Bella The Witch: Chapter 6


The Store.

Bella walked down the streets of New York, by the look of the other stores, this was a relatively calm street, there weren’t any clubs, or bars there were only art stores, cafes, and simple things. Bella smiled, she knew exactly what she would want to open here. Bella stopped at a building there wasn’t a sign and the windows were covered with boards. The building looked relatively new and it wasn’t very much out of place. Bella put in the key in the lock and opened the door. She closed her eyes and stepped inside she didn’t want to see if this place was destroyed.

Bella peeked and gasped as she saw the place. The walls were lined with book shelves that reached the roof. The building was two stories high, and in the other corner there was a large red twirling stair case. Bella went up and saw another large room with bookshelves shaped as Castles and dragons, this was obviously the kid’s section. Bella was jumping with excitement. The store was in perfect condition, all she needed to do was order all the supplies she would need and get another worker, and then she would be able to open. She texted Riley the information and then locked the store back up, she would get started tomorrow morning. Bella made sure the place was safe and then she walked around in the streets. She walked in front of an art hall and saw that they were going to be having an art show later in the night. Bella smiled and bought a ticket immediately for the show. She then walked back to her car and went home to change for the night. Renee often took her to art shows, and she found that they were a relaxing place to be in, she loved looking at the different pictures and trying to figure out what they meant.

Bella threw on a black dress, and some heels, she put her hair in a bun letting a few strays fall out she put on light make up and headed out. She parked her car close to the show and walked the rest of the way.

Bella walked up the entrance and showed the guard her ticket and stepped inside. The place was filled with people, and Bella loved the calming atmosphere it offered. She walked around until she stopped in front of a painting that was donated by an anonymous artist. Bella saw no one had purchased the painting yet, not wanting to take any chances she immediately paid the 500 dollars for it and gave them the correct address to ship it to. Bella grinned the work on the painting was definitely worth more than what she paid for, but it was obvious that they really didn’t value the quality of the painting only how huge the name of the artist was. Bella walked around for a bit longer when she felt her necklace ring softly. She looked around, there was a supernatural creature here and since her necklace wasn’t vibrating, she knew whoever it was didn’t mean her harm. She continued to look around when her necklace rang again, this time Bella knew that whoever it was, was getting closer to her. Bella went to stand in front of the painting she had just bought. She was thinking of all the places she could put it, but she felt it belonged in her magic room.

A man came to stand beside Bella, she looked at him from the corner of her eye and she had to contain a gasp, she knew exactly who this man was, the book had his picture, Klaus Mikaelson. An original, but not just any original, he was the original hybrid. Bella went back to looking at the painting after a few minutes, she decided to head out, and she wanted to go get a bite to eat and then head home and order all the books she needed for the store.

Bella headed out of the show, the streets were filled with people, it was a late night, and Bella loved the feel of the atmosphere in this city. There was an open Café a few blocks away and Bella decided to walk there and then just return to her car. Bella slipped on her coat and walked to the café. It was almost completely empty and she didn’t mind. She ordered a hot chocolate and a muffin and took a seat in a table near the back of the shop.

“Hi, I’m Stephanie,” Stephanie said setting the cup of coffee and muffin down on Bella’s table.

“I’m Bella,” Bella said smiling, “Do you like working here?”

“I do, I’m going to the University here, this job helps me pay the bills,” Stephanie said.

“What are you majoring in?” Bella asked, she had a good feeling about this girl.

“I’m a literature major,” Stephanie said.

Bella smiled and offered the girl the seat across form her and she happily took it. They talked for another hour, they exchanged numbers and promised to meet up the next day to talk more. Bella smiled she had made a new friend today. Bella threw away her cup of coffee and muffin wrapper and walked back to her car. Bella saw the art show was closing and many of the guests were now leaving. Bella walked to her car and fumbled with her key, she felt her necklace vibrate and she stiffened. Someone wanted to do her harm. Bella left the key in the lock and turned around, surely enough there was a vampire hiding in the shadows. Bella sighed, she knew the exact spell to kill a vampire all she needed was to get him close enough so that she could attack and get him out of her way, she didn’t need a vampire coming after her, but she wasn’t sure if she would be able to kill him. She pulled the key back out and stuck it back in her pocket. She watched as all the cars around her left, and she knew it would only be seconds before he made his move. The oak began to vibrate and ring again, seconds later she was shoved against her car and forced to turn around to meet her attacker.

“Don’t scream,” He said.

“I won’t be the one to do the screaming,” Bella said as she spelled him with a curse of pain and he fell to the floor screaming.

“What are you doing?” Klaus asked coming up to see what his guard was screaming about, “What are you doing on the floor?”

Bella sighed, not wanting she answered for him “He tried attacking me, and maybe this will help him be more polite. Well, I think it’s time for me to go.”

“What are you doing to him?” Klaus yelled.

“What he deserves,” Bella answered, “And I suggest that you don’t raise your voice on me Klaus, I don’t take kindly to being yelled at.” With that Bella opened the door to her car and got in. She saw the angry look on Klaus’s face and rolled down the window. “It’ll go away in an hour, and he should be back to being your lackey. It was nice to meet you Klaus.”

Bella pulled out and drove home she smiled at Klaus’s expression, this little confrontation made her feel strong, made her feel fearless. For the first time in a while she didn’t feel guilty over Mike. This was somewhat of a wakeup call reminding her that what she had done was for her own safety, and she shouldn’t have to feel guilty about it.


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  1. Glad she’s enjoying New York. Too cool the building is set up for a book store.
    So we meet the Klaus. Very interesting meet up.


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