Do You Believe in Magic?: Bella S. and Peter H.

I hope you enjoy!

“So, I have magic.” Stiles said as he looked down at his hands, his pack in front of him as Deaton tried to explain his new abilities.

“You’re not a witch.” Deaton responded immediately as Stiles face said that’s where his mind headed. “You’re not a mage or anything else, Sparks are a breed of their own and they are a rarity in this world. Your spark was triggered by everything that’s been happening here. I don’t know much else about Sparks, they’re notoriously secretive beings.”

“Are there others like him?” Scott questioned curiously.

“There is rarely more than one spark in a century.” Deaton responded standing.

Stiles looked up at his best friend with wide eyes not sure what to do. How could he control this power if he didn’t have a mentor of any sort? As if reading his thoughts Deaton sighed, and slid a business card into Stiles’ hand when the others were too busy speaking to notice. “Control your emotions and you’ll be okay.”

Stiles looked at the card with a confused look all it had was the name Isabella Cullen on it. “This doesn’t have a number on it.”

“I know.” Deaton responded with a smile. “It’s a test to your abilities. She’s the only other spark alive, and as so she protects herself from threat. Only another spark would be able to figure out how to find her.”

-page Break-

Stiles fidgeted in his seat, his leg bouncing annoyingly as he waited for the mysterious woman to arrive. After two days of fidgeting with the card he figured it out, he lit it on fire using his magic, and the ashes floated to the ground to offer a number for him.

He looked up as a brunette that took the seat across from him. “You’re Isabella? I thought you were going to be closer in age to my dad then to me.”

Bella smiled, “Sorry to disappoint, you must be Stiles.” She said extending her hand to him.

Stiles nodded, “Yeah, that’s me. Deaton said you’re a spark, and I recently came into my abilities.”

“Yeah, I am a spark.” Bella said with a warm smile. “I came into my abilities when I was seventeen, I was bitten by a vampire and it sort of triggered them to appear. I’m assuming it wasn’t as traumatic for you?”

“My best friend was going to be killed by a psychotic alpha.” Stiles said with a frown. “Vampires are real?”

“Yes, they’re inhumanly perfect creatures.” Bella smiled. “This friend of yours, he’s a werewolf? I’m just curious you mentioned alpha, but from what I know an alpha will really only try to kill another alpha for territory.”

“Scott is the best Alpha.” Stiles said with a smirk. “He was bitten a little over a year ago.”

Bella gave a small smile, “Stress can also exhilarate your powers, you’ve probably been fighting for your life these last year, haven’t you? Not the best way to go through your teen years.”

Stiles shrugged, “Everyone has their own hardships, right? There has to be a reason you were bitten by a vampire.”

“He thought I smelled tasty and he was trying to play a game with those in my coven.” Bella peeled off the bracelet with her coven’s symbol and showed it to Stiles. “My best friend sucked the venom out before I could turn, but the venom had already triggered my abilities. There was a lot of mess afterwards, a few wars for my life. It’s why it’s so important for you to create a stable pack bond, once you permanently bond with your pack, other packs and covens won’t be able to come after you for power.”

“Is that what happened to you? Another coven wanted you for power?” Stiles questioned. “Did they really start a war for you?”

Bella smiled, “The first war was caused by a very angry red-head, she wanted revenge for the death of her mate who was the vampire who bit me. The second war was a war for my powers or my death. The self-titled kings of the vampire world wanted me for their own usage, I refused. My coven wouldn’t allow me to be used so a war was started. In the end, the kings relented and went on their way. After that, I mentored with my coven leader to train my abilities.”

“Can you mentor me?” Stiles questioned eagerly.

Bella gave a small smiled. “Stiles, you and I, we bond very easily to people. I have an unbreakable bond with my mentor, it’s like the bond you have with a parent. I want you to know that you have to think through you wanting to me to mentor you.”

“Is it like a marriage type thing?” Stiles responded with a frown.

“Stiles, mentoring a spark means sharing a part of yourself with someone else.” Bella said with a warm smile. “I can give Deaton some notes on how to help you if you would rather he mentor you.”

Stiles stayed silent and in thought. “You’d do anything for your coven, wouldn’t you? For your best friend?”

“I’d give my life for them, because I know deep down they’d do the same.” Bella responded with a nod. “There’s a lot trust between us.”

Stiles nodded, “My gut tells me to follow you, so if you’re willing I would prefer for you to by mentor.”

“Okay.” Bella said with a nod of her head. “It’s not going to be easy, Stiles, it’s a lot of work and a lot of dedication to try and master your gifts. If you don’t want this, I can figure out a way to bind your gifts away, and you can pretend that it never happened.”

“Can you fight off werewolves and vampires? Can you protect yourself?” Stiles questioned.

Bella nodded, “I can.” She saw her younger self in Stiles and she knew this boy had so much potential in him. “This is going to take up a lot of your time, Stiles.”

Stiles shrugged, “I’ll drop Lacrosse, I was never that good anyway. We’ll start soon?”

Bella smiled at the eagerness. “Lunch first, my treat, after that I’d like to talk to your dad. I don’t want him to think I’m cradle robbing.”


Bella stood beside Stiles as he introduced her to the two werewolves that had run into them while they were grabbing supplies for their first training session.

“I thought Deaton said there wasn’t another spark.” Peter questioned suspiciously eyeing the girl.

“He wouldn’t have told you the truth, he’s not your emissary and as regulations he has no reason to tell you that I exist. I am no danger to you, but you on the other hand could easily try and kill me if you so pleased.” Bella responded politely. “Stiles contacted me and wanted me to mentor him, so I am doing so.”

Stiles rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “You did say I should learn to control these abilities before there’s a repeat of the Gerard situation. I trust Bella to teach me.”

“How can you trust her if you’ve only just met her?” Peter sneered in distaste.

Stiles looked over at Bella before shrugging. “Gut feeling.”

Derek sighed, “Good luck, Stiles. There’s a pack meeting next week, you should join us, Bella.”

Bella smiled, “Thank you.”

Stiles moved and led Bella out, “Sorry, Peter’s usually an asshole so I wouldn’t expect him to change.”

“I’ve handled worse, so don’t worry.” Bella responded getting into Stiles’ jeep. “This first step might take a few hours, so I hope you have nothing else that needs to be done. This including your homework, I promised your dad I wouldn’t let you get behind.”

“I did it all last night in preparation.” Stiles responded. “What are we doing? We just wasted like 200 dollars on Candles.”

Bella smiled, “First step is meditation.”

“Is this some nonsense about getting InTouch with my body.” Stiles responded with a frown.

Bella shook her head, she removed her jacket and pulled up the sleeve of her shirt showing the tattoo of a black snake on her arm, “It’s about connecting with your spirit.”

Stiles shouted in surprise as the tattoo moved and disappeared into Bella’s shirt and he could see the tip of it’s tail peeping out of the collar of her neck. “It moved!”

Bella smiled placing back on her jacket. “Yes, excuse it, my animal is a bit temperamental and it doesn’t like daylight too much. “

“I have to get a snake? Because let me tell you now that those things scare me.” Stiles said with a frown.

“Stiles, snakes are more than just venomous creatures. It’s a symbol of re-birth, protection, patience, intellect and hidden knowledge, it’s a symbol of who I am in my basic form. My specific creature is the black mamba a very deadly snake, one bite and I’m sure even a werewolf would go down.” Bella crossed her arms over her chest. “Today, we’re going to meditate until you start to connect to your spirit animal. Your animal is a symbol of you are as a person, so it could be a snake or it could be a rabbit. It’s up to your soul.”

Stiles sighed and pulled into Bella’s house. “I like cats. I could be a cate.”

“My original surname was Swan.” Bella commented with a grin. “When I first started I thought I was going to be a Swan.”

“So does that mean you can shapeshift? Like werewolves?” Stiles questioned as he grabbed a few bags and followed Bella into the house.

Bella smiled looking over her shoulder. “I can, but let me warn you, the first few times you do a complete shift it’s difficult to shift back, and no matter what animal you choose, you’re always a baby. Once you start to gain power and grow stronger your animal gets older and stronger with you.”

“I really hope I’m a cat.” Stiles said with a grin. “I’ll be adorable.”

Bella led Stiles into her living room. They moved around the furniture, and set up the candles in a circle, before the both sat together in the circle. “Let’s get started.”

Later in that night Bella wasn’t too surprised to see that Stiles’ animal was a lion, the boy did like cats.

-Much Later-

Bella flipped the page in her book not bothering to look up as a certain werewolf sat across from her. “pleasure seeing you again Peter.”

“You remember me?” Peter questioned curiously.

“It’s not often someone thinks I’m a threat, especially when that someone is my soul bound.” Bella responded looking up from her book and facing Peter. “So, what brings you here? Take no offense, but Hollywood doesn’t seem much like your scene.”

Peter smirked, “You know we’re soul bound?”

“I’m offended that you think I wouldn’t have noticed.” Bella said taking a sip of her tea that was now far too cold to be enjoyable. “I’m going to get another tea; would you like something?”

“I’m fine.” Peter responded watching her. He noticed how easily she moved amongst the tables and headed to the counter. The young girl behind the counter seemed to already know what Bella wanted, and Peter could hear the conversation between the two and it was obvious they knew each other well. He wondered how often Bella came to this place.

Bella approached Peter with her tea in a cup to go. “I have to get back to work, care to join me for a walk?”

Peter stood. “I wasn’t aware you had an actual job. I just assumed you spend your days mentoring the boy.”

“I work in a music studio.” Bella responded as she led the way to her studio. “I produce music, some of us do enjoy having a regular job.”

“You drive to Hollywood everyday? Seems a bit tedious.” Peter responded as he placed his hands

“I enjoy it. If you enjoy something driving a few hours doesn’t really seem too bad.” Bella responded with a shrug. “Did you follow me here? As I stated before, you don’t seem like someone to enjoy Hollywood.”

“I had business here.” Peter remarked casually. “I caught your scent and became curious.”

Bella smiled, “You know, if you want to know something about me, the correct thing to do is ask me, not follow me around.” Bella stopped at the entrance of a large and sleek looking building. Swan Studios hanging on the building, “I have to get to work, Peter. Enjoy Hollywood.”


Bella paused looking at the band and waving them off to take a break. She answered her phone as Stiles rarely called her while he should be at school. “Something wrong?” She asked at as soon as she answered.

“Scott figured out you were seeing the creeper wolf.” Stiles said with a sigh. “We got into a huge argument before school started. He said you were manipulating me so that you and Peter could have this all-powerful pack and take over Beacon Hills. I think this is it, I don’t think Scott will be able to get over this, he looked like I betrayed him.”

Bella sighed, “Where are you now?”

“Outside your house. Peter said you weren’t here, and I just wanted to talk and not have to think that I just lost my best friend.” Stiles responded with a sigh.

“I’m in Hollywood, why don’t you come up here and you can see me work.” Bella said knowing Stiles had been asking her what her daily job was. “I’ll send you the address, drive safely and I’ll see you up here.”

“You’re going to let me see you work?” Stiles asked excited and was already starting his jeep for the drive.

Bella smiled, “Yeah, I think you’ll like it. Today is a good day for you to come by.” Bella smiled as he heard Stiles’ gleeful laugh as he hung up. She rolled her eyes before texting him the address, she let the doorman know that Stiles was coming by before returning to her work.

Bella turned her head as the door opened and Stiles stepped in eyes blown in shock and mouth wide. Bella gestured the band to continue and turned to Stiles. “Have a seat.”

“That’s the band Imagine Dragons!” Stiles said in awe.

Bella smiled, “I produce music for artists, and Imagine Dragons is one of the artists I work with. Today we’re just tying up some loose ends. Sit back and take a listen to their newest songs. Trust me, you’ll love it.”

Stiles leaned back in his chair and watched in awe as the band performed. He couldn’t help but forget the argument with Scott or that it had previously been a dreadful day, because currently his favorite group was performing and it was amazing.

When it stopped Bella introduced Stiles to the band watching with amusement as the boy rambled on endlessly about everything he knew about the band and then delving into what he hoped their next album sounded like.

Bella was grateful the members were so nice that they indulged Stiles babbling for the afternoon. When she arrived home in the night she was more than happy to hear Peter in the kitchen. “Are you actually cooking, or are you just hiding take out containers?” Bella questioned walking towards the kitchen.

Peter turned smirking as Bella entered the kitchen. “Neither darling, I figured you’d already get something to eat with the boy, I’m preparing you that elaborate tea you enjoy.”

Bella grinned moving and wrapping her arms around Peter. “Thank you, but please stop.” She looked up at Peter with a smile. “You’re great at many things, but anything envolving the kitchen you’re not that great.”

“You’re right.” Peter responded, wrapping his arms around Bella’s waist. “I’m assuming you soothed the boy’s wounds.”

“Stiles. Call him Stiles. And yes, when I dropped him off he was feeling better, I’m proud to say that he stated this was one of the best days ever.” Bella responded she stood on the tips of her toes and kissed Peter’s Jaw. “You look handsome today.”

“I always look handsome.” Peter responded a small smile on his face as he could feel the love Bella had for him and he had never felt something so pure aimed towards him. “I made you something today.”

Bella raised a brow curiously. “You made me something?”

Peter nodded he took Bella’s hand and led her to her living room where a box lay on the coffee table. “Go ahead and open it.”

Bella carefully tore the box open and pushed back the tissue paper to see a black lace material inside. She slowly pulled the piece of clothing out to see the dress she had been wanting but wasn’t in her size laying in front of her. “I thought they didn’t make it in my size. How did you get it?”

“I made it.” Peter responded crossing his arms over his chest and watching the way Bella’s eyes. “I bought the material yesterday and sewed it together.”

Bella grinned and looked over at Peter, knowing that he hadn’t created any piece of clothing since the fire. The fact that he had made this dress for her proved how much he truly cared for her. Bella set the dress down and walked over to Peter, embracing him a tight hug before leaning up to kiss him.

“Thank you.” Bella responded with a grin. “You know, you’re sort of romantic.”

“That information doesn’t leave this house.” Peter responded before leaning back down to kiss her.

  1. I normally don’t like the Peter character, but I really enjoyed this.


  2. Love it! Wish there was more!


  3. Now, this I loved. I hope this one you make longer.


  4. I really like this story. Wish there’s more to it.


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