Well I have two one-shots for you guys to read, and now my life is a little more stable so I have more time to write and post. This is just the beginning, I hope to have a new chapter of the Storm up within the week! And thank you everyone who asked about my health, I appreicate how much you all worry and care about me. Hopefully, I will be posting on the regular now, so lets keep our fingers crossed!

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!


Holding Onto You – Twilight/Originals (Theirry)


Swan Academy – Twilight/Originals (Elijah)

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  1. Glad your life is under more control. I hope you find time for what you love.

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  2. So glad to see you are doing better, and as always I love your work. Have a great night!

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  3. I’m crying of joy!!!!
    It’s been so long waiting for you stories!!
    Hope you’re better and happier!!!

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  4. So happy to hear from you! Was worried. Hope things improve and stay stable. Can’t wait to read what you bring us. Hugs to you!

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