A Fight In The Woods

The Storm #7

Author’s Note

Well, I happen to really enjoy this chapter.

Please remember that this story was meant to be small from the beginning, so I’m sorry if this is too faced paced for some of you!

Tell me what you think, and I hope enjoy!

-Page Break-

Isabella sighed as she was under the hood of a car and with her super hearing she could hear the comments being made about her. She knew if anyone were to see her eyes right now they’d practically be glowing. The thunder hadn’t stopped since the moment she set foot inside the garage. It seemed working on cars was something she had grown to do naturally, but to the men in the garage they thought she was a joke, a girl that was simply in over her head.

“A girl with that ass shouldn’t be hiding it under the hood of a car!” She heard a blonde by the name of Tanner say.

“Fuck yeah! What I wouldn’t do to see that girl in a tight dress and grinding all up on me.” Another male said.

Isabella was about to get out from under the car, but she heard the low growl that had her relaxing slightly, she knew exactly who had just entered the garage.

“I’d watch what you say,” She could hear Jasper’s accent as he spoke. “That’s my girl you’re talking about, and if I don’t hurt you for what you’re saying, my darlin’ sure will, she’s got one hell of a punch. Now, leave.” Jasper ordered. Isabella slid out from under the car and smiled as she looked up at Jasper who stood above her.

“Defending my honor?” She teased as she took the hand Jasper offered her and stood.

“Well of course,” Jasper said, he leaned forward and kissed Isabella. “And by the way it looks outside, I know you’re close to snapping and ripping their heads off.”

Isabella shrugged, “This was only just a part of it, you should’ve heard what they said before I put on my uniform.”

Jasper shook his head, “I’m sure I would’ve snapped their necks if I heard what they were saying.” Jasper tucked the hair behind Isabella’s ear. “What time do you finish up? I was hoping you and I could go on a hunt.”

Isabella smiled and looked back to the car. “I just have to get this car running, and then I’ll be clear to go.” Isabella took Jasper’s hand and led him to the hood of the car. “I rebuilt this!” She stated with a proud smile.

Jasper put his arm around Isabella. “It looks great, Elle.”

Isabella nodded, “I can’t wait to finish it. I want nothing more than to see the look on all their faces as I finish before them and do a fucking awesome job at it!”

Jasper chuckled and moved back leaning against the wall. “I’ll keep watch so you can use your super speed.”

Isabella smiled, “Thank you! I’ve been wanting to use it all day!” Isabella began to move her hands quickly under the hood. Jasper smirked as he could feel the happiness rolling off of her as she started to finish her work on the car.

Jasper chuckled as she slammed the hood down. “Excited there?” He questioned with a teasing smirk.

Isabella smiled widely. “I’m just glad to be done. You have no idea the satisfaction I’ll feel when this gets graded and I get to show all these guys up.” Isabella wiped her hands on her suit and smirked at Jasper. “Stay here, I’m going to sign out and then we can leave.”

Jasper let his powers expand out as he was curious to see what the other students were feeling towards his Elle. He pulled back his gift as he felt the lust rise when Isabella passed by someone. He turned his head as Isabella came back in her regular clothes her hair was now down. “Aren’t you going to get this checked out?”

Isabella nodded, “He does that at the beginning of class tomorrow. I’m free to go, Jay.”

Jasper took her hand and the both of them walked out of the garage. “Have you fed recently?”

Isabella sighed, “No.” She ran her hand through her hair. “That’s why that hunt you mentioned earlier would be greatly appreciated..”

-Page Break-

Isabella took a hair tie and tied her hair back and away from her face. She tied it into a tight bun not wanting to have any of it get in the way. “Are you sure about this, Jay?”

Jasper smirked and nodded, “Peter goes on and on about how good you are without your powers, I just want to test it out.”

“I’m phenomenal.” Isabella responded stripping out of her jacket. “I’m only worried that your ego is going to get wounded after this.”

Peter smirked from the sidelines. “I’ll call winner, and both of you must play clean. This means neither of you are allowed to use your powers to help you fight. Sorry, Elysia, but we have to make this fight as fair as possible. This also means you’re disqualified if a bolt of lightning hits Jasper, it will be hilarious, but will earn you a disqualification.”

Isabella nodded and smirked to Jasper. “I don’t need my powers to win. Are you sure you can do this, Jay? I think you might be a little bit rusty.”

Jasper smirked and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. “You learned from Peter, and Peter learned from me. I think I can handle anything you can do, Elle.”

Isabella looked to Jasper and with a final kiss to his cheek she turned and ran to the other side of the yard. She looked to Peter and smirked. “I’m ready.”

Peter looked to Jasper. “You ready, Major?”

Jasper nodded, he kept his eyes on Isabella as Peter announced the start of the fight.

Peter jumped and sat down on the branch of a tree that overlooked the fight and would assure him that he wouldn’t get hurt in any way. He knew Jasper had one advantage in the fight, Isabella got impatient and always attacked first. “What I wouldn’t give to be able to eat popcorn.” He muttered to himself.

Peter watched in amazement as Jasper was the first to make a move. “And Jasper Whitlock makes the first move, beginning what is to be known as an epic battle between mates.” Peter narrated to himself.

He faked a gasp. “Isabella Whitlock took the advantage, jumping at the last moment she kicked Jasper Whitlock in the chest sending him flying back, and destroying an innocent tree. I do believe Mr. Whitlock has been caught off guard.”

Peter watched as the two danced around each other trying to guess the other’s weakness. He smirked as Isabella moved and went for Jasper’s neck as it was exposed, but Peter knew what Jasper was doing. He was provoking her and she had fallen for it. “And Jasper Whitlock has Isabella by the neck one twist of the wrists and she is now ready to be the headless horseman for Halloween.” Peter gasped loudly and faked a crowd cheering. “Isabella has been underestimated as she has managed to not only break free from Mr. Whitlock, but now has complete access to his neck. I do believe Isabella has won round one.”

Isabella jumped off Jasper’s back and smirked at him. “I’ll admit you almost had me, Jay, but your grip was too loose.”

Jasper chuckled, “It was only the first round, darlin’. I’m starting to know your moves.”

Isabella smiled, she leaned in and quickly kissed him. “I’m getting competitive, Jay. I’m going to win.”

Jasper smiled, “I wouldn’t be so sure about it, darling.”

Peter smirked, “And let’s begin with round two!”

Peter smiled as it seemed that both of them had changed their demeanor. They were no longer play fighting with each other, both were competing with the other and neither was willing to lose. “Ladies and gentlemen.” Peter said speaking into an invisible microphone. “It seems Isabella has made the first move, only to be easily blocked by Mr. Whitlock. The advantage is now in Mr. Whitlock’s court as he has the upper hand in the battle as Isabella is now slightly injured from having been thrown into the ground.”

Peter sighed as Isabella kicked Jasper into the woods, and she disappeared to follow after him. Peter stood on the tree branch and jumped to the next moving as fast as he could through the trees to catch up to the pair. “And now Isabella is aiming to redeem herself as she fights hard to get the upper hand on Mr. Whitlock.” Peter said as he balanced himself on a tree waiting to see if they went any further into the woods. Peter gasps out, “And Mr. Whitlock gets the upper hand pinning Isabella to the ground. His hand at her throat as he lays above her, keeping her utterly immobile. I have to call it ladies and gentlemen, round two goes to Mr. Whitlock.”

Jasper leaned down and kissed Isabella’s cheek. “You okay there, darling?” He questioned as he helped her stand, his instincts taking over as he looked her over. “Your back is all scratched up.”

Isabella smiled, “That’s what happens in a fight, Jay. It’s perfectly normal, now we’ve both won a round.” Isabella said she stepped closer running her hand through his hair to fix it up a little. “And this time, I will win.”

Jasper smirked, “I think I have you, darling.” Jasper closed the small space between them and kissed her. He stepped back as Peter cleared his throat. “When I win, I expect some sort of prize.”

Isabella laughed, “It’s cute that you think you have a real chance at winning this.”

Peter clapped his hands together catching both their attentions. “Let’s start round three! Winner of this round is titled superior fighter in this coven.”

Isabella looked to Peter curiously. “We’re a coven?”

“And one of the best!” Peter responded with a smirk. “Fighters, ready, set, GO!”

Peter smirked to himself as he knew this fight would be harder for the both of them. He watched as Isabella tilted her head to the side and watched Jasper. In union the two of them took off towards each other. Peter winced back as he heard the sound as they collided, it was like a game a chicken and neither one of them turned. “And ladies and gentlemen, it seems in this round neither of the two are willing to lose. This is what happens when two competitive people mate, the battles become much more graphic.”

Peter sighed and jumped through the trees as he did his best to keep up with the fighting pair. “If this doesn’t end soon, there’s not going to be much a forest left.” Peter stopped as it seemed the two had stopped and were circling each other. “Though it may seem as if things have slowed down, that is not the case in this situation. Both fighters are looking for a weakness in the other, one in which they can exploit. Isabella is wounded in her left leg, as one of her bones has broken through the skin, but this has not stopped her from fighting.  Jasper, although seeming unharmed, has a slowly healing wound in his back where he was ultimately stabbed with a stray tree branch. This fight is up in the air; the winner can be any of the two.”

Peter jumped to another tree and watched as finally Isabella launched herself at Jasper. The Earth shook at the force in which the two of them collided. Peter’s eyes widened as even his vampire eyes could barely keep up with the two of them.  He jumped in the trees to keep up with the two of them as their fighting seemed to be destroying the forest. He finally stopped after several minutes as he could hear growling, he watched as everything settled. Isabella was on the ground, and Jasper was pinning her down. “And we have a winner!” He shouted, but it seemed neither of them were reacting to his announcement.

Peter turned in the direction and as quickly as he could he took off. His gift letting him know that the mated pair were about to officially seal their bond, and he wanted to be as far away from them as possible when that happened. He ran into the house, grabbing his wallet before slamming the front door shut and leaving. He always wanted to go to Canada, maybe he’d do that now.

-Page Break-

Isabella moved the wet hair from her neck and looked at the mark that lay where her vein was. She ran one finger over it, a small smile tugging at her lips as it reminded her of Jasper. The silver shine to the scar shone brightly against her ice like skin. She hadn’t expected to feel so different after sealing her mating bond with Jasper, but now she felt more at ease. It was as if he were a part of her now, and it made her smile to know that everywhere she went, she’d have a part of Jasper with you.

“Do you regret it?” Jasper questioned leaning against the doorframe.

Isabella’s eyes met his through the mirror and her smile grew widely as she saw her mark on his neck. And despite having several bites on his body, hers shone the brightest of them all. She kept his eyes as she let her shield down completely. She watched closely as his eyes closed as he inspected all her emotions.

Jasper blurred forward, his arms wrapping around her waist as he pulled her in close to his chest. He leaned down and rested his head on her shoulder. “I’m surprised that we sealed our mateship in the woods.”

Isabella laughed, “I didn’t expect to lose my virginity in the woods either, but I wouldn’t change it, I prefer the woods to the cliché version of rose pedals on a bed.”

Jasper smirked, “I’m happy to hear it.”

Isabella turned in Jasper’s arms so she could face him. Her hands ran up his shirt slowly tangling themselves in his hair. “I…” She choked on the words, pressing her head into his chest. She pushed out the love she felt for him, hoping he would get the meaning of what she was trying to say.

Jasper smiled and kissed the top of her head. “I love you too, Elle.”

“I don’t know why it’s so hard to say it.” Isabella whispered quietly. “I know it’s true, but I just can’t bring myself to say the words.”

“It’s all in your head.” Jasper responded honestly. “You have to figure out what’s scaring you from saying the words.”

Isabella moved her head back to properly look at Jasper. “I will say them.”

Jasper grinned and nodded his head. “I know.”

Isabella moved and in a swift movement wrapped her legs around his waist. “For the meantime, you’ll just have to settle for me showing you how I feel.”

Jasper smirked, “I have no complaints on that, darlin’.”

-Page Break-

Peter crossed the Canadian border, slightly bored as without Jasper and Elysia he really had nothing to do. The imaginary lightbulb above his head shone brightly as he realized exactly what he could do for the next several days while he waited for the urges between two mates to settle down. Peter dug out his phone from his pocket and searched through the contacts.

Because of his Elysia, he didn’t keep up with the few vampires that he knew, but now that she was occupied, he had the opportunity to check in with the few nomads he knew. Peter dialed the number and waited for an answer.  “I’m in Canada, and I’m bored.” He said instantly.

“Meet me in Toronto.” Garrett responded, “I’m surprised to hear from you.”

Peter rolled his eyes, “My schedule cleared up.” He hung up the phone and decided to guess what direction Toronto was in.

Peter ran as fast as he could and with the help of his gift he headed in the direction he knew Garrett was going to be at. He began to walk as he came upon Garrett waiting at the side of a building. “How long have you been in Toronto?” Peter questioned looking around.

Garrett shrugged, “I’ve always enjoyed Canada, and my mate prefers it here than in the States.”

Peter’s eyes widened. “Your mate? When did you get a mate?”

Garrett smirked, “We met a few years ago. Coincidentally, he used to be a part of Maria’s army, he escaped and he showed up in Canada. He’s quite the fighter, but his past with Maria prevents him from entering the states.”

Peter looked to Garret curiously. “Excuse me, but you said HE.”

Garrett chuckled, “You’ve always just assumed I liked women, Peter.”

Peter sighed, “Huh.” Peter nodded, “I can’t go back to Texas for about a week, so expect my company around you and your mate.”

“Have the Volturi already entered the states?” Garrett questioned worried.

“What are you talking about?” Peter questioned in concern.

“You haven’t heard the rumors?” Garret questioned in disbelief. “Since the fall of Maria’s army, there is no coven to challenge the Volturi. Word is, they’re planning on taking over the states, and eventually the world. The Volturi have been creating their own army to bring all humans and vampires to their knees. In a few years’ time, the world won’t be the same. According to sources, they’ve already begun to take over a couple of continents. Europe and Asia have always been under their control, but now without Maria around, they’re coming after North America. Eventually, they’ll take over all the continents.”

Peter shook his head. “The Volturi have enough power as it is, giving them more will destroy everything.” He was slightly concerned why neither he nor Isabella had caught up to this news, or why their gifts hadn’t let them know something.

“Unless you plan on building your own army of newborns, there’s nothing you can do, Peter.” Garrett responded solemnly. “The Volturi are the biggest Coven on Earth, and therefore are the strongest. The powers their guard hold can bring anyone to their knees. Jane and Alec alone can destroy any being.”

Peter nodded he looked to Garrett with a wide smirk. “In about one week, we’ll start a plan. I under no circumstances want my free will to be taken by a bunch of self-appointed kings.”

“Peter, I know you’re a strong fighter, but you can’t take on the Volturi.” Garrett responded.

Peter nodded his head in agreement. “I can’t do it alone, and I don’t plan to. But I’m probably not the only vampire that doesn’t want the Volturi to gain more power. In a week, I can assure you’ll start to see that we are capable of standing against the Volturi.”

“How can you be so sure?” Garrett responded in concern.

Peter smirked, “Because the Major is back, and he knows how to lead an army, all we have to do is assemble that army.”

“Jasper broke away from the demon?” Garrett questioned.

Peter nodded, “I can’t go home because he and his mate are sealing their bond all over my house. Speaking of, do you know a good realtor? I don’t want to stay in that home anymore.”

Garrett chuckled, “Yeah, I remember those moments.”

“Where is your mate?” Peter questioned looking around trying to see if he could spot him.

“He’s hunting, and he doesn’t particularly like new vampires. Once he accustoms himself to your presence, he’ll show up.” Garrett responded with a shrug of his shoulders. “Now, tell me more about Jasper’s mate.”

“She’s my biological granddaughter.” Peter began with a smirk. “It’s a long story, so let’s get walking. The humans are looking at us now.”





  1. Loved the chapter. I wonder who’s Garretts’ mate, will it be someone Bella knows? Cant wait to read more 🙂 Thanks for the update.

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  2. I’m glad that Jasper and Elle are finally together. I wonder why Peter nor Elle got a heads up about this Volturi bullshit. hmmm I wonder who Garrett’s mate is as well.

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  3. Please update soon.

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  4. ShadowPhoenix34

    I just imagined Peter holding a microphone as he comitates and I can’t stop laughing at the mental picture. The Volturi are to power hungry for their own good.

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  5. pmcdaniel5406

    I think we’re all wondering who Garrett’s mate is, and if Bella knows him…lol. And wow, what a spin on the Volturi wanting world dominance…I can’t wait to see how this goes down…great update as always hon. Thanks, until next time…bigg huggs.

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  6. Is out Riley? Please let it be Riley. I love this chapter.

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