.” Klaus replied he put his arm around Bella and tucked her safely into this side. “What are Henrik and Davina doing?”

Bella smiled, “They said they were practicing magic, but I think they’re just off flirting with each other”

Klaus chuckled, “Are you going to get involved?”

Bella shook her head, “I said I wasn’t so I won’t. This is something for them to do on their own.”

Klaus chuckled but kissed Bella’s head not voicing his disbelief in Bella’s promise. He knew that sooner or later Bella would in some way step in and finally push the two together.

-Page Break-

Bella sighed as she followed after Kol and Rebekah. She looked over at Henrik and Davina who were talking animatedly about something. Like she had promise Davina they were going out to buy her clothes, and Bella had enlisted the help of Kol to help her find some suitable pregnancy wear for the next few months. She had asked Rebekah to pick out Davina’s clothing seeing as they would have a similar style.

Bella pressed her hand to her stomach and took in a deep breath. Almost as if they knew she needed it she felt them moving around. She knew she wasn’t that far along in her pregnancy, but she just knew that her children were growing faster than regular humans and were already far smarter than most gave them credit for.

“Something wrong, Elle?” Henrik questioned curiously as Davina walked forward to speak to Rebekah while he fell back to stay with Bella.

Bella smiled, “I’m fine, Henri.”

He nodded and a smile crept to his face. “You know, I love you, right. You’re my sister and I realized I never really tell you how much I care about you.”

Bella looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “I something wrong with you?”

Henrik chuckled he draped his arm over Bella’s shoulder. “No. I know how…” He paused to find the right word to use. “Emotional you can be right now.” He walked slower letting Rebekah, Kol and Davina enter a store while they stayed just outside. “We haven’t been spending much time together lately, and for you and I, that’s odd. I don’t want you to think that I pushed you aside.”

Bella smiled as she was truly touched by what Henrik was saying. “You don’t need to worry about me, Henri, I know I’m your favorite sibling.”

Henrik chuckled, “Just like I’m your favorite Mikaelson.” He looked down at her stomach and smiled. “Well, for now.”

Bella smiled, “I’d say we ditch these guys and spend the day fooling around, but we can’t leave Davina with them, so what do you say to hanging out tomorrow. You can tell me what’s going on between you and Davina.”

Henrik rolled his eyes, “I’d like to hang out tomorrow, Elle, but we’re going to find a new topic to talk about.”

Bella smiled widely, “Whatever you say, Henri.”

-Page Break-

Bella snuck off leaving the four inside the store. She needed some air and she honestly just needed to get away. She walked off being well aware of her surroundings, the last things she wanted was to be caught off guard by someone.

Bella looked on at the church that stood in front of her. She snuck in as the decorating outside let her know there was some sort of ceremony going on inside. She took a seat at the back and watched the small amount of people inside place candles around the open coffin. She tilted her head as she watched the blonde girl tearing up as she looked on at the coffin that sat at the front of the room.

Bella felt a pang in her chest as she watched the pain the blonde girl was going through. Not being able to resist herself she went into the girl’s mind. Bella pulled out almost immediately as she caught the memories and knew that the boy in the coffin was the girl’s twin brother. From what Bella could get Sean had been a part of a mass massacre in the church. One of the boys had gone crazy and killed all of the other students who were also studying to become priests. Sean had been taken off life support just the day before after months of hoping he would wake.

Bella’s eyes shifted to the corner of the room as she caught the light movement there. She saw the head of blonde hair and knew exactly who it was. She watched as he stood over his sister, Camille. His hand trying to rest on her shoulder only to slip through.

Bella felt her eyes water as she truly realized how lucky she was to never have to go through something like this. She would never know what it would feel like to permanently lose Marco. Bella’s eyes met those of the ghost and she kept his gaze, not moving as he stepped closer to her until he was in front of her.

“You can see me.” He stated as he stood in front of her.

Bella nodded slightly pleased no one was paying attention to her. “I can.” She agreed with a small nod.

“How?” He questioned curiously, Bella was surprised at his tone she had thought he would be more nervous than he was, he seemed so calm to her.

“It’s a gift.” She replied simply, she looked over to Camille. “I have a twin brother.” She added.

He nodded and glanced over at Camille and smiled. “I’m the older one. If you could would you take away any pain your brother had?”

Bella nodded, “In a heartbeat.” She replied simply. “What would you do if you could live again?”

“I’d spend more time with her. It’s the most painful thing to experience to be away from her.” He said glancing over at Camille. “I regretted choosing the church over her. We had always planned to go to University together, but at the last minute I allowed my uncle to talk me into staying. I regret not going with her, I regret being guilt tripped into doing something I didn’t want to do with my life.”

Bella nodded, “One twin can’t live without the other.”

He shook his head and sighed, “That’s what I fear the most.” He admitted, “If it hurts me to die without her, I can only imagine what it feels for her to live without me.”

Bella nodded she rested a hand on her stomach and was grateful that her babies would never feel something like this.

“Are you expecting twins?” Sean questioned as he glanced at her stomach a smile forming on his face as she nodded her yes. “Do you know what they’re going to be?”

“Not yet, but I will soon.” She replied, she looked back to Camille and her heart sank. “Would you come back to life if you could?” she questioned.

“I’d do it in a heartbeat if it meant I could make things right with Cami.” He said as he took in a deep breath, “But I’m not sure I believe in miracles anymore.”

Bella nodded she stood and made her way to the coffin, she looked over her shoulder and saw Camille and her uncle weren’t paying any attention to her, but Sean was at her side.

“What are you doing?” He questioned as Bella rested her hand on his bodies’ chest.

Bella smiled, “I’m helping you believe in miracles.” She stated as she closed her eyes and used her powers to bring him back to life. She stepped back as she could feel his heart begin to beat again. She walked away going unnoticed by the other people in the room. She walked out of the church and sat down on one of the benches under the tree, she looked down to see this bench was dedicated to those that were lost in the massacre.


Minutes passed before Bella heard the soft footsteps of someone approaching. She didn’t turn to look to see who it was, she didn’t need to. She knew already that it was her brother. “What are you doing here, Izzy?” Marco questioned as he took a seat beside her.

Bella smiled she reached over and took her brother’s hand. “My good deed for the day, Marc.” She leaned against him and held his hand tightly grateful that she hadn’t lost him and would never be able to lose him.

Marc nodded he listened in on the commotion that was going on inside the church and looked curiously at his sister. “You brought someone back to life at their funeral?”

Bella nodded, “I did.” She stated. “Keep listening.” She urged.

Marco did as he was told and continued to listen to the thoughts of everyone inside. He finally turned to Bella understanding what had gotten to her. “If we were human, you’d have to go through losing me or I’d have to go through losing you.”

Bella nodded, “I’m grateful we will never die.”

Marco nodded, “Me too, Izzy.” He agreed, “You brought him back for his twin?”

Bella shook her head, “I brought him back because he was going to suffer without her. He should’ve been able to say goodbye. I wanted him to get the life he always wanted to live. Marc, if we were human, and you died while I had to live. I don’t think I would’ve made it without you. She wouldn’t have made it long either, a twin shouldn’t live without their twin.”

Marco nodded in agreement. “Are you feeling okay?” He questioned curiously. “I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by anything.

Bella shook her head, “I feel fine, a little better now actually.” She stood letting go of Marco’s hand. “Come on, they should be coming out any minute to take Sean to the hospital. I rather not be here when it happens, I don’t want to have to explain to everyone here how I brought the dead back to life.”

Marco smiled and stood as well, “I suppose it would be hard to convince church going people that you’re Death’s daughter and with that title comes certain gifts, and that although you have saved a few people from permanent death, you have killed far more than they could count.”

Bella rolled her eyes, “You’ve killed more than me.”

Marco shook his head, “But that had nothing to do with me. Most of my kills were because of you. I had to kill people because either you wouldn’t or they just weren’t worthy enough for you to kill them.”

Bella smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “Doesn’t matter, you still have technically killed more people than I have.”

“I’ve also brought back more people than you.” Marco added as he walked beside Bella he let her lead the way guessing that his sister was probably hungry and needed to stop somewhere to get something to eat.

Bella rolled her eyes, “Don’t make me regret forgiving you.”

Marco grinned widely. “So you have forgiven me completely? I thought I would have to work more for it, I was prepared for something big. I even thought about killing a few witches in your honor.”

Bella smirked and shrugged. “The babies mess with my emotions, they made me stop seeing you as the asshole that you are.” Bella looked at Marco and rested her hand on her stomach. “They’re really calm when you’re around. When I’m with Klaus, they’re energetic. It’s like they want to come out and latch on to Klaus. Is it strange to say that I think they act differently around certain people? I know it’s still early, but I swear that I can feel what they feel and vice versa. They’re emotions affect me and mine theirs.”

“I think it’s normal. You’re not having a normal pregnancy, Izzy. These babies are going to be more extraordinary than you think. I don’t doubt you’ll always have a strong bond with them, so will Klaus.” Marco replied he paused and looked at her stomach. “Can I?”

Bella nodded rapidly and grinned. “I’ve been waiting for you to ask. If they’re in a good mood they’ll put on a show for you.” She stated as she watched her brother put his hand on her stomach. She looked closely at his face as the babies kicked and Marco’s eyes practically shone with happiness.

“That’s really cool, Izzy.” He stated as he removed his hand from her stomach. “Do you ever think if we were like this with our mom?”

“All the time.” Bella admitted. “I think we were stronger. I think that’s why even though we’ve never properly met her, we’re still so close to her. Those nine months we were inside her we bonded with her and that’s not something that’ll ever go away.”

Marco nodded, he draped his arm over his sister’s shoulders. “You want to go kill some vampires?”

“I can’t, I already used too much of my gift.” Bella said with a sigh. “How about you do some killing and I watch?”

Marco shook her head. “No, we’ll kill some helpless vampires together or not at all.”

-Page Break-

Bella looked to Klaus as she had asked him to spend the rest of the afternoon with her. It had been a good day and she wanted to make it even better so she had something planned, she just hoped Klaus would agree with her.

“I don’t want a big wedding.” Bella said quietly.

Klaus smirked, “I know, love.” He replied simply as he kept his arm around her.

Bella nodded, “I don’t want to get married at a church either.”

Klaus chuckled lightly, “I knew this as well.”

Bella smiled, “I want to get married today.”

Klaus looked at her searching her face for any sign of lying. He smiled as he caught that she was being serious. “You want to get married today?”

Bella nodded she took Klaus’s wrist in her hands and looked at the time. “In about 2 hours, I want to officially become your wife.”

“Any reason why you want to get married so quickly?” Klaus questioned curiously.

“I want to get married before I give birth to our children and if I wait any longer I won’t be able to fit into any sort of dress.” Bella said, “Will you marry me today?”

Klaus chuckled, “I’d marry you whenever you wish, love.” He replied with a smirk. “Why are we in town?”

“We’re in town because your brothers are getting suits and I figured you’d want to join them. Your sister already has my dress, so Marc will be taking me home.” Bella said, she gestured to the suit shop just across the street. “Hurry up, the faster you get in there the faster we can get married.”

Klaus smiled he leaned down and attached his lips to Bella’s. He pulled her tightly into his arms and deepened the kiss between them. The idea of finally getting married had made him incredibly happy. He had been thinking of ways to get rid of Marcel without having to kill him, but suddenly all of that was out of his mind as he thought about marrying the love of his existence.

Bella sighed in annoyance as a whistle pulled them apart. “I swear Marc if you weren’t my brother and I weren’t pregnant I’d have stabbed you with my scythe by now.” Bella said as she was enjoying the kiss between her and Klaus and was more than disappointed to have it interrupted.

“I’d rather risk you stabbing me than Bekah trying to cut off my head when I don’t show up at the house with you.” Marc replied he turned to Klaus and smirked widely. “Your brothers are waiting inside for you. I think you’ll be having fun, Finn’s in there.”

Bella laughed, “Oh that should just be perfect for you.” Bella said with a smile.

Klaus smirked, he kissed Bella’s forehead. “It seems better than having to be around both Sage and Rebekah.” He walked into the store and Bella turned to Marco.

“They’re not both at the house, right?” Bella questioned as Marco began to lead her away.

Marco sighed, “They’re both there. I feel a little bad leaving Davina there by herself, but Bekah said she’d make sure the girl remained safe.”

Bella nodded and took in a deep breath. “I want to fly.” Bella said as she looked up at the sky with longing. “My wings feel like they’re starting to cramp. I haven’t been up in the air in so long, Marc.”

Marco led Bella away to find an isolated spot. “I don’t think flying would be too much of a problem.”

Bella smirked, “I’m glad you see things my way, Marc.”

-Page Break-

Klaus sighed as he heard Kol and Finn arguing behind him. They had been like that for the last few hours, it seemed they were arguing about anything and everything they could. Klaus could manage to ignore them, but Elijah being who he was had tried desperately to get them to calm down. Klaus walked towards Henrik who was leaning against one of the back walls reading a black leather bound book.

“Henrik.” Klaus said approaching. “This is set to start any minute, where is the minister?”

Henrik closed the book in his hands and grinned widely. “You’re looking at him, Nik.”

Klaus sighed, “Henrik…”

“I talked to Elle about it earlier. She didn’t want some stranger marrying the two of you. You know how Elle is with her privacy, she didn’t want a stranger being a part of a very important day for you two. You can do anything online, Nik, including becoming an ordained minister. It really only took a matter of minutes.” Henrik patted his brother on the back. “Besides, you know I always have to be the center of attention. I love Elle, but I don’t wish to marry her, so the second best thing to being the groom is being the minister.”

Klaus chuckled lightly as he watched his brother walk off. He returned to his post at the front of the altar. He growled in frustration as there was still an argument between his brothers. “Will you two just shut up already? You’re worse than kids! If I hear another argument between the two of you I will rip you apart and bury your body parts in the middle of the ocean!”

Kol smirked, “Are you nervous brother?” He questioned not being able to hide his amusement from his tone. “Is that what’s really bothering you?”

Elijah shook his head, “Don’t antagonize him Kol, no one will stop him from doing as he promised and throwing you into the middle of the ocean.”

Kol rolled his eyes, “Bella would certainly stop him.”

Klaus chuckled, “Bella would help me.” He assured with a smirk. “I think I know my wife better than you do.”

“She’s not your wife yet.” Kol replied a smirk made its way to his face. “How do you know that she’s not double guessing her decision right now?”

Klaus was about to reply but was cut off as Henrik appeared at the top of the altar. A bright smile on his face as he fixed the tie to his tux. “It’s time to start.” He stated, he grabbed a control from his jacket pocket and started the wedding march. Klaus turned his head and waited anxiously to see his bride.

Bella took in a deep breath as she saw Rebekah, Davina and Sage all head out. She turned to her brother, “I…” She paused as she couldn’t find a way to thank him for walking her down the aisle. Because it was so short noticed she didn’t have the time to contact her dad.

Marco smiled he leaned forward and kissed his sister’s head. “I know, Izzy.”

Bella nodded a bright smile creeped onto her face. “You know, this might become one my fondest memories I’ll ever hold.”

“I assumed it would be.” Marco replied, “I’m assuming that meeting me is your fondest memory.”

Bella rolled her eyes, “No, its torturing Edward Cullen.” She replied with a teasing tone. “You’re up there, though.”

“I better be,” Marco replied, “You have no idea the fit I would throw if I weren’t.”

Bella smiled, “I can imagine.” She took in a deep breath and smile. “I guess we should get going. I don’t want to be late to my own wedding.”

Marco nodded, he took a step forward but paused as a hand now rested on his shoulder. He turned his head and looked at his father. “Didn’t think you were going to make it, Dad.” He said he released Bella’s hand and smiled as she looked to him in surprise. “What did you think I was doing when you were changing?” He questioned with a smile. “I’ll see you outside, Izzy.”

Bella looked to her father with wide eyes. “I didn’t think you would be here.” She admitted.

Death nodded with small smile. “I suspect you’re only going to get married once and I couldn’t very well miss it happening. I have a duty to fulfill after all.”

Bella smiled and rested her hand on the crook of his extended elbow. “Thank you.” She said quietly as she walked at his side and headed outside and down the aisle. She looked up and met Klaus’s eyes a wide smile spreading across her face. In a matter of minutes she would be his wife and that was something she found to be incredible.

Bella didn’t pay attention as she heard her father whisper something to Klaus. She smiled and took Klaus’s offered hand. She didn’t need to hear what Henrik was saying to know it was something beautiful. All she could pay attention to was Klaus and the movement in her stomach telling her that their children were beyond happy.

Bella didn’t notice when she had said the words I do, or when Klaus had said them as well, but she was lost in her thoughts. She blamed her lack of attention to the overwhelming emotion of happiness that she was feeling from her children. She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Klaus’s neck as his lips met hers. She let herself let go of everything around her and just focused on the man that held her in his arms, her husband.

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