Chapter Eleven

chpt 11

Bella and Henrik took in a deep breath as they thought about way lay ahead for the day. Today was a full moon and things in this town were getting worst by the minute. When the full moon came they were planning on splitting up to do what was needed. Bella was keeping an eye on Jules, the new resident werewolf of Mystic Falls. While Henrik was going to go find Tyler and see if he could make the change any easier for Tyler to go through.

“We have to get out of bed at some time.” Bella said as she cuddled up into Henrik as they still lay in bed. Both were hesitant to leave not ready to give up the comfort and safety the bed had to offer them.

Henrik pulled Bella closer keeping his arms tight around her. “We could never leave this house, just stay here forever in the peace and quiet of our home.”

“It’d look suspicious, Henri.” Bella responded with a sigh she sat up in the bed and looked at Henrik with a warm smile. “We have to get up and face the day. You should go ahead and shower, I’ll cook us some breakfast.”

Henrik pulled to him and kissed her once more not being able to start his morning just yet. “Sounds good, Belle.”

Bella smiled and pecked him once more before getting out of bed. She dashed around the room and got dressed in some regular clothing that consisted of a blue sundress and black ankle boots, something she deemed comfortable for the day planned. She headed downstairs to see Slater in the same position he was in the night before. “Haven’t rested?” She asked as she watched him curiously.

“Been too busy, but I think I have it,” Slater said with a proud grin. “I’m not a hundred percent sure, so I’ll double check but I think this is it.”

Bella smiled and patted him on the shoulder praising his good work. “You’re pretty good at this. I’m going to make breakfast, I’ll make you something. Any requests?”

“Yeah, my mom used to make omelets for me. Think you can do it?” Slater asked putting the lap top down and following Bella into the kitchen.

“Oh, that’s child’s play,” Bella responded with a smile. She pointed to the chair next to the island for Slater to sit. “Take a seat, watch a master work.”

Slater laughed and took a seat as Bella quickly gathered her supplies. “How’d learn how to cook?”

“I didn’t have the best mother growing up. If I was hungry I had to cook myself something or starve,” Bella responded as she began to cook.

“Your mom is she still alive?” Slater asked getting the feeling that she was.

Bella nodded, “We’re not on speaking terms anymore, not since my father died. She messages me from time to time, but it’s never anything I want to hear.”

“Rough childhood?” Slater asked as he watched Bella work.

“Up until when I was eleven or so. I met Henrik and well things got better with him around.” Bella said with a grin as she thought about her husband.

“You know, it’s not vampire custom to get married,” Slater said as he watched her cook, it was a marvel to him Bella was a vampire.

“Yeah I know, but marriage is about tying yourself to someone. Making it clear that you want to spend the rest of your lives with this one person. I know how cheesy it is, but he’s my forever and I was already a part of his family marriage was just cementing it all together. It was a way to make it official.” Bella said as she glanced at her wedding ring a warm feeling swelling at the sight of it.

“How can you be so sure,” Slater asked as he watched her talk about Henrik.

“It’s a pull, it’s a bond so strong that you can feel it in your bones.” Bella replied, “When we first kissed, it bonded us together. There was no one else for either of us and we both knew that.”

Slater side, “You think everyone gets what you and Henrik have?”

“Everyone has a match, it’s just about patience,” Bella responded with a sincere tone of voice.

Slater nodded, “So did you get married before or after you were a vampire?”

“After,” Bella replied. “Henri turned me when I was 17 and after my father passed away. We got married quite some time after that, it was unexpected when he proposed. Klaus was there when we got married.”

“He was?” Slater asked, “How do you get along so well with him? He’s supposed to be this mass murderer who doesn’t like anyone.”

“He is a mass murderer, but I’m too kind for anyone to hate,” Bella responded with a laugh, “He doesn’t like people who are a threat to him. I’m on his side of things, I always will be.”

Slater nodded and accepted the omelet Bella handed him. She turned back around and grabbed a small bottle she set the bottle of syrup with blood inside in front of Slate. “Really?” He questioned as he eyed the blood filled bottle.

“Oh yeah! Trust me this tastes delicious with blood,” Bella said she served Henrik’s omelet on a plate and then served her own before taking a seat next to Slater. She watched him dig into his food putting syrup on as he ate.

“Holy shit,” Slater said once he was close to done with his food.

“She’s a great cook, isn’t she?” Henrik said coming into the room a clean navy blue suit on.

Slater nodded, “It was great, thanks for breakfast. I’m going to go make sure I got this place’s location right.”

Bella nodded she passed Henrik his plate of food, “Made it just the way you like it.”

Henrik smiled and kissed Bella, “I love you, Belle.”

“I know, love you too Henri. Now eat, we have a long day,” Bella replied with a smile.

Henrik ate on and off just looking at Bella. Some days he wondered how he was lucky to have her. “You’re beautiful you know.”

Bella looked to Henrik with a raised eyebrow at his sudden comment. She smiled at him after she realized it was just a random compliment. She stood and put her plate in the sink along with his. She walked to stand behind his chair and wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his back. “You and me, we need to go swimming.”

Henrik laughed and pulled Bella into his lap, “The bigger house is almost finished. Your indoor pool is almost complete, we’ll go soon, I promise.”

Bella nodded, and laid her head against Henrik and took in a deep breath enjoying the calming energy his scent had. They stayed like that for minutes just calm being with each other until Slater interrupted.

“Hey, sorry to disturb, your morning moments, but I have it. I have the location,” Slater said waving a paper around he set it down on the island and grinned at his hard work.

Bella picked up the paper and then to Henrik, “I guess we have some things to do before we start our nightly adventures.”

Henrik nodded, “I guess we do. Get changed Slater, we’re going on an adventure.”

“Unless you’ve forgotten, sunlight makes me vampire bacon,” Slater said with a shake of his head.

Henrik grinned and reached into his suit pocket and pulled out a ring, he tossed it to Slater, “Not anymore.”

Slater caught the ring and looked at it in awe, “Is this serious?”

Bella smiled and stood from Henrik’s lap, “Of course it is, so put it on, change and let’s head out.” Bella patted Slater on the back and headed upstairs to get her jacket.

-Page Break-

“This place looks like something you’d see in a horror film,” Bella said as she stood beside Henrik and Slater looking up at the old abandoned house.

“I think that’s the point Belle,” Henrik said analyzing the house before he entered. “100 witches died violent deaths here, it wasn’t meant to look good.”

“Still, you’d expect it not to look so creepy, I mean these are all powerful witches we’re talking about you’d expect them keep it somewhat clean.” Bella said, “You ready to do this Henri?”

“Yeah, just wait out here,” Henrik said as he kissed Bella’s forehead before going in. “I don’t think the witches would react well to more than one vampire walking inside.”

Bella nodded and watched Henrik disappear into the house. Slater looked to Bella it all finally clicking in his head, “He’s a warlock?”

“Yes, he’s a hybrid, part vampire part witch,” Bella said as she took in a deep breath trying to calm down her breathing, she didn’t want to hyperventilate.

“Whoa,” Slater said, “That’s why he always has that super strong aura around him.”

Bella smiled, “He comes from a strong line of witches, a very ancient line of witches.” Bella froze as she felt a strong surge of pain in her chest. She almost fell over in the pain as it grew stronger feeling like her insides were on fire.

“Bella?” Slater asked as he helped her stand as she was close to falling over in pain.

Bella shook her head and stood up straighter knowing it was Henrik’s pain she was feeling. She ran towards the door and knocked it down. She stepped inside the house yelling back to Slater, “Stay outside Slater.” She blurred through the house feeling the different spirits around her as she followed the pull in her chest to Henrik. She growled as the pain increased and pushed herself to go faster. She stumbled down the stairs to the basement trembling with pain and fear. She sighed as she saw Henrik, he was on his knees but he was alive that was all that mattered to Bella. She ran to him and wrapped her arms around him the pain decreasing the second they touched. “Henri…” Bella whispered as she felt the pain almost disappear.

“Belle.” Henrik said with a smile as he opened his eyes to see his wife wrapped around him. “I thought you were going to stay outside.”

“I voted against it,” Bella said as she held him tighter. “I felt all your pain Henri.”

“It was the magic,” Henrik said as he closed his eyes letting the power settle within him. “It’s normal, but some witches didn’t like the fact that a Mikaelson was in this house or the fact that I came back from the dead. They weren’t exactly happy about that, but they gave me their magic. No one else will be able to tap into it now, especially the Bennett witch. So far, they have nothing that can hurt Nik.”

Bella nodded and closed her eyes, “Don’t you ever do that to me again.”

Henrik kissed Bell softly, “Never, I promise.” Henrik stood with Bella smiling down at her, “This wasn’t a bad start to the day.”

“It wasn’t a good start either,” Bella replied hugging Henrik, “Come on, I have to go track down that wolf, and you have to go see about Tyler.”

“Right,” Henrik said, “Did I ever mention who the witches who are working with Elijah are?”

“No, who are they?” Bella asked as they made their way up the stairs.

“The Martins,” Henrik said, “Greta’s brother and father.”

“Oh,” Bella said understanding now why they would be working with Elijah. “They must think that Nik is holding Greta captive.”

Henrik nodded, “They will be in for a surprise to know she left willingly with my brother.”

Bella laughed, “Not to mention that Nik and Greta are sleeping together. They’ll be in for a surprise when that knowledge comes to light.”

“Maybe we should break it to them, get them to leave town or at least to give up trying to kill Nik,” Henrik said.

“Who knows, they might not even believe us,” Bella said as they were finally coming out of the house, “What happens now? What if Bonnie comes here trying to tap into the power.”

“The witches will still be able to speak to her, but they can’t give her any magic,” Henrik said, “They gave me all their magic, they have nothing left to give.”

Bella nodded, “We’re going to have to be careful we don’t want them to know what we’re up to just yet. If they know we’re working with Nik, they’ll make our lives impossible here. We have to let them believe that they stand a chance.”

“You both okay?” Slater asked once he saw them coming out of the house.

“We’re fine, the magic was just painful to get,” Bella said with a smile and a shrug. “Enjoying the sun?”

Slater grinned, “You have no idea. When you’re human you don’t realize how much the smaller things like sunlight matter.”
Bella smiled it was good to see that in this town they had at least helped one person.

-Page Break-

Henrik walked through the forest following the voices of Caroline and Tyler as they were setting up for the night. He would’ve made himself known, but didn’t want to give himself away of being a hybrid. He made his way down to the cellar and skillfully kept out of the way. Caroline was too young to be able to sense him, and Tyler was too new to being a wolf to smell him there. He closed his eyes and mumbled a spell, it wouldn’t make the process go any faster, but it would make it a bit less painful to endure. He would leave as soon as his transformation was close to complete, he didn’t want to risk a bite, it wouldn’t kill him as an original but it would hurt.

“Hey. Tyler. Tyler,” Caroline said stepping forward as his bone began to break themselves.

Tyler cries out in pain as it began. His bones were breaking one by one each transforming to fit the role of a wolf. Tyler groaned out in pain, the bones breaking hurt, but he was happy the burning had ceased.

Henrik watched shaking his head, Caroline shouldn’t be there, not when it was close to being done, she wasn’t faster than a wolf and wouldn’t be able to escape Tyler’s bite.

Tyler stood on wobbly legs trying to head over to where the water was. His spine cracked sending him to the floor in pain. “Oh God…” Tyler whimpered as his bones began to break again his back arched as his spine broke bending at an impossible degree. “I can’t do this.” He whispered pleading that the pain would go away completely.

Caroline walked forward and wrapped her arms around Tyler as he’s lay on the ground withering in pain. “I’m here Tyler.”

Henrik smiled, at least Tyler had a friend to go through this with. He shook his head magic couldn’t do much, but it was helping in its own way. Henrik couldn’t stop the breaking of the bones, but he could stop the burning of Tyler’s skin and the burning of his insides as they transformed making it all easier on Tyler to handle.

Henrik watched again as Tyler screamed out in pain and Caroline hugged him tighter. He began to step towards the entrance of the cellar as he could tell Tyler was only minutes away from his full transformation. Henrik heard another scream as he headed for the steps followed by the sobs from Caroline. He blurred to the trees as he could hear Caroline panicking and coming closer. He stayed hidden as he heard Tyler’s growl signaling the completed transformation from man to wolf.

He heard cracking of wood and was sure Tyler was breaking down the door. He watched as Caroline blurred straight past him. He ran forward once she was well out of sight and headed to the door. Tyler’s wolf growled at the scent of vampire was so close. Henrik pressed his hand against the door and spelled it quickly, it wouldn’t open until Tyler was no longer a wolf. Henrik knew that although wolves enjoyed to kill, Tyler would regret hurting anyone in his wolf form. He walked towards the steps and leaned against the wall as a strong pain hit him. He grabbed his neck as the pain seemed to be centered on there. After a minute it subsided but he could still feel the underlying emotion of pain. He pushed himself off the wall and fumbled around trying to find his phone, he needed to check on Bella he needed to know she was okay.


-Page Break-

Bella looked to Slater who was sitting in the living room with a book in his lap, “You going to be okay?”

“I’m not a baby Bella, I’ll be fine but thanks for asking,” Slater responded with a kind smile as he looked at Bella. Henrik had already left needing to track down Tyler. Bella had yet to leave already having an idea of where Jules would most likely be.

“Okay, hey if you can do me a favor, can keep an eye out on Elena’s house,” Bella said. “You don’t have to leave the house, just look out the window every once and a while and maybe strain your ears to see what you can hear.”

Slater nodded, “Not a problem Bella, I’ll be sure to make sure everything’s okay at her house.”

Bella nodded and smiled she waved a final time before leaving the house. She opted for running figuring it had better cover in the night than her bike and she was less likely to be spotted if she was on foot. She ran to the town and stopped in front of the grill as she caught Jules’s scent in the air. She looked around and saw the eldest Salvatore talking to Alaric. She could only catch the end of their conversation, but it was easy to tell that they were talking about Jules, and by the looks of it she had marked the Salvatore as her victim of the night.

Bella took in a deep breath and sighed, her best chance at stopping Jules before she really hurt anyone was to follow Damon. No matter where Jules transformed the first thing she was sure to do was go after Damon. Bella stuck to the trees as she easily kept up with Damon’s car. She found it amusing that he would pick a fight with a werewolf on the night of a full moon. Her original plan wasn’t to keep Damon safe, but she had a soft spot for Elena and Bella knew having Damon die would hurt Elena and that wasn’t something Bella wanted Elena to go through.

Bella waited outside of the Salvatore house, she wasn’t close enough for Damon to hear her but close enough so she could hear what was going on. From what Bella could tell Damon was kissing with a female vampire, and from what she was hearing they were getting pretty intimate but she knew it wouldn’t take long for Jules to make an appearance all Bella had to do was wait.

There was a shattering of glass that caught Bella’s attention followed by a loud scream of pain. Bella jumped through the broken window to see Jules in wolf form gnawing at a vampire someone she expected to be Rose. Moving quickly and pushing Damon out of the way Bella grabbed the wolf by the fur and threw it into a wall. She heard Damon grabbing Rose off the floor and dragging her off. The wolf growled and charged at Bella clearly taking her innocent look to mean that she was weak. Bella ran at the wolf and together they fell out of the window. Bella wrestled with the wolf, she didn’t want to kill Jules who could be useful in breaking the curse. All that was needed was for Jules to leave. Bella became distracted as she heard another yell from Rose. Seeing an advantage the wolf bit down on Bella’s neck.

Bella shouted in pain and kicked Jules’s off of her. She let out a feral growl as she eyed the wolf, the veins appearing in her eyes as she truly became angry. Jules whimpered from the sight and began to back off, she retreated quickly into the woods. Bella was about to follow but Damon stopped her.

“You’re a vampire,” Damon said as he came out through the window to stand right behind Bella.

Bella turned around and faced Damon, she focused on getting her emotions back to normal so she didn’t scare Henrik who she was sure to be feeling what she was feeling. “I am.”

“Werewolf bites are supposed to kill vampires,” Damon said eyeing the bit on her neck it was identical to the one Rose had.

“They’re venomous to our kind,” Bella responded wanting to finish this conversation and go after Jules. “Look, if I’m going to die from this, I rather not do it here.” Bella turned and began to walk away, she stopped when she was at the edge of the driveway. “By the way, you’re welcome for saving your life.”

“I didn’t thank you,” Damon responded as he stepped closer, he knew something was off about her, she was too calm about this. Rose was breaking down inside the house because of the bite.

“No, but you want to, you’re just too egotistical to do it,” Bella said as she blurred away she went into the trees following Jules’s scent. She was becoming weaker from the bite, but she was determined to do what she had set out to do, and that was making sure Jules didn’t kill any humans. Bella got closer to Jules’s scent when she fell to the ground in pain. She took in a deep breath and stood on wobbly legs determined to continue.

A soft ringing noise distracted her from continuing after Jules, “Belle?” Henrik’s voice came through sounding worried over her.

Bella smiled, something about knowing Henrik was nearby and would be here for her in a heartbeat made her smile. “Henri…”

“Are you okay? I feel pain from you Belle. Strong pain. I need to know are you okay Belle?” Henrik said rapidly into the phone the sound of growling in the background.

“Where are you?” Bella asked feeling lightheaded from the bite.

“I just finished up with Tyler,” Henrik said, the sound of crunched leaves coming through. “What’s wrong Belle?”

“Can you…” Bella said she took in a deep breath as she felt the pain begin to settle in, “Find me. I …” Bella fell to the floor the phone falling out of her grasps as she lay unconscious in the middle of the forest.

Henrik followed the strong pull in his chest. He let it lead him to where his Belle was, and when he caught her scent he pushed himself to move faster. Finally, Henrik spotted her, she was surrounded by wild animals. Each of them forming a small circle of protection around her. He figured it was because of her mermaid half, they must’ve felt the need to protect her in some sort of way. He walked forward to have one of the wild foxes growl at him. He froze as Bella whimpered out calling his name. He pushed the animals aside and picked her up, her phone not too far from her body. “It’s okay Belle, I’m here.” He cringed as he saw the bite mark on her neck. “I’ll take care of you Belle.” His first instinct was to take care of Bella, but once she was taken care of he would set out for whoever did this to her.

He saw the animals all disappearing one by one going back to their rightful homes. He cradled Bella close to him as it was the only way he could get the pain to soften slightly. He knew the hallucinations were going to start soon, and he needed to call his brother for help. “We’re almost home Bella. I’ll get you in some water so you’ll feel better.” The only response he got was her soft whimper as she tried to push back the hallucinations that were playing out in her head.

He made it to the house only to see Slater focused on looking out the window, he’d have to ask about that after he got Bella in the bath upstairs. Running past Slater he went straight to the bathroom with him and Bella. He took off her jacket and threw it on the counter he didn’t waste any time in getting her in the bathtub. He started the water and waited as her transformation began to take place. He let out a breath as he was right in his assumption, the pain subsided enough so that he could tell Bella was beginning to fall asleep. He kissed her forehead, “I’ll be right back Belle I won’t be gone very long.”

Henrik headed down the stairs he saw Slater still at the window, “What are you looking at?”

“Bella told me to keep an eye on Elena’s home,” Slater said, “And a few minutes ago, I saw Elijah go in there with Elena’s aunt. I can’t really tell what they’re talking about, but it has something to do with the town. From what I gathered, Elena hasn’t noticed he’s there yet.”

Henrik nodded, “I’ll go take care of him, just do me a favor. Belle is upstairs in the bathroom I want you to take her some blood bags and stay by her side until I get back. She’s going to start hallucinating, and I don’t want her to be alone for that.”

“Hallucinating?” Slater asked as he followed Henrik into the basement, Henrik reached into the cooler and grabbed a few of Bella’s favorite blood bags and handed them to Slater.

“She was bitten by a wolf,” Henrik replied, “And hallucinating is one of the side effects.” Henrik and Slater walked out of the basement. They both walked to the master bedroom, Henrik stopped Slater as he was about to open the bathroom door. “I’ll explain about what you’re about to see later.” Slater just watched as Henrik grabbed a dagger and a bottle of ash from the nightstand. “Don’t startle her.” Henrik’s said before he disappeared out of the room and soon out of the house.

Slater took in a deep breath and opened the bathroom door. His eyes went wide as he looked at Bella, the blood bags in his hands close to falling to the floor. “No way…”

“Henri?” Bella asked as she twisted around.

“He’ll be back soon Bella,” Slater said gathering his mind and walking forward, “I have some blood for you.”

“Slater…” Bella recognized she closed her eyes again as she was falling in and out of memories most of them of Henrik and Charlie.

Slater ripped open one of the bags and handed it to Bella. He took a seat on the floor of the bathroom. “This is so cool Bella.”

“It’s a pain,” Bella replied as she took the bag, her voice raspy and weak.

-Page Break-

Henrik walked to the Gilbert house and stood outside the front door. He heard his brother’s voice, “I hope to see you again sometime.” The front door opened and then clicked shut.

“Hello Elijah,” Henrik’s voice said catching Elijah’s attention.

Elijah turned and faced Henrik he stepped off the front steps and approached cautiously, “Do I know you?”

“I’m not surprised you don’t recognize me,” Henrik said with a smirk, “I’m actually here because of your business with the doppelganger.”

“You will not get close to Elena, she’s under my protection,” Elijah said eyeing Henrik trying to figure out why he seemed so familiar.

“You’re wrong, she’s already being protected,” Henrik said he paused and his smirk grew wider, “By Klaus.”

Elijah stopped his walking and stared at Henrik, “You’re with Klaus?”

“I am. I’m here to help him break his curse, and he doesn’t really like you hanging around his doppelganger,” Henrik said he subtly used magic to lift the dagger behind Elijah. “He knows you’re after him, and well he doesn’t like you being involved in his business not since you last betrayed him.”

“You seem to know him so well,” Elijah said being cautious of Henrik looking for the weakness he had. “You must be close to him.”

“You don’t have any idea how close,” Henrik said he used the final magic to dagger Elijah through the heart. He stepped closer as Elijah fell to the ground his skin greying from the dagger. Henrik kneeled down beside Elijah slightly hurt Elijah hadn’t recognized him. “You could say we’re like brothers.” Henrik smirked at his own comment and began to drag Elijah back to the house. He set Elijah’s body in the living room and covered it with one of the blankets on the couch. He headed upstairs to his bathroom eager to see Bella.

“He was one of the best people in the world,” He heard Bella’s low whisper. “He loved being Chief of police, he liked protecting others.”

“He sounds great Bella,” He heard Slater’s response. Opening the door he saw Slater lying down on the bathroom floor and Bella still in the tub with her eyes closed.

“Why are you on the floor?” Henrik asked looking at Slater.

“Umm… she told me to lie down. Apparently, I was making her nervous sitting and I had to do as she said,” Slater responded.

Henrik smiled, “She can do that.” Henrik stepped forward and rested his hand against Bella’s forehead trying to see how high her fever was.

“Henri…” Bella’s voice said again.

“I’m here Belle,” Henrik said, “Why don’t you let Slater move?”

Bella nodded, “You can move again Slater.” Bella’s voice took on a different almost musical tone as she spoke again to Slater.

Slater sat up and looked to Henrik, “Thanks, I’ll be downstairs.”

Slater blurred away leaving the couple in the bathroom. Henrik kneeled down and looked at Bella, “How bad does it hurt Belle?” She had somehow managed to block her emotions from him, and now he was left wondering.

“It’s better,” Bella said she took in a deep breath, “Still hurts though.”

Henrik brushed back the hair on her face, “I’ll make it stop Belle. I promise.”

Bella smiled slightly and took a hold of his hand. “I know you will Henri.”

Henrik kissed Bella and sighed, “I’ll go call Nik. You just stay here, I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Bella nodded and sunk down lower in the water the tip of her tail hanging over the edge of the tub. Henrik smiled at her and left to the room. He took out his phone and dialed his brother’s number pacing back and forth in his room. He could feel her peace at being in the water, but the pain was still there and he hated feeling that from her.

Henrik sighed in relief as his brother picked up the phone, “How far away are you from Mystic Falls?”

“Not more than an hour,” Klaus replied his voice becoming worried over his brother’s tone. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, it’s Belle,” Henrik said, “She was bitten by a wolf, I need you to come down here.”

“I’m on my way,” Klaus said not needing to know more before he hung up. Henrik threw the phone on his bed and looked into the bathroom one more time. Bella was asleep under the water, she had done this before so he knew not to really worry about it. Instead he closed the door again slowly and walked out of the room.

Slater was in the living room looking down at the daggered body of Elijah, “Is he dead?” He asked as he heard Henrik walking in closer.

“No, just in a coma of sorts,” Henrik replied taking a seat in a chair across from Slater.

Slater nodded and stayed silent for a few moments, but he met Henrik’s eyes again a while later. “So, what is Bella? I mean, are mermaids even real?”
Henrik nodded, “Bella is the last one of her kinds, but she’s also a hybrid being part mermaid part vampire.”

Slater shook his head not being able to believe what was going on was real. “This is so cool, yet so weird. What was it that she did to me in the bathroom? She just spoke and I had to do what she said.”

“Bella’s allure is strong, she can compel anyone by just talking to them. She’s done it to me before, you know what’s happening, but you can’t fight what she’s asking you to do. It’s normal what you were going through. I wouldn’t worry about it though, Bella’s one for free will she doesn’t like taking it from people. What she did upstairs, it’s because of the bite it’s stronger on her than it is on other vampires. She was bitten by something that belonged to nature, an animal. She’s one with animals, the bite is affecting her more than it would affect a vampire. A vampire wouldn’t begin to feel the effect until a day or so later.”

“This is all really crazy,” Slater said, he paused and looked at Henrik. “Is Bella being a mermaid why everyone seems to like her so much?”

Henrik grinned, “It has something to do with it, but Bella is a naturally kind person. People are drawn to her personality, the allure she has doesn’t have much to do with it.”

“I’m assuming not a lot of people know about this?” Slater said.

Henrik shook his head, “Trust me, it would be in your best interest not to tell anyone. Bella likes to keep her private life private and when she’s angry, she’s angry.”

Slater nodded, “I wasn’t planning on speaking about it.”

“Good,” Henrik replied he continued to answer Slater’s question on and off for the next hour or so.

Henrik was getting impatient, his brother needed to get here quicker.

“What’s going to happen to Bella,” Slater asked worried, “Werewolf bites kill us.”

“They won’t kill Bella,” Henrik assured. “I’m getting her the cure.”

“There’s a cure?” Slater asked with wide eyes.

There was a knock on the door and Henrik stood up, “And it’s at the door.” Henrik blurred towards the door and opened it Slater standing a few feet away. “Nik, come in.”

Klaus walked in and looked at his brother, “How are you doing?”

“My wife is upstairs in pain, I’m doing everything possible not to go on a rampage through the town hunting down every wolf in existence,” Henrik said he rubbed his face.

Klaus patted his shoulder, “I’ll go help her right now, it shouldn’t take too long. “

Henrik nodded, “Thanks, Nik.”

Klaus nodded and blurred up the stairs. Slater looked to Henrik, “The cure is a person?”

“Yes,” Henrik replied with his hands crossed over his chest as he focused on the feelings Bella was feeling waiting for the relief that was sure to come.

Klaus walked into the bathroom and shook his head, the bite clear on Bella’s neck. “What have you gotten yourself into, sweetheart?”

Bella’s head came out of the water and instantly her face turned to Klaus. “Nik?”

“Hello, sweetheart,” Klaus said stepping closer, he was always happy to see Bella.

“I’d say it was good to see you again, but under the circumstances of you being here,” Bella said with a small smile.

“How did you ever get bitten by a wolf?” Klaus asked as he kneeled down to be face level with Bella.

Bella smiled, “I got distracted we were fighting and I had her on top of me and was about to get her off when there was a scream and I got distracted. She took her chance and sunk her teeth into me. Trust me, once I’m better I’m going to be her worst nightmare.”

Klaus smirked, “Good, so let’s get you better sweetheart.” Klaus rolled up his sleeves and exposed his wrist and held it up to Bella.

Bella took in a deep breath and sunk her fangs into his wrist and took in mouthfuls of his blood. She pulled back and sighed the pain beginning to subside. “Thank you, Nik.”

“Anything for you sweetheart,” Klaus said with a smile. “I think you should get out of here soon Henrik is close to have a panic attack.”

Bella laughed, “You’re probably right, I imagine he’s a bit of a mess?”

Klaus nodded, “I’ll wait downstairs for you Bella. We’ll discuss our plans for revenge then.”

Prv chpt    chpt lisst    nxt chpt

  1. Oh poor Bella getting bit. Glad she’s better.

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