UPDATE! Recycleable!


I should’ve posted this yesterday but… I got sidetracked. I do want to just say thank you to everyone who reported the person who was taking stories from me and other authors. I was completely unaware that something like this was happening and if it hadn’t been pointed out to me I wouldn’t have ever noticed. Last I check, thhe person’s page was taken down and the stories removed!

Anyway, here is a recycleable, it’s another teen wolf one, but I hope none of you are tired of Teen Wolf just yet. Next week I’m for sure going to post something else, maybe more Vampire Diaries related?

Survivor: Bella S. and Derek H.

I’ll see you all on Saturday for a posting of the next chapter for Heavy Soul.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!


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  1. Oh my, who dared??? Such a beautiful writing and someone stealing it as if it were his/hers??
    As always love your stories!!!
    Hope you keep posting and writing without feeling presoured to just because we are waiting for them.
    (I’m sure there are a lot of mistakes, sorry)


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