My Secret Admirer

Author’s Note

How many of you are excited for this chapter? I hope none of you are too mad about this.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!


I paused my running and put a hand to my chest as I felt it. A deep aching pain hit my chest and I instantly knew it had everything to do with my Little Dove. A pain like this was something I had never experienced. I looked around knowing I was halfway to Florida, and if I turned around now I might still have a chance to get back to Seattle before her scent goes missing.

I turned around and ran my way back to Seattle. I would have to stop along the way to feed, I had gone too long already without any blood. I won’t be any use to my Bella if I’m not strong enough to protect her.

It was my worst mistake to let Victoria live this long. I should’ve done what I needed to from the beginning and killed her. I should’ve killed her when I knew that Bella was mine. I shouldn’t have allowed this to go on for as long as it did. It will always be one of my greatest mistakes.

I knew Victoria was in Seattle the moment the Newton boy went missing. I was stupid to stay at Bella’s side and not go after Victoria when I should have. I had been stupid to believe that she had left when she made no appearance in weeks.

I knew the moment Bella had not heard from her friends the night of their engagement that Victoria wasn’t gone. I knew now that what she was doing was tormenting Bella, she wanted Bella to be just as miserable as she was. I hated knowing how unhappy Bella was becoming. The worst of it all was knowing that she wanted nothing to do with me. The look in her eyes when she came to the conclusion that if she was happy people would die. I knew what fueled Victoria’s anger wasn’t just Bella, but it was seeing Bella happy that sent her over the edge.

Really, it was my fault. As much as I loved that I was able to make her happy I knew it would send Victoria over the edge to see her happy. I should have trusted my instincts, I knew better than to get distracted. I hadn’t survived so long by letting anything get me distracted. It seemed Bella really had changed everything.


My feet went faster at the thought of her. I was hoping that Victoria wouldn’t kill her right away. I knew Bella would be tortured, but I would prefer to have her tortured than dead. The last thing I wanted was for her to be gone completely. If she was close to death I still had the chance to change her to keep her forever.

-Page break-

I stopped a few minutes away from Seattle I needed to feed and I needed to do it quickly. I didn’t waste any amount of time in trying to find a secluded human. It didn’t take long as just outside where a bar was I could see one human making a call. Pathetic. Lying to his own wife about his whereabouts, truly some humans seemed to have lost all idea on what being faithful truly was. I walked forward and snapped the phone out of his hand.

The human tried to react to do anything, but it was a waste. My teeth were in his neck before a single word could escape his mouth. His blood tasted horrible, clearly this man was doing more than drinking at this place. There were too many chemicals in his blood and it was a clear sign he had recently taken some sort of drug.

I ripped his body to shreds and hid it in a dumpster. He wouldn’t be found anytime soon. I decided to wait just a bit for another human to appear. I was going to need more than one tonight. At the very least I would need three.

I didn’t have to wait long as two stumbling girls came out through the back exit. Clearly they were drunk and by the way I couldn’t smell any hint of fear in them I knew they were too drunk to sense me there in the alleyway with them.

I stepped forward and easily snapped one of the girl’s necks. I covered the other’s mouth with my hand before she had any time to scream. I made quick work of biting into her neck and letting the warm blood trickle into my mouth. It didn’t take long to drain her. I let her body fall to the ground before I picked up the other one.

The blood was already starting to grow cold, but it still did what it was meant to do. Her body fell to the floor as soon as I was done. I wiped my mouth knowing I was sloppy with my feeding, but I didn’t have time to be clean.

I put the girls in the dumpster but first I checked their purses. Luckily for me one of them was a smoker and had a lighter with them. I lit the body on fire and stepped back I was just about to close the lid and let them burn, but another human just had to exit at the point.

By the lack of alcohol in his scent and the nametag it was clear to see he was an employee. I snapped his neck before he had any time to make a sound. I wouldn’t waste a good meal.

His blood was much more refreshing than the others, it was clean. He was ripped to pieces and put in the dumpster with the rest of them. I took the trash bag and let them burn with the bodies, hopefully no one would catch anything until it was too late to get anything off of them.

I took off running again, I had wasted more time hunting than I had expected and I needed to make up for lost time.

-Page Break-

I reached Seattle and it seemed quiet, but I had to be on my best. I needed to find any hint of her scent, anything that could lead me to her. I could start at her apartment, but I knew she was still grieving and the only person she truly had left was the old man. She would’ve been with him and if I could guess Victoria’s moves correctly she would’ve gone to kill him as well.

I ran to his building and smirked as I hadn’t been wrong she was here. As good as it was to know that she was here it was worse to know that she didn’t leave alone. Her scent was faint and covered by the scents of dozens of humans who entered and left the building. I wanted to enter the building, but I couldn’t take the risk. There were too many humans, obviously something had happened here. If it were my guess Victoria had gotten sloppy and let her emotions take over.

I followed the faint scent I had of Bella and Victoria. It was obvious Victoria had tried doing her best to hide their scent but she was too eager. I paused as I smelt it. It was faint but I could catch it. I didn’t stop my feet as they led me to this small red dot on the pavement. I crouched down and ran my finger over the dot. It was dry, but as I looked up I could see a trail. It was obvious that Victoria had been too eager to notice Bella was bleeding.

The thought of Bella being hurt was making me start to see red, but I had to stay calm if I wanted to focus properly. I stood and followed the blood. It had eventually stopped a few miles away, but their scents were stronger now that there weren’t in a human filled area.

I followed it trying to keep my head focused, the last thing I needed was to allow my inner monster to take over and cause a large mess. If I was going to kill Victoria I’d do it slowly and properly to assure that she suffered for everything she had done to my little Dove.

I stopped just outside of an abandoned building. I stopped all my movement and allowed my ears to pick up everything that was being said inside.

“DO SOMETHING!” Victoria yelled. I could hear something being clinked against metal. I tensed as I could smell it now as the wind shifted. Bella’s blood. I could feel her distress, but yet there was no real noise from her. “Why won’t you YELL!?!” Victoria shouted.

Bella chuckled, “Go fuck yourself!” Bella shouted back and I couldn’t help the small smirk of pride that reached my face at her words.

I moved quickly and quietly I didn’t want to alert Victoria that I was approaching until it was too late for her to do anything. I entered the building and I could feel Bella as I got closer and the closer I got the more I could feel from her. She was scared, but more than that she was in pain.

I could smell her blood and it seemed to be everywhere, there was little chance she would survive if I didn’t hurry. I entered the room she was in and saw Victoria just about to stab her again. I went forward and put my hand around Victoria’s wrist and stopped her.

“That’s enough, Victoria.” I said my voice taking on a harsher tone than what I had expected.

Victoria laughed, “I knew you would come sooner or later.” She forced her hand out of mine and dropped the knife to the floor. “I’ve been waiting for you.” She reached up with her hand to caress my face, but I grabbed her wrist just before she touched me.

“I said that’s enough, Victoria. You’ve gone too far.” I responded as I forced her hand away from me. “I gave you orders to stay away from her. You should have listened to me.”

Victoria stepped away from me and smirked. “She’s just a pathetic human. Once she’s dead you’ll realize how pathetic she was.”

I scoffed, Victoria seemed to be more than delusional. “I made things very clear, Victoria. You went too far I can’t let you to keep going.” I looked to Bella and my anger grew. “I’m going to kill your for what you did to her.”

Victoria glared at me and growled. “SHE’S JUST A HUMAN!!!”

“SHE’S MINE!” I shouted back as I took a step forward. “You knew the consequences, Victoria, now get ready to pay for what you have done.”

“You won’t kill me.” Victoria said, but her words weren’t filled with her usual arrogant confidence proving to me that she herself didn’t believe her own words.

I titled my head at her, she truly was pathetic now that I really looked at her. “I’d happily kill you for everything you have done to her. You were stupid in thinking that I wouldn’t seek revenge on Bella’s behalf.”

I reached for her throat and wrapped my hand around her neck. “Before I kill you, I’m going to make you suffer.”

Victoria shook her head, she was the only other being that new of my gift and she knew I would torture her in the cruelest way I could think of. “Please.”

I laughed, I couldn’t help it. “Well, look how pathetic you are now that you are the one that’s begging for your life.” I pushed out my gift to Victoria and removed my hand from her throat as she fell to the floor. Her body went stiff and I knew immediately that my gift had taken over.

I walked over to Bella and kneeled in front of her. She had lost a lot of blood, but she was still alive. “Little Dove.” I said quietly to try and get a reaction out of her.

She moved slightly and I saw her eyes start to blink and soon they opened just slightly. Her hand trembled as it reached up. It touched my face slightly cupping my cheek. “James.” She said softly her voice being exactly what I needed to hear.

“I’m going to get you somewhere safe.” I replied quietly not wanting to startle her.

“Why?” She questioned as I could see her losing the battle with her sleep.

“Don’t ask so many questions, little dove.” I replied. I stood and kissed the side of her head. I turned to Victoria. I headed over to her body and stood above her. I grabbed each side of her face with my hands and with a slight twists of my wrists her head was off. I threw it over my shoulder and proceeded to rip her entire body apart. I grabbed the lighter I had used before and lit her on fire.

I turned back to Bella and carefully carried her in my arms. I ran at a quick pace knowing there were only two options I had in this situation. We made it to a hospital in time to save her in a humanly fashion or I changed her. The decision had to be made soon because there was no way I was going to risk losing her at any cost.

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  1. who knew James could be such a romantic. hehehehehe 😀

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  2. I knew it was James. I honestly didn’t think it was Jasper cause of the lack of southern accent.

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  3. James?!? Count me surprised! It is Halloween though. I just wish he would have tortured Icky Vicky as much, or as long as Ben and Angie got tortured. It would make me feel a little better. She got off way too easy.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. …And then shock dominated my body.

    Holy Shit. I almost wrote him off. Wow.


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  5. So it’s James. Cool twist. But why was he running so far away? I figured he would stick close by regardless if she told him to leave her alone especially with sadistic Vicky on the rampage.

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  6. Yaay I was right the whole her being happy and taking from Victoria made me think it had to be James. I too thought Jasper voice even as the Major would have a accent and be too recognizable.

    Liked by 1 person

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